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Veronica Mars: Un-American Graffiti

Veronica: "So where is the sugar rush of sweet justice I should be feeling right now?"

I feel like we've been waiting for a new episode forever. So why was I less than thrilled?

Don't get me wrong. This was an interesting, well-done episode that presented both sides of two complex topics: the treatment of Arab Americans in the U.S., and the issue of underage drinking. The dialogue was as witty as ever, and we even had some quality Veronica/Logan banter.

But I don't think I'm on board with the one mystery per episode format. And as much as I love the Veronica/Logan fireworks, I feel like this show is turning into Nancy Drew does Dawson's Creek. Veronica and Piz? Completely lacking in anything resembling magic. And Veronica seriously disappointed me, because I don't think she considered Piz's feelings at all.

This show does some fascinating scenes in and around elevators, for some reason. Both the "Veronica and Dick with a flask" scene and the "Veronica kisses Piz in front of Logan" scene were the best part of this episode. Did Logan look a bit put out to see Veronica and Piz in a clinch? That'll teach him to throw a huge party for his new girlfriend and insist that Veronica attend.

Finally, I'm still not on board with Keith as sheriff. He just seems so humorless in uniform. Although, with Keith as sheriff cracking down on fake IDs and Veronica providing those very same IDs, the Mars family can actually provide the crime that they're also fighting, taking supply and demand to another level.

Bits and pieces:

— Michael Muhney is still in the cast.

— There was a small cameo of Principal Clemons getting hit by a paintball. It made me miss the first two seasons in a big way.

— Mac and Max were deep in conversation at the party. That's scary, because the two of them together could probably take over General Motors. Is Mac going to abandon Bronson for a fellow brain trust?

— Sheriff Lamb took bribes. (What a shock.) The police softball team that Murphy the briber contributed to was called, "Excessive Force." I thought that was cute.


(Logan asks Veronica what her next class is.)
Veronica: "'Violence in early adolescence'."
Logan: "Want me to autograph your textbook?"

Veronica: "Arab men. So macho."

Veronica: "I'm considering pursuing a career at the FBI." This was new, and was probably a seeded reference to the possible change in series format we've been hearing so much about.

Piz: "Nonalcoholic beer. All the peeing, none of the fun."

Veronica: "I'm sorry about those IDs. I vow to use the Mars power for good rather than evil from now on."
Keith: "There's never a stenographer around when you need one."

Not worth the wait. Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I really liked this one but Veronica having doubts about attending or not Parker´s party made me think that she is now realising what a great guy he is and how she blew it. You may not think so, but this whole season is being built to how the last episode ends.

  2. Hey Billie, i have wanted to comment on one of your Veronica Mars reviews for a while, but i relented because this an old review, and il probably get no response, or maybe you won't remember the thing il be talking about, since it has been years since you saw Veronica Mars. But after this episode i just had to! What i want to say is that i really don't like Logan with Parker it makes me uncomfortable, and the same goes for Piz and Veronica. I feel like Logan and Veronica are made to be together, and this season it makes me feel like Veronica just keeps pushing Logan away, which really irked me out a lot. But she has to realize that they belong together. Another thing is that this kinda reminds me of Buffy and Spike in a way. Spike before the chip, was basically bad and a killer. After the chip he was reformed and started loving Buffy, every time Buffy pushed him away he become disturbed and did some stupid things. Same thing with Logan and Veronica, Logan in the beginning of the series was a total douche and basically after hooking up with Veronica for the first time, he started reforming himself bit by bit and improving. Going back to spike, he went and got his soul back to be with Buffy and to be the man she deserved. Same thing with Logan he kept improving throughout season 2 and 3 and started attending classes, and stopped doing his stupid activities for Veronica, but what does he get in the end? just like how Buffy kept pushing Spike away. We keep seeing Veronica pushing Logan away the entire season, even though we know she really has something for him deep inside. Now i know this might seem to be a bit far fetched and i can't even believe i wrote an essay about this, but i really feel they are very similar. If you by any chance read this, what do you think of this comparison? and what do you think of Logan overall being with Veronica? as i said before i think they belong together, and i really like when they'r together, it's sweet and they really have some magical chemistry when they're together, so when i see them separated in the show, it just feels annoying if you know what i mean. I also wanted to thank you for reviews, i really loved your reviews for Veronica Mars and Buffy, i appreciate the time you take to write them, they're lovely and very concise, so keep up the good work. Anyway i think i wrote enough for sorta my first real post on the site, and thanks again for your lovely reviews, they're awesome!

  3. Hi, Tarek: You're welcome!

    It's never too late to post a comment on anything here. Several of us read every comment. And of course, we're all waiting desperately for the Veronica Mars movie. I'm currently near the end of a rewatch, although I'm not up to this one yet. We're at "There's Got to be a Morning After Pill".

    There's definitely some similarity in the Buffy/Spike Veronica/Logan relationships, and I love both of them. I love a reformed bad boy and it's so obvious that Logan loves Veronica so deeply. They touch me as a couple.

    Great comment. Please don't hesitate to post comments on anything, Tarek.

  4. Thanks for your hasty response. I'm glad you check all of the comments. I sort of thought my comment would go unnoticed. But hey you responded, so that's great. I'm glad you agree with my Spike/Logan similarities. I'm 4 episodes away from finishing Veronica Mars. I actually might finish it today. So yeah i really hope Logan gets back with Veronica by the last episode. But i guess you already know that already, since you already saw it :P

  5. Tarek, we try not to post spoilers in the comments because a lot of people read them as they're experiencing a show for the first time. So you're pretty safe here -- we delete spoiler comments.

  6. Ah okay gotcha! yeah i definitely hate spoilers. Nothing worse than being spoiled in what happens in a show you really love watching.

  7. Always surprised and amused to see that old cliche of the ex lover catching the old lover making out with a new lover again. That elevator!


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