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Veronica Mars: Hot Dogs

Veronica: "If someone is stealing dogs in Neptune, they need to be brought down hard, then beaten with some sort of tire iron and dumped into the nearest body of water."

Oh my, how I love this episode. So many plotlines plotting away. So many clever lines. Many, many dogs. And Veronica and Logan in a heavy-duty clinch. Who could ask for more?

Veronica solving the dognapping scam was just delightful, and I really loved her positive effect on doormat Mandy. A total victim at the start of the episode, Mandy actually ended up tasering Hans the bad guy, shrieking, "You killed my dog!" Her reunion with her beloved Chester got to me, too. I especially loved her face in that scene.

We were back to breaking bread and blacking eyes with the chronically dysfunctional Echolls clan. Watching Aaron and Trina together was intriguing. Trina is attracted to abusers like her father, not a surprise. Aaron talked about being abused by his own father; again not a surprise, since most abusers were themselves abused.

Logan treated Trina like the plague right up until the moment he realized she was getting knocked around by Dylan the sleazoid producer. This was consistent with Logan as a character. He was angry and sarcastic with Veronica until fairly recently, but rode to her rescue when she was in danger. There's gallantry in Logan lurking under the anger.

And clearly, there's also gallantry lurking somewhere within Aaron as well. I thought the way he took Dylan by surprise and beat the crap out of him was cool. At first. And then it kind of went on too long and got scary, didn't it? I also thought there was something exceptionally creepy about Aaron with that huge, huge knife and the bright red peppers all over the place. I think that scene was intended to make us think blood. Ditto with the way he was handling the knife and fork at the barbecue pit. Aaron is a scary guy.

This strange Veronica/Logan romance isn't going away any time soon because, in spite their confusion and old baggage, they were all over each other. And Veronica must feel something for Logan. This thing with Logan must have had something to do with why she broke up with such a great inside source and favor-doer like Deputy Leo.

Bits and pieces:

— But wait, there's more. Was there indeed a message for Weevil in Lilly's Secret Message Pen? Was it important enough for Weevil to risk prison? Is Weevil still a suspect? Keith has a point; the Kanes would never pay to cover up a crime that Weevil committed.

— Veronica broke up with the guy, and immediately asked him for a huge favor. Typical, and very funny.

— It was Keith's turn to do a paternity test. Thank god one of them is doing it, because the suspense is killing me. Was it because of what Celeste said? Didn't Keith know about Lianne and Jake already? Maybe he did it because Celeste said it in front of Veronica. That must be it.

— I'm not sure why they had Aaron beating up Dylan to the song, "That's Amore," but it was oddly fitting. I'll have to ponder that one.

— Lynn Echolls removed Aaron from her will a few weeks before her "death." That's what we like to call a Clue.

— Duncan is still missing; he wasn't in this episode. He's gotten more interesting, but still... didn't miss him at all.

— The title of the screenplay for the movie Trina wanted Aaron to do was "Escaping Your Past." Appropriate, considering the patterns of abuse in the Echolls family.

— Did Veronica really hide a camera in the teacher's lounge?


Deputy Leo: "What is it about bad boys?"
Veronica: "Um, tattoos, leather, parole violations? Good girl bait."

Veronica: "Do I have to tip you over, or are you going to spill it on your own?"

Trina: "Good morning, bro. Pop-tart?"
Logan: "Hmm. A tart from a tart."
Trina: "He of the sickle wit. Can I ask you something?"
Logan: "Will you look at that? There was a string attached to my Pop-tart."

Veronica: "Congratulations. You've just been named the world's biggest cockroach. This award is given in recognition of your unparalleled lack of decency and humanity. Bravo. You're going to die friendless and alone."
Lenny: "Hey, everybody know you're..."
Veronica: "Shut up. If I want you to speak, I'll wave a Snausage over your nose."

Veronica: "You want people to leave you alone, Mandy? Or better yet, treat you with respect? Demand it. Make them." Words to live by.

Trina: "Is Dad still at dinner?"
Logan: "Yeah. But he's not far. I'm sure if you really tried, you could blow smoke up his ass from here."

Veronica: "No discussing parental PDA at lunch. It's your rule."
Wallace: "All right, sorry. I can't be the only one with that image burned in my brain."

Veronica: "So there's a dog man who hires these guys to return dogs. He drives a white van, or maybe a white horse, and he likes to spank busty women. Basically, that's any male living in Neptune."

This was such a four star episode,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I too loved the positive effect she had on Mandy. And I loved Logan´s speech about not having to feel guilty about moving on with his life.

  2. Veronica’s reaction to seeing Aaron beat up that producer probably got her wondering “what the hell am I doing among this family?”

    Once again, Veronica and Logan together were the best part of the show. Their scenes are so intense, aren’t they? Loved Logan smiling while Veronica displayed her detective skills at Mars Investigations. Loved his laugh when she asked “what are we doing?”

    But, as a whole, I didn't love this one as much as you did, Billie. Not to say it wasn't good. I just liked War of Thrones’s take on dogs better.

  3. I do not like episodes of anything in which dogs are in danger. And when we thought Chester was dead? Ohmygod so sad. I'm absolutely terrified of my yorkiepoo being stolen for a reward or to be sold or something. He's never alone for a second except in my house.

    Did Aaron abuse Trina? Trina seemed to indicate that she thought Logan's tales of abuse were stories in the first ep she was in, which would mean that Logan was the only physical victim of daddy dearest.

  4. Also! Veronica calls two of the found dogs "Shakes" and "Lola." Those are the names of Kristen Bell's dogs. :)

  5. I'm still not sure how I feel about Logan and Veronica together as I'm not sure he's safe. Abused turn into abusers and all that. But, they sizzle on screen together.

    Veronica knows herself really well. Her life is a train wreck, at least right now. But, for all of us with a thing for the bad boys, they can be irresistible.


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