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Supernatural: Dead Man's Blood

Dean: "Vampires. Gets funnier every time I hear it."

And we're back to the patented Winchester family dynamic. John insisted on calling the shots, Sam rebelled, and Dean refereed.

Even though I like John Winchester and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays him, I don't like the idea of having him around permanently. It turns our two heroes into kids. John was being overprotective, I get it, but it showed a lack of respect for his sons as adults. As much as I love Dean, and I love Dean a whole freaking lot, I was with Sam in the father-son conflict. Dean and Sam are mighty monster hunters in their own right. Why should they salute and say "Yes, sir"?

And I'm not sure I like vampires in this 'verse.' Can't totally put my finger on why. Maybe I'm just too much of a Buffy fan, and Kate and Luthor were an extremely far cry from Spike and Dru. The lack of vampire tradition made them a little less interesting. The teeth were silly, too.

I did like the magic super-revolver, though, because mystical, powerful objects can be cool. Dead man's blood as poison for vamps was kinda cool. And Luthor's death scene was different.

Dean was all dutiful at the start of the episode, but by the end, he was seeing Sam's side. And now all three of them are after the Ceiling Fire Demon together. I sense a season finale approaching.

Bits and pieces:

— The Colt revolver was made by Samuel Colt in 1835, in conjunction with Halley's comet and the siege at the Alamo. I kept wondering where the rest of the bullets were. Still in the gun, I assume, since John used it to kill Luthor?

— There was an inscription on the revolver: "non timebo mala" which, according to Google, is Latin for "I will fear no evil."

— Winchester. Colt. All we need now is a Remington.

— These vampires pass for human. They have freaky eyes and magically growing, pointed dentures. They mate for life, wear crosses for fun, and can only be killed by beheading, like the immortals on Highlander. And they wear leather. Vampires wearing leather was a standing joke on Buffy.

— Elkins was John's teacher, until they had a falling out. That seems to happen a lot with John.

— This week, we went to Manning, Colorado, from Nebraska, where they didn't have a single decent lead. Dean mentioned going back to New York so that Sam could be with Sarah. Sam didn't seem to care.


Dean: "Sounds more like That's Incredible than The Twilight Zone."

Sam: "Whatever happened to that college fund?"
John: "Spent it on ammo."

Dean: "I'll pass. I usually draw the line at necrophilia."

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I was also with Sam on rebelling against John, though by the end Dean was also with Sam. I get why John is being overprotective, but come on, they´ve fought a lot of demons. They earn some respect and decision making.
    About the vampires, I don´t like this episode much. Tbe teeth are absurd and they just don´t work. Maybe I´m too spoiled with Buffy, I don´t know but something doesn´t click.

  2. When Dean cut off the vampire's head, I turned to my husband and said, "He forgot to say, 'There can be only one.'"

  3. Yeah, vamps in this verse sure are trashy.

    Not digging the magic gun thing. Feels too old west-y. Or maybe it's that I just don't like guns. So did Samuel Colt know magic or something? That seems...odd.

  4. It made me giggle when vampires were introduced

    Guess it's the twilight craze that made vampires look weak :(


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