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Veronica Mars: There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill

Veronica: "Bonnie's a preacher's daughter. How very Footloose."

Interesting episode about a controversial topic. They're not afraid to tackle anything, and I like that.
It's rare when I guess right off whodunit, but as soon as they introduced her best friend Phyllis, I knew she was the one. Maybe because I knew it probably wasn't a guy, and she was the woman closest to Bonnie.

Dick was his usual obnoxious self. What's going on with Tim Foyle, though? He's still such a cipher. I can't believe he was actually... sweet. Was he genuinely supportive of Bonnie, or did he have an ulterior motive? I keep thinking that there's a major reason he's in the story, and we just don't know what it is yet. Which can probably be said of every other character on the show.

On the O'Dell murder front, there were minor developments. A drunk student named Anthony Martin heard the gunshot at 2:20 am. The Volvo had egg on it even though Mindy said it was at the Neptune Grand all night, which confirmed Nish's story. And we were re-introduced to Mindy's angry ex-husband, who still has bone marrow issues.

Well, LoVe shippers, they're broken up again, and it looks like they might stay broken for awhile. I adore Logan, and yes, he wasn't with Veronica when he tumbled into bed with Madison, but if he'd done that to me, I'd probably break up with him myself. If Logan truly loves Veronica, how could he possibly do that to her? Not to mention Dick. Please tell me that Madison drugged Logan or something. She drugged Veronica, after all. I'm desperate to excuse him somehow.

On the other hand, how could Veronica embrace forgiveness to the point of a pardon for Madison's Mercedes, and then not even listen to Logan's phone message? Logan is the first to admit that he is far from perfect. Love him as he is, Veronica. He loves you as you are. He even said "Don't go changing" at the start of this episode.

Bits and pieces:

— I got a tremendous kick out of the pseudonyms: Keith and Veronica as Carson Drew and his assistant, Nancy; and Veronica going to the Capistrano Ministries as "Hester." (Wouldn't nearly everyone get that literary reference, though?)

— The dream sequence with the snow reminded me of the recent freak snowstorm in Malibu.

— We got a reminder that Mac and Madison were switched at birth, since they have the same birthday.

— I liked the positive way that they portrayed Reverend Ted Capistrano, who could have been the corrupt, money-grubbing, lying evangelist stereotype, and wasn't. I bet Thurman Randolph was, though. (He was the CFO who made that comment about Veronica's skirt.)

— Madison's birthday Mercedes license plate said, "Gotzmine." Thurman had a license plate that said, "Godzluvv." I thought there would be a plot development to explain the eerie similarity, but no. Maybe it was just supposed to be ironic.

— Couldn't Keith find a way to take down the despicable Good Word Press? What a horrendous invasion of privacy. Yes, it's different when Keith and Veronica do it. Why? It just is.

— Addendum from a week later: As a card-carrying feminist, I should have noticed that the writers confused RU486 with the morning after pill. They're two different things. My bad. And writers bad. VM is usually smarter than that.


Logan: "I wasn't trying to hurt you."
Veronica: "Really? Imagine if you tried."

Veronica: "You do your hair like that to cover up the three sixes on your scalp, right?"

Veronica: "If I have to see this one more time, I'm having my frontal lobe removed."

Weevil: "No problem. And the next time I need some literature compared, I know you'll be there for me."

Veronica: "I can't believe these people. They sit up in a building with their telephoto lens, and take pictures of people in their most private, personal moments. That's disgusting."
Keith: "Honey, that's how we pay the rent."

Keith: "Good Word Press, San Diego."
Veronica: "Harassing women in crisis since 1973."

Keith: "Did you call the cops?"
Mindy: "You're closer, and you're competent."
I sort of like Mindy.

The usual excellent VM episode, which means it gets a three,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I also can´t believe how Madison got forgiven and Logan didn´t. Yes, what he did was bad but she loathes Madison and all of a sudden, she goes soft. Logan just can´t win with her.

  2. I just have to rant a bit: yes, what Logan did was wrong but how can Veronica forgive Madison so quickly and can´t even give the time of day to Logan? It´s like they wanna turn Logan into a bad guy and not with this episode, with the whole season. It´s like they want us to root for Veronica all the way and hate Logan! Bad writers and bad Veronica! I love her but some of her actions in this season are bad, bad.

    End of rant!

  3. I agree with anonymous. The writers in this season did seem to really look for ways to make Logan appear to be a real jerk. It didn't seem natural like it did in season 1, though. It really felt forced and Veronica came off sounding and acting harsh a lot of the time. She seemed to cut Duncan a lot more slack for some reason.

  4. At this point, I don't think it's fair to criticize Veronica for forgiving Madison (or, more accurately, letting go her rage) and not Logan; she didn't let that anger go until after Bonnie's father made his speech about forgiveness--and she deleted the phone message from Logan *prior* to that.

    Billie, RE: "We got a reminder that Mac and Madison were switched at birth, since they have the same birthday.". They weren't born on the same day, but on consecutive days. If I remember correctly, Mac's birthday is one day after Madison's (though it may be the other way around).

  5. Please tell me that Madison drugged Logan or something. She drugged Veronica, after all.

    Did I miss something? Madison handed off her drink to Veronica as she walked by but I didn't get the impression she realized Dick had 'spiked' it with GHB...

  6. ^Right again, Unknown. Lol just felt like I had to say something this time because it's the 2nd time you corrected someone with no return feedback.

    >>"Couldn't Keith find a way to take down the despicable Good Word Press? What a horrendous invasion of privacy. Yes, it's different when Keith and Veronica do it. Why? It just is."
    Based. And you're goddamn right.

    Also I don't get the impression the writers have been doing anything but painting Logan in a defendable light while still conveying clearly what and why Veronica would be upset about the revelation. I mean even though I was completely on Logan's side when he suggested to her that being mature about it is to just stop enquiring, I can see why Veronica would be deeply hurt about the bitch who wrote uh... 'Whore?' or whatever on her car getting to sleep with Logan. Ah wait, maybe you LoVe shippers have a point... I remembered that Madison was also Dick's ex. Yeah that's too far an oversight for Logan, probably.

    I don't know, I'm enjoying the drama, I don't feel the usual unfairness towards one side I typically feel when it's manufactured... it's fine for me. At least I know now why Dick was eye-fucking Logan so blatantly in the opening credits lol!


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