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Veronica Mars: Kanes and Abel's

Veronica: "Why is it the Cazes of the world are forever in transit between romantic failure and the gym?"

The Lilly Kane murder case is revving up, probably for resolution in the season finale.

Veronica blew it by not telling Amelia up front about Abel's illness. Did she assume Amelia would feel about Abel the way Veronica feels about Keith, even after years of estrangement? Yes, it's important to find out who really murdered Lilly Kane. But should she be blowing this opportunity for Abel? I mean, if I had end game stomach cancer, I'd jump at the chance to trade the last three months of my life for my child's financial security.

Caz was our double reversible red herring. He was the obvious bad guy. Then he wasn't. Then he was, then he wasn't again. (Guess he really does love Sabrina.) Turned out it was the middle-aged proprietor of Cho's, "Home of the Peking Duck Pizza" (gag me), and he accomplished the opposite of his intention: he lost his son Hamilton a scholarship to Oxford. Life really isn't fair, which is a common theme on this show.

Turns out Logan witnessed blind rage Duncan trying to strangle Jake on the night he broke up with Veronica. And someone washed Duncan's soccer uniform immediately after Lilly's body was discovered. Sure looks like Duncan killed his sister, doesn't it? The ghost of Lilly implied that her family was innocent, though. Is it really Lilly? Or is it Veronica's subconscious? If it's Veronica's subconscious, has Veronica decided it wasn't the Kanes, after all?

It was sweet of Logan to pay Veronica, considering the heartbreaking results of her investigation. It was even sweeter for financially strapped Veronica to tear up the check.

Bits and pieces:

— How about Keith and Clarence Wiedman psyching each other out? I think Keith won that one, even unprepared, unarmed and in a bathrobe. I'm so glad Keith finally relented and started working with Veronica on the Kane case. Keith finally realized that Veronica wasn't going to stop, and might get herself killed. He was right to worry.

— Veronica must be one of the top five ranking juniors, or she wouldn't have been at the Lilly Kane scholarship dinner. And she keeps up her grades while working incredibly long hours as a private eye. Much like Hamilton and his pizza job.

— What Duncan said to Veronica about Lilly as they were standing at the spot where she died really got to me.

— Vincent Van Lowe, slimy private eye. Very funny. How low can he go?

— Midterms were mentioned recently. Here, someone said it was nine weeks until the end of the semester.

— Backup Mars was back, after a long absence from the screen. Maybe the dog had a movie or something and was unavailable while on location. I'm sort of kidding, but you never know.

— Amelia's roommate described Veronica as "tiny, blonde, cute as a bug."

— Now, this is fun. The film that was showing in Amelia's room was Harry Hamlin (Aaron Echolls) as Perseus in Clash of the Titans. And of course, there was an earlier VM episode entitled "Clash of the Tritons."


Logan: "I'm glad my alibi held up."
Veronica: "Out of the country. Two eye witnesses. It's airtight."
(I've been wondering why Lilly's boyfriend wasn't a great big honking suspect. Thanks for finally clearing that up.)

Keith: "I didn't know if you were looking for 'pimp' in the phone book, and stopped at PI."

Veronica: "Caz, you were lurking. The innocent rarely lurk."

Keith: "Guess who stopped by today."
Veronica: "If you say Josh Hartnett, I am gonna be so bummed."

Veronica: "I'm not an expert on the male mind. So maybe someday someone can tell me what it is about chrome, glass, and fake black leather that are supposed to represent masculinity." I'd sort of like to know, too.

Hamilton: "Proust is still Proust, even at UCLA." True. In college, I had to read Proust in the original French. I did not like Proust.

Another terrific episode. Come to think of it, I don't think I've yet seen a bad episode of this show,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Life is really unfair and I found Sabrina´s mother to be petty, greedy and just mean. She has enough money to split the scholarship but no, she wants the whole thing to Sabrina and that Cho would drop from the race. For me, that is mean.

  2. I tried to watch one episode of this show per week. I did. But it was impossible to accomplish that while watching the final stretch of season one episodes.

    “Kanes and Abel’s” was great (loved the title too). It has my favorite scene on the entire season: the one by the pool. The acting, the lighting, the direction, the editing, the music… It’s all perfect. Lilly’s little smile to Veronica’s question (“then who did it?”) is awesome, especially once you know the identity of the killer. Veronica and Lilly don’t have many scenes together, but whenever they do, you totally buy they used to be friends (see what I did there?). Major props to Kristin Bell and Amanda Seyfried.

  3. I'm with Anonymous above. Sabrina's family didn't need the scholarship; Cho's did. The pettiness of that act is breathtaking. I only hope that karma comes back around.


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