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Veronica Mars: Green-Eyed Monster

Veronica: "If you want my opinion, I'd say there's a fine line between looking for a problem and creating one."

Veronica was unable to resist taking on one of Keith's cases. I'm relieved. Things were almost back to normal.

The case of the perfect boyfriend was actually rather sad. Julie had found the perfect man, and lost him because she couldn't muster up even a miniscule amount of trust. In the same vein, Keith may be making a similar mistake. Protecting Alicia and her kids from a nasty ex was one thing, but going through her personal papers was another. I really didn't like seeing Keith invade Alicia's privacy that way.

In keeping with our theme of jealousy and undeserving honeys, Jackie doesn't deserve Wallace. She wants him because he's a basketball star; she even admitted it outright. Wallace deserves better than that.

And again, in keeping with our theme, Duncan has been visiting the unconscious Meg, every day. That sounds obsessive. Is Duncan cheating (emotionally, anyway) on Veronica? Has he decided he still loves Meg? Has unconsciousness and near death added to her allure? Meg's parents are seriously awful, which is just too bad. Meg is, or was, so sweet. Meg's sister was sweet, too, going to such efforts to protect Meg's privacy the way she did.

Logan and Veronica again did some major snapping at each other. They're sure making it look a lot like Logan is the bad guy. Which makes me certain that he's not. Not only is it too early in the season, it's Logan, after all. Underneath that deeply troubled, sarcastic interior is a genuinely nice guy, and we all know it.

Bits and pieces:

— Alicia's ex was Nathan Woods, decorated Chicago PD detective. And he's Wallace's father. I could see that "Luke, I am your father" scene coming a mile away.

— Keith knew that Veronica spent the night with Duncan at the Neptune Grand. How? Oh, yes, he's a detective.

— Loved Veronica tackling Julie to the ground.

— Gold package included a temptation scenario, which involved Veronica in slutty clothes with a flat tire doing her best Lolita imitation on Collin. Who seemed to have no trouble resisting her.

— Alicia's younger son was back. I don't think we've seen him since we first saw him last season.

— Weevil's earring was the one found at the Road Hog, the last place Curly Moran was seen alive. Weevil said Curly was hired by the Fitzpatricks to get back at Cervando, the PCHer who died on the bus.


Keith: "The next time I shoot you, it won't be digitally. Unless I hit you in the finger. Then we'll have a big laugh about it."

Vernonica: "Speaking of bling, what's up with the hoops? If I rub your head, do I get three wishes?"

Wallace: "Do you own those clothes, or did you just make a stop at Dirty Co-eds R Us?"

Veronica: "Can I ask you something first?"
Duncan: "Yes to costumes, no to props. Does that cover it?"
Good one, Duncan.

Veronica: (to herself) "Are you crazy, Duncan? Leaving this out here in the open? Do you leave heroin out when Iggy Pop spends the night?"

Another good episode. Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I gotta say this episode was better this time around and I loved Veronica impersonating a sorority chick.

  2. In keeping with the theme of snooping where you have no business to do so, I was a bit disappointed that Veronica downloaded Meg's files. Maybe one of the reasons that she has trouble trusting is that she is not entirely trustworthy herself.

  3. I also thought it was disappointing that Veronica would snoop into Meg's file when it seems to be of no concern to her. I thought she was just the type to look into matters when they were necessary, not to snoop for her own personal curiosity.

  4. Did I miss something? It appeared to me that she started to download the files then decided not to.


  5. Julie calling Veronica to talk about her case, while Veronica's mind was still on the hospital thing with Dunkin' and Meg-traitor.
    J: "Do you think he still loves her?"
    V: "I don't know... What? Who is this?"
    Lmao! That was good, on top of Veronica's cute 'ruh roh...' and following tackle.

    I liked the case too, it depressed me in a good way. Jackie pisses me off though and I'm annoyed she's one of the main characters for the season. VERONICA ALREADY HAS FUCKING EVERYONE ANTAGONIZING HER, GIVE HER SOME MORE FRENS


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