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Veronica Mars: Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

Veronica: "Tailing young Mrs. Kendall is about as hard as following Malibu Barbie to the beach house."

Embezzlement, cheating, and yet more sex. Loved the title.

So Cassidy wanted proof that Kendall was cheating on Dick Senior. Yes, he got Veronica's photos of Kendall with Logan, but it turned out Dick Senior was doing another kind of cheating, and had a shredding party before racing out of town with poor Mr. Pope's retirement money.

Things between former best friends Duncan and Logan finally came to blows, as they fought over (1) Veronica, and (2) Lilly and Aaron. Which of them has suffered more? Hard to tell. But Duncan's not acting out and being all self-destructive, and Logan is. Logan must know that Kendall Casablancas isn't exactly good for him. And there are still sparks between Logan and Veronica, judging by that knock down drag out fight they had about his extracurricular activities. Yes, indeed, let's blow Logan and Veronica even further apart, shall we?

Keith and Alicia went on a book tour romantic weekend in Chicago, only to encounter a big cop who called Alicia "Cher." Alicia lied to Keith about it, too. Keith is not the sort of man you lie to, Alicia, because he'll figure it out every time. And Jackie was with another guy, too. She'd better not break Wallace's heart, or Veronica might do something scary to her.

And we're back to the spawn of Satan, Aaron Echolls. David "Curly" Moran, who washed up on the beach with "Veronica Mars" written on his hand, was a former stunt coordinator who worked with Aaron. If he was the one who crashed the bus, then maybe Veronica actually was the target. Could Aaron be the bad guy for the second year in a row? If this was the finale, I'd believe it. But it's not, so I don't.

Bits and pieces:

— Was Curly Moran planning to ask Veronica for help? Is that why he had her name written on his hand? Or was someone just trying to frame Veronica for the bus crash?

— Why is Veronica a Future Business Leader of America? To be with Duncan? Or is it just so that we can get all the young members of the cast in the same class?

— The photo of teenaged Kendall Shiflet Casablancas looked like a Buffy cast photo.

— The major plotline of Pride and Prejudice was marrying for money. I assume this was a little parallel to Kendall Casablancas. I don't think Mr. Darcy was involved in a real estate swindle, though.

— "Love hurts," our general theme, was featured on Karaoke Night at the Hut.


Veronica: "It looks like it's always looked. The rich get richer, and everybody else hopes for scholarships."

Cassidy: "All she does is spend his money."
Veronica: "Unfortunately, there are no laws against exploiting rich and horny middle-aged men."

Keith: "I'm a good candidate. I've been sheriff before. I know where the office is. I look great in the hat, and I am a local celebrity, you know."

Mr. Pope: "We had to re-seal the hull twice."
Logan: (looking at Duncan) "Didn't plug her right the first time, huh?"

Veronica: "How can Jackie stand the non-stop excitement of being herself?"

Keith: "I'd love to have underlings and deputies other than my daughter. She's really no good at wrestling hopped up meth heads into the back of the car."

The standard good VM episode. Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I love this episode! My favourite scene is Veronica at the gym trying to get Kendall´s ipod, super funny! But everything comes together, on one hand we have the Malibu Barbie case and on the other, continuing the bus crash mystery.

  2. The Duncan/Logan fight broke my heart. I sometimes forget that these characters are just kids and are dealing with horrific life events. As this argument pointed out to both of them, their animosity towards each other is not entirely of their making; it is the result of choices made by their parents. No wonder they are both angry.

  3. Really really good episode, wasn't hard to follow the subplots and had some great lines


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