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Supernatural: Provenance

"There's a reason charity auctions have an open bar."

What were they saying here? That Sam has depth, and Dean doesn't?

So Dean picks up trashy one night stands in bars, and Sam impresses professional women with his knowledge of art. Classy Sam and classless Dean. Except that Dean selflessly spent the entire episode trying to help Sam win over Sarah. Except that Sam, still devastated by Jessica's death, tossed Sarah back in the end.

As love interests for the Winchester boys go, Sarah rated fairly well. She coped bravely with her trial by fire: creepy supernatural murders, a slaughtered friend, a visit to the cemetery in the middle of the night to dig up bones. But as semi-cool as she was, she and Sam didn't really work as a couple for me. Even though they were around the same age, she seemed more adult and sophisticated. In that scene in the fancy restaurant, Sarah's clothes and Sam's mop of hair creeping over his eyebrows made them look like a thirty-year-old out with a teenager.

That painting was so hideous that the people who bought it almost deserved to die for their terrible taste. Isaiah Merchant at first appeared to be much like the fictional Mordecai in "Hell House," but for real.

Good red herring that it was the little girl, and that Daddy in the painting was watching her. But a little girl who kills with a straight razor? Probably a bit far fetched.

Bits and pieces:

— The moving figures in the painting were a good effect. I liked another creepy detail better: the dolls that were made in the image of the child who would own them, with their hair, even. There was something voodoo-like about it.

— In the scene near the end when they were comparing the painting to the photograph, I could swear Dean called Sam "Jared." I can't believe they let that one pass.

— This week, we went to Hudson Valley in upstate New York. And saw a New York license plate that said, "The Krip." Little in-joke there.

— This week's black and white disco extravaganza motel room may have been their funniest.

— Sam and Dean masqueraded as Sam and Dean Connors, art dealers.


Sam: "Art history course. It's good for meeting girls."
Dean: "It's like I don't even know you."

Sarah: (in the graveyard) "You guys seem to be uncomfortably comfortable with this."

Good scary story, fun Winchester brother interaction. Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The room was too funny, as well as the music.
    Dean is a good brother, he was really wanting Sam to let go of the Jessica grief for a while. I keep saying Sam is a bit harsh on him.

  2. I listened to it again. Twice. Dean definitely says 'Jared'.

  3. He does say 'Jared'. Good catch.

    My favourite bit?

    Sarah (at last, not a damsel in distress): "I'm not saying I'm not scared, because I am scared as hell, but I'm not gonna run and hide either. So, are we going, or what?"

    Dean (off a hilarious look at his brother): "Sam, marry that girl."

    Made me laugh out loud.

  4. I really, really like Sarah. Normally I can't stand one-episode romances with one-episode characters, but she won me over. Maybe it was Dean's enthusiasm. Maybe it was her refusing to fulfil the roles of either damsel in distress or kick-arse strong independent woman, finding instead a happy medium that gave us a real person. Or maybe it was just Dean's comment about "Sam...marry that girl."

    Hey. If she get's Dean's approval to be with his little brother long-term, even considered in a half-joking fashion, then she must be something special.

    Out of all Sam's ill-fated love interests, Sarah's the only one that I actually liked. And considering my history with liking female protagonists that are one-episode love interests, that's saying a LOT!

  5. I didn't notice the "Jared" blooper myself and haven't re-watched the episode since I heard about it. I do know, however, that it wasn't the last time. In a later episode (no clue which one) Jared calls Jensen "Sam." To me that's somehow funnier, cause it's his own characters name.

  6. Hearsz, your comment contained a spoiler for a later season, so I couldn't post it. If you would like to perhaps post it for an episode in that later season?

    1. Can't really post it in the section for the very last episode because it's not really relevant to that episode.
      And if I post it in the last episode that Crowley features, that wouldn't make much sense either.
      Don't worry about it...


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