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Veronica Mars: The Wrath of Con

Veronica: "My dad's a little intense."
Troy: "Don't worry. I give good parent."

Logan is a human being. What a surprise.

As cool as the nerd sting on the "Silicon Mafia" was – and it was exceptionally cool, including clever planning, acting, and multiple disguises for both Veronica and Wallace – this episode was really all about Veronica, Duncan, Lilly and Logan, and The Way They Were.

Those limo scenes were just so touching and real. Lilly in particular was so charming, sarcastic, honest, and in your face that it made me wish strongly that she was a cast member and not dead. It was great to see Duncan just loose and happy and enjoying himself. I could almost see what Veronica sees in him.

But the real revelation was Logan. His character up until now was one-note, and that note was anger. I thought that was all there was to Logan – but no. It was outright kind of Logan to take on editing the video so that Duncan wouldn't have to face doing it himself. Logan did an excellent job of it, too. He was faithful to a realistic vision of Lilly instead of making a saint out of her, something we're often tempted to do with lost loved ones.

The final scene with Lilly's video was just exceptional television. Logan's face was kind of amazing: a combination of humble pride in what he'd done, and sorrow for Lilly, I think. He and Veronica exchanged a smile at the end that really surprised me. Note also that the two people who seemed most broken up by the Lilly vid were Jake and Weevil. Jake I understood, but Weevil?

The other big thing I'd like to note was the contrast – again – between parents. When the kids returned in the limo, Celeste yelled at Lilly in front of everyone – only Lilly, not Duncan – while Keith told Veronica they would talk at home. Keith showed respect for Veronica; no public keelhauling for her. Keith as a parent is concerned and interested, protective but not wing-clipping. Veronica was reluctant to do the limo thing because she knew Keith would disapprove. Lilly knew her parents would be angry, and truly didn't care.

Bits and pieces:

— The "I never" game revealed that Veronica and Duncan were virgins, and that Lilly and Logan were not.

— Veronica had smoochies with Troy. I'm as unthrilled with Troy as Keith is. And that hotel reservation? Mark up one for Daddy.

— Veronica as "Amber" was a hoot. Wallace as a math nerd also had his moments.

— Wallace was extremely hot for Georgia. Georgia is cute, but not too bright.

— That was some dress Lilly was barely wearing. I particularly loved her reaction when Celeste complained about the cleavage.

— There has been no sign of Ms. Dent, new cast member, in the last two episodes. I wonder why?

— We never saw the limo driver. It was as if the four of them were alone in their own little world.

— I said above that this episode was about our two couples and The Way They Were. Logan referred to the theme song from The Way We Were: "Ballet, choir recital, debutante crap, Girl Scouts. Memories both misty and watercolored."


Keith: "If he's going to be kissing my daughter for eight and a half minutes, I'll need to meet him."

Logan: "I believe Keanu Reeves said it best when he said, 'Whoooahhh!'"

Duncan: "Dude, that's my sister and my girlfriend."
Logan: "Yeah, dude, like that one's not in the rotation."
Now, that was an interesting comment. Let me pause to reflect on it.

Troy: "The whole point of going to the dance was to go to the dance."
Keith: "Good, good. So you won't mind then that I cancelled your reservation at the Four Seasons?"
Troy's face here was priceless. As was Keith's.

This was an excellent episode, and it completely changed my opinion of Logan. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Love, love this episode. I really think this is the episode where Logan and Veronica start to mend their relationship.

  2. Keith is an awesome dad! Like you, the scene with Troy and the hotel reservation was a high point. I laughed out loud.

    I'm still not won over by Logan. Yes, we saw another side of him, but the anger seems too close to the surface and not dealt with on any real level.

    Wallace can do much better than Georgia.


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