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Supernatural: Bedtime Stories

Sam: "Well, I'm thinking about fairy tales."
Dean: "That's nice. Do you think about fairy tales often?"

I have to give them marks for cleverness, because the fairy tale references were pretty funny. The "three pigs" were talking about one gust of wind blowing their wooden house over, and the one that survived wanted to use cinder blocks. I was completely creeped out by Granny in the gingerbread house enthusiastically ripping up poor Ken with her big sharp knife and great big smile. In the Little Red Riding Hood bit, Dean was the huntsman. That actually fit.

They made Callie look like Snow White, too. Black hair, white skin, red lips, all laid out looking beautiful. What finally set Callie off? I assume she wasn't killing via fairy tale for years, that it just started. Did Garrison read her fairy tales for the entire eleven years, or did he just switch from Dickens or Grisham? I guess they were lucky it wasn't Stephen King.

Two questions. I assume the guy became the Wolf, not once but twice, because he had a Wile E. Coyote tatt. (Wile E. Coyote was appropriate, considering his luck.) Is he now wanted for murder? And what did the big fat frog mean?

The fractured fairy tales bookended developments in the Crossroads plot. Dean asked Sam to just let him go. No freaking way. I liked that Sam defied big brother and tried to break the deal, anyway, and that he went ahead and killed the demon. There was a chance she was lying about the deal after all, because she lied like mad about Dean; she was obviously trying to turn Sam somehow. "No more desperate, sloppy, needy Dean. You can finally be free." Dean has not been desperate or needy, at all. Sloppy, possibly.

So who's her boss? I thought Azazel was the demon boss, and Sam was going to be second in command. Maybe, in order to save Dean, Sam will have to ascend (or descend) and rescind the order himself.

Bits and pieces:

— The episode actually started with a billboard that said, "Once upon a time."

— The boys got to wear nice suits (new ones, too) for much of the episode, which made it feel like The X-Files. Loved Dean setting Sam up as a sketch artist.

— Dean referenced the subplot in The Sixth Sense about Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, which was what happened to Callie.

— This week: Maple Springs, New York. The boys were Detectives R. Plant and J. Page. Led Zeppelin. I didn't even have to look that one up.


Sam: "Do you remember Cinderella? With the pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that become horses?"
Dean: "Dude, could you be more gay?"

Dean: "I'm going to go stop the Big Bad Wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said."

Another fun, clever episode. I watched X-Files from the beginning to the end but never loved it like I love Supernatural. Maybe it's just more my type of show. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. I totally love this episode! Fairy tales becoming horror stories is genius.
    And that ending with Sam killing that demon was cold, very cold.

  2. Im pretty sure that when Dean busts in to save Little Red Riding hood that it's actually BUFFY'S house!

  3. Anonymous, I'm pretty sure it's not because I would have noticed. I live in the Los Angeles area and am such a Buffy geek that I've driven past the house they used at least three times; it's around the corner from "Sunnydale" High. :) But that would have been fun; I wish you were right.

  4. If I recall correctly, I believe what set Callie off was the death of her evil step-mother (a little before the first murders), with the death of her step-mother the chance of the truth coming out went away, and I assume she became very angry.

  5. I am completely creeped out. The episode just sent chills down my spine. Fairy tales turned on their head like that. One of the things I love about this show is that nothing is sacred - pun intended.

    The final scene scared me as well. For some reason, I think Sam has just done something really, really stupid. He has changed since his 'death'. He seems much colder to me now.

    Fun comparison with the 'X-Files'. I am a huge fan of that show (even the final season). Similar stories in that there is a duo out on the road saving the world from creepy things, and at least one of the duo is critically tied up with them. However, I prefer the mythology of 'Supernatural'. As odd as this is going to sound, it feels more real to me.

  6. Another fun fact is that the crossroad demon is played by Sandra McCoy, Jared Padalecki's then fiancee.

  7. Sam: "Well, I'm thinking about fairy tales."
    Dean: "That's nice. Do you think about fairy tales often?"

    Surprised and delighted you included this as the opening quote for your review, because I was snickering ceaselessly upon hearing it but decided to forego going out of my way to bring it up in the comments because really, it's not especially funny on its own. But I was wrong, lol. I mean the whole "gay" angle isn't really clever anymore but I enjoy my juvenile response to that. "You think about [X] often?" is just such a funnily disdainful/suspicious question. idk
    Well since I'm here I'd also like to point out how scary it was to me that the Wolf guy just beats the old woman to death in her car with his fists, not the expected "blood spray against window" effect after slashing her up with claws or something. Damn
    Also I really appreciate how interesting they've made these specific demon women encounters (and I'm not even including OG Meg!). Sadly better received by me than Bella or even Ruby at this point. That was the hot lesbian from Wild Things 3 this time, and I remember thinking how oddly mean-spirited her death felt, even as it was such a badass moment for ruthless Sam.


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