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Veronica Mars: Weapons of Class Destruction

Veronica: "He likes me? He 'likes me' likes me?"

Yes, the plot bits with Ben, kid ATF agent, were okay. Especially interesting was Ben's penchant for planting false evidence, which was probably how he achieved his high arrest record.

But that whole fire drill bomb threat subplot was just episode framework, because this one was more about dating. Lots and lots of dating. Specifically, Keith and Alicia Fennel as a surprise new couple, making for a lot of uncomfortable silence between their kids. The escalating situation with Veronica and Deputy Leo, who wanted to move to the next level (i.e., sex). And Veronica's possible new romance with... wait for it... Logan Echolls.

Logan dashed to Veronica's rescue when she was in danger. He was gallant, cool protective guy, and I'm such a sucker for that. That was some surprise kiss; Dan referred to it as 'pleasantly shocking,' which I thought was a perfect description. Veronica and Logan. Now, this is a couple I could get into. I want more.

Veronica and Wallace feeling each other out as possible step-siblings was just hilarious. "On the bright side, if our parents get hitched, we could have bunk beds and stay up all night talking." Wallace wasn't amused, but I thought it was funny. Too bad about the timing, what with Lianne in rehab and all, but hey, I'm on board. I'd personally rather see Keith with someone who (I'm assume) isn't an adulterer and a user as well as an alcoholic. Sorry about that, Veronica.

Duncan and Veronica finally had The Conversation. It certainly seemed like he was about to blow up and hurt Veronica. Note that he said, "Do you think I'm going to have another episode and kill you, too?" Too? Too? He must have thought before about the possibility that he'd killed Lilly and didn't remember it, but was he suppressing it up until now? Veronica's investigation must have forced Duncan to finally face it. Poor guy. Must be why he ran away.

Bits and pieces:

— I love Veronica undercover because she's so good at it. Great scenes there with Veronica and Norris. He was a bully in junior high, but always gentlemanly toward Veronica. He had both a good and a bad side, just like a real person.

— I also loved Veronica pretending to be "Miss Rauch from the District Office." How many high school girls would have the nerve to do something like that?

— Ms. Stafford, pep squad adviser, turned out to have the Right Stuff. And she lost her job because of it. Another cool teacher bites the dust. How many teachers have left Neptune High this season? Ms. Dent, Mr. Rooks, and now Ms. Stafford. Am I forgetting anyone?

— Clemmons shouldn't have admonished Ms. Stafford in front of a student. You never give negative feedback to an employee in front of an audience, ever. Big management no-no.

— Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement played Ben. His TV brother has made multiple appearances on this show as Caz.

— Logan called Ben "Jump Street."

— I'm very glad that Norris and Ben weren't actually bombing cats.

— Ms. Dent's absence was finally explained. She "let herself get knocked up."

— Where was Wallace's little brother?


Ms. Stafford: "Did you know that Madame Merceaux has been teaching French here for forty years now? Maybe someone could do an in-depth profile."
Logan: "A loving tribute to a sadistic crone."

Wallace: "He's not groping her or anything, is he?"
Veronica: "No, but earlier I saw him cutting a hole in the bottom of his popcorn bucket."

Norris: "So this is my weapons collection."
Veronica: "You must feel really safe at night when the dragons come."

Mac: "What did you ever do before you met me?"
Veronica: "Ever see the first ten minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey?"

Another good one,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Amazing episode and I felt sorry for that kid who framed Norris for being bullyied by him. What he did was wrong but I get him.

  2. ahhh.. that kiss! it's like buffy and spike all over again. they have the best chemistry on the show, which i think you've mentioned before.

    i just got netflix and am on a VM marathon. dunno why i never watched it when it originally aired. i'm loving it now and really enjoying your reviews.

  3. One of the down sides of watching a show long after it’s over is how easy it is to get spoiled. I’m happy I never got spoiled about who was Lilly’s killer, but I knew Veronica and Logan were coming since episode 8 or 9: a top comment on a Youtube video (We Used to Be Friends with lyrics) spoiled it for me. Still, their kiss on this episode was shocking. As Dan said, “pleasantly shocking”. The look on Logan’s face, Veronica’s confusion. Oh my, how we are not owners of our hearts.

  4. Hey Billie, I assume this was all written on first viewing, not a re-watch? That's the way it reads anyway!

    Just wanted to say I'm with you on the bomb case, it wasn't as engrossing as other cases have been. For me it was about the resolution though, it was a little rushed.

  5. Hi, Panda: The first season was written after I'd seen season one. Two and three were written as they aired. When I'm doing retro reviews, I try to recall my first impressions. That was easy with VM, because I knew pretty quickly that I had to review it.

    You're still working on season one, aren't you? But I assume you've seen the entire series?

  6. Yeah, I saw the whole thing as it originally aired.

    I've actually finished the series through now, I'm just delaying the posting a bit. It holds up so well, all these years later and I'm still in love with it.

    I think it was one of my favorite series to review, mostly because there's just so much to talk about, every episode has something important to it. With such a cult following, I'm a little flummoxed as to why Warner Bro.s passed up the opportunity to do something straight to DVD, just to wrap things up.


  7. I'm not sure how I feel about Veronica and Logan as a couple, but dear God, that kiss was hot! I just wish it hadn't happened while she is still dating someone else.

    The look on Duncan's face when he said "too" was scary. I gasped.


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