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Veronica Mars: The Quick and the Wed

Veronica: "You can laser a guy's name off your ass, but I wonder whether you can really ever cut him out of your heart."

A fine runaway bride episode with the usual surprise VM twist.

I liked Heidi; what she said during the wedding scene was a hoot. She was honest, while her rich prospective bridegroom Paul Mann was not. Heidi deserved getting away with that immense ring. You go, girl.

This "true love" theme, or the lack of it, carried over to what was going on with Logan. I guess they really had to tone down what Logan was doing to Hannah because if he didn't feel guilty about it, we might stop liking him. Logan appears to have drawn the line at sex. (I thought it was pretty funny that Hannah was pressuring Logan for sex, while Hannah's mother was certain it was the other way around.) Logan also looked seriously upset when the PCHer spit on him, and when Dr. Griffith was yelling at him.

At least, the writers just threw the shippers a bone. Were they implying that it's true love for Logan and Veronica? Veronica finally confronted Logan about the Hannah situation, and he insinuated that she was jealous. And in Java the Hut, Jane told Veronica that she'd never know when true love would find her. Veronica replied, "If it comes looking for me, I'll be over by the espresso machine." And then Logan came in, very serious, looking for Veronica.

Meanwhile, back at the bus crash, our obvious patsy Terrence Cook was charged with eight counts of murder as a result of the C4 that Veronica found and Keith told Lamb about. Come on. That car guy was going to go into that cabinet Veronica saw, so the C4 had to be a framey planty kind of thing. This week's Terrence developments ended with Ms. Dumas' father shooting Terrence. Except we never saw it. That was odd.

Kendall Casablancas and Aaron Echolls appear to have formed a partnership of sorts. There were two references during this episode that Kendall has no brain (see Quotes section), but I don't think she's stupid, so she must be up to something.

Why did Aaron Echolls want Kendall to get hair out of Logan's shower drain?

Bits and pieces:

— Logan has actually retained Cliff. How delightful.

— Keith was trying so hard to get Lamb to do his job. It was like Keith was still the real sheriff and Lamb was a reluctant puppet who just refused to function.

— While talking to Kendall in jail, Aaron did a Hannibal Lector imitation. I think he has delusions of grandeur. Or he's seen too many movies. Or both.

— The Kane house was up for sale. Maybe they really are writing Duncan out.

— The always fun sleazeball Vinnie Van Lowe was back. He called Veronica "Curious Georgette."

— More discussion of Neptune's incorporation, and again the point that if it happens, the rich will get richer and the poor poorer. Isn't that always the way.


Tinseltown Diaries: "Choirboy, cub scout. Starving actor, megastar. Husband, father. Adulterer, cradle-robber, murderer." Yeah, that about covers it.

Woman: "The Manns are, like, the oldest money in Neptune."
Veronica: "You mean, like, from the eighties?"

Cassidy: "What have I told you about thinking?"
Kendall: (in a dumb blonde voice) "That it makes my breasts smaller?"

Logan: (to Kendall) "I'm confused. You're talking, and your clothes are on."

Veronica: "I had the printers forego the phallic framing. Penises can sometimes be distracting."
Jane: "I don't know how helpful I'm going to be. I didn't really get a good look at the guy. It was dark and loud and there were condom balloons hitting my head."

Heidi: "My family hired you to track me down?"
Veronica: "Actually, Jane did."
Heidi: "You're twelve."
Veronica: "I'm eighteen."
Heidi: "You're a barista."
Veronica: "I'm... Fine. I'm a barista."

Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This episode is a hoot and we even have a twist ending. So sad that Heidi was being true and Paul couldn´t see past her past.

  2. Your comment about Logan toning down what he was doing made me smile. I thought exactly the same thing during the course of this episode. I also smiled at the "true love by the espresso thing." That was cute. Cheesy, but cute.


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