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Veronica Mars: You Think You Know Somebody

Veronica: "Dude. Where's your car?"

So much for Veronica's new boyfriend. And to think I was actually starting to feel some sympathy for Troy. When his true self was finally revealed, though, I could feel a big "told you so" coming on.

Actually, his calm throughout was probably a big clue that Troy wasn't being entirely truthful. I was so proud of Veronica for figuring out the truth and acting on it. She needs friends so desperately, too. Most girls in her situation would have been tempted to prevaricate. No excuses, no tears, she just let him have it. And at least she found out about Troy before she was physically or emotionally committed to him.

I was sad about Keith's aborted romance with Rebecca James. It didn't seem fair somehow. But it again showed, as Rebecca herself pointed out, what a superior father he is. Veronica's complete lack of enthusiasm toward Rebecca James was because she wants her parents back together. She misses her mom. Her mom who had a safe deposit box full of strange surveillance photos of Veronica. I don't get that at all.

I guess this episode made me wonder why we all don't do background checks on everyone we date.

Bits and pieces:

— After a brief glimpse of humanity in the previous episode, Logan reverted to type.

— We got a flashback of Lianne Mars, showing a not so happy reaction to the news that Veronica was dating Duncan.

— Lianne's fake Balboa County death certificate said she was 41 and her parents were Jason and Emily Patterson of Dallas, Texas.

— There was a Scooby Gang reference to Veronica as Daphne, not Velma, and Wallace as Shaggy, not Fred. A little Buffy homage.

— The candle on Keith's birthday cake was a question mark. Guess we're not meant to know how old he was.

— Keith mentioned that everything Veronica made leaned a little to the left. I wonder if that was a political remark.

— Luke, the young steroid dealer wanna be, showed some impressive athleticism when he was running from Zigman.

— Veronica and I share a similar love for Italian food, specifically lasagna and manacotti.

— Logan talked about the old movie Brigadoon. Logan knows his movies, probably because his father is in the biz. "Maybe it's like Brigadoon. Come back in a hundred years, it'll be right back in this spot."

— In this week's hair report, Veronica was sporting a couple of tiny round pigtails that reminded me of Mickey Mouse ears.


Logan: "Nice car. God, it must have been a huge cereal box."

Veronica: "You still have a subscription to Mad magazine? You're all about the flavor."
I used to love Mad magazine when I was a good bit younger. Wallace has taste.

Troy: "What do I love more? That you have a buddy named Earl, or that he works at the impound yard?"
Veronica: "I'm guessing both."

Veronica: "Can you buy me a pinata full of steroids?"

Keith: "I'll be nice to your boyfriend if you be nice to my girlfriend."

Troy: "Let's see. From eight to nine, we brainstormed on how to overthrow Kim Jong Il. From nine to ten, we deleted the records of the black voters of Florida. After that, it was all donkey shows."
Veronica: "So. The usual?"
Troy: "Pretty much."
Clever banter.

Veronica: "Did you meet anyone odd or were you followed? Did you see any suspicious activity?"
Troy: "How about all of the above? Haven't you been to Tijuana?"

Veronica: "We need to talk."
Luke: "All right. But does it have to be next to the feminine hygiene machine?"

This was a beautifully crafted episode. It may be a three, but I'm tempted to give it four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Well, we all knew Troy was a jerk, didn't we. I was glad to see Veronica's reaction to it all, but at the same time a bit sad. I don't want her to spend her life avoiding all human connections or even going into them wary and suspicious.

    I was surprised she didn't figure out why Keith stopped seeing Rebecca. Or, if she did, why she let him get away with it. She must really want her parents back together, which may be a possibility if her mom's message is anything to go on.


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