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Veronica Mars: Poughkeepsie Tramps & Thieves

Veronica: "You'll always have Comic Con."

I loved this episode. In fact, these last two episodes have been like old times. Have they finally hit their season three stride? I was never crazy about the Hearst rapist plot. Maybe they just do murder better.

I was surprised at how much I ended up liking Max, aka Sir Cheats-a-Lot. Who knew that a mercenary geek could turn out to be such a romantic? I had no idea how it would turn out. (I'm, like, the perfect viewer for this show.) Would Max and Chelsea/Fiona/Wendy live happily ever after? Was she just scamming him? Was she lying about Judge Kramer? It actually was rather sad. I think Wendy actually cared about Max, even though she couldn't help using him. I've got to give Max big props for trying so hard, and giving so much.

All of the Veronica and Logan scenes were just delightful. I particularly enjoyed the expression on Logan's face when Max and Wendy ran into each other's arms, and the beautifully written teasing scenes about whether or not Logan had ever been with a hooker. (It made sense that he hadn't. He was with Lilly forever, he clearly prefers monogamy, and let's face it, he's the good-looking son of a movie star and gets lots of opportunities.)

Keith went undercover for the second episode in a row, and was recognized for the second episode in a row. He'd better start rethinking his investigative strategies. At least he discovered that Fern and Claire egged the Dean's office while Nish was egging the Volvo... but Dean O'Dell was driving the minivan that night. Who was driving the Volvo? The plot thickens. Eggs will do that.

Finally, as a Battlestar Galactica fan, I was so pleased that Max turned out to be such a sweet guy. It made up for Moe, who gave us Battlestar fans a bad name. Veronica's knowledge of the show intimated that she was watching it, too. Booyah.

Bits and pieces:

— The Veronica/Keith scenes were all very funny. So were Keith's scenes with the moronic Sheriff Lamb.

— The despicable Madison was back. I do not believe she did it with Logan in Aspen. Well, unless he was really, really drunk and depressed.

— I thought one of the hookers would turn out to be the young woman Logan was with in the previous episode. But no. I was completely disarmed by the way Logan confessed to Veronica about it, too.

— "Huevosnacht!"

— Veronica finally asked Logan the obvious question about how Mercer committed a long distance rape from Mexico. Was this just a plot point clean-up? Or is there some future twist on the Hearst rapist arc?

— I'm with Logan. Blackmailing a judge? Veronica, what were you thinking?

— So where's Wallace? So immersed in mechanical engineering that he can't help Veronica solve mysteries? He's had much less screen time this season. Although I'm not complaining that Logan has had more.

— Weevil was back and looking a lot better; in fact, like his previous dashing, tattooed self again.

— Max met Wendy at the San Diego Comic Con, which is (arguably) the biggest and best sci-fi con in the country. Yes, I'm a con-goer. I was a major Star Trek geek back in the day.

— I rarely talk about the previews because people watching online can't see them, but I've got to say that the VM previews are bugging the crap out of me. Why? Because they keep showing scenes that aren't in the episode. And the preview for next week was a shocker of a spoiler. I was not amused. Time for me to stop watching the previews.


Veronica: "Does your team provide study guides for ethics exams?"
Max: "Every day. The irony has kind of faded over time."

Veronica: "Connection. Higher plane. And then you frakked."

Veronica: "It's like a Zagat guide for hookers. How did people find sex before there was an internet?"

Veronica: "Your attention to detail has served us well, young Jedis. So which blurry-faced fatherless girl is she?"

Veronica: "Amuse me, damn it. Amuse me now."
Keith: (sings) "I finally got the police report on the dean's suicide!"
Veronica: "That needs work."

Keith: "Will you be home for dinner?"
Veronica: "No. I'm meeting two hookers over at Logan's later."
Keith: "On a school night?"

Veronica: "Now, remember. When you rip off the breakaway pants, thrust your pelvis toward the bachelorette. Okay? It's her special day."

Veronica: "It's blackmail. It's the go-to idea. In case of emergency, break glass or blackmail."

Veronica: "I just to want to get to a place with you where we can be really intimate."
Logan: "That's what the female praying mantis says before she bites the male's head off."

I really loved this one. Not sure it was a four, though. How about three and a half?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The looks between Veronica and Logan are just precious. But we can see that Logan loves her more than she loves him.
    I loved this case of the week.

  2. How do you ever choose a manageable list of quotes for an episode like this one? The best VM episodes (like the best of Buffy) are so stuffed with great dialog they bear up to repeated viewings just for the pleasure of hearing these actors say these lines.

    Veronica and Keith's banter tells us so much about the two of them and their relationship. Teasing, snarky, affectionate - their in-jokes and shared references reveal the depth of their history together.

    Veronica and Logan however ... The more layers Veronica peels away, the more shame Logan feels and (as illustrated by the distance between them following their pillow talk), the intimacy she hopes for inches further out of reach.

    I think this is what disappointed me about the VM movie. This episode had more clever/funny/moving/layered interactions than the entire film (which I still enjoyed, of course).

  3. Scott, choosing the best quotes for VM was indeed hard. Nearly as difficult as Buffy.


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