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Supernatural: Sin City

Casey: "Kinda funny, don't you think? You and me sitting here like a couple of regular folk."
Dean: "Yeah, it's hilarious. In that apocalyptic sort of way."

Lines are blurring. Demons, hey, not so bad. Humans aren't any good, anyway, which was what the bar scenes were about. Gee, demons are just like us, except they worship Lucifer instead of God. And possess and discard human bodies and commit mass murder, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but expanding the inner life of the demons, giving them backstory, three dimensions and theology, is all good for the ongoing story.

I thought Dean's reaction to Casey the demon bartender was particularly interesting. Stuck alone with her for hours in Dracula's castle, he actually warmed up to her a bit, something I didn't think was possible. He was also trying to pump her about his future digs in Hell. Dean may have found the Crossroads Deal liberating at first, but he's having second thoughts. Who wouldn't? I also noticed that Dean didn't get drunk or laid, and it was a primo place for it. He wasn't even stuffing his face.

We may know Ruby's motivation for helping Sam now. Old Yellow Eyes, whom we just learned was named Azazel, was the big boss demon, and Sam was supposed to be next in line. No one is in charge now, so we have demon chaos. All Sam's fault for not going dark side like he was supposed to. Is Ruby sucking up to the boss? Trying to curry his favor?

Did Sam come back different? He seems like the same old Sam to me, and even Ruby talked about Sam's basic, gentle nature. Yes, the killing is coming a lot easier to him, but he was killing demons, after all. Dean and Bobby kill demons without even thinking twice; Bobby even shot Ruby to test out the Colt she was helping him rebuild. (Dan immediately said, "Well, the chick she's inhabiting is dead now.") Does acting more like Dean and Bobby mean that Sam isn't a hundred percent Sam any more? Is his new attitude an entry point for Ruby?

Bits and pieces:

— I thought at first that all those people in the Trotter bar would turn into demons, like the bar in the season opener.

— The bartender's house was covered with ivy on the outside, and looked like Dracula's castle on the inside. And the church in the opening scenes was striking and angular, not all that church-like. Which was appropriate, considering that the priest was possessed.

— This week's motel had a mirror on the ceiling and cheesy velvet paintings. Very funny, and it went with our general theme.

— Dean ran into Richie, a hunter acquaintance, who was into hookers and boasting. I didn't think hunters could be idiots. Guess they don't live long if they are. Which he didn't.

— Loved the scene where Sam spritzed holy water on Trotter, and then looked very apologetic. ("Have a nice day?") After all those seasons of SG-1, it's hard to see Don Davis as a villain.

— Dean had better start memorizing that Latin. Or tattoo it on himself somewhere. Oooh, what a thought.

— This week: Elizabethville, Ohio. And the boys were insurance agents.


Sam: "Two months ago, we open up the Devil's Gate. All of a sudden, this town turns into Margueritaville? It's no coincidence."

Richie: "I got oils."
Casey: "But I have toys."
Richie: "Yeah, no, toys trump oils."

Casey: "And humans are such a lovable bunch. Dick Cheney."
Dean: "He one of yours?"
Casey: "Not yet. Let's just say he's got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs."

I'm enjoying season three (so far) as much as season two. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Very good episode. I particulary liked the talk Casey had with Dean, the whole conversation scene actually.

  2. I won't necessarily say that I was surprised about who the second demon was, but, for once, that didn't take any joy away from experiencing the 40 minutes of entertainment. It's rare that a drama show - with this type of premise - can get away without any mysteries to solve. Very nice.

    Also, this episode holds some of my favorite Jared gag reel hi-jinks. He may not think he is good at comedy, but the dude is super funny IRL.


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