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Lost: Abandoned

Sayid: "I know what it is to lose someone you care deeply about."

Wow, am I pissed.

We finally got a lovely backstory for Shannon that to some extent explained her past. We finally got a major love scene: a tent for two, flowers, the Island version of candlelight, and Sayid and Shannon consummating their relationship. We even had Sayid tell Shannon he loved her. And then they went and killed her off. Turkeys.

Maggie Grace did a fine job with her swan song, if that was indeed what it was. Unless she isn't dead. I wish they had confirmed it. Where was Jack? Why couldn't they have shown him kneeling over the body, and saying, "She's dead, Jim"? It just felt wrong to me that both Boone and Shannon were dead. They were so damned young. Interesting that Jack was to some extent responsible for the deaths of Boone and Adam Rutherford. How is he going to feel about losing Shannon, too?

The flashbacks were terrific. Shannon seemed so soft, somehow, and her evil stepmother was practically channeling Martha Stewart's evil twin. Why did Shannon's father leave his daughter so un-provided for? Death and wills bring out the worst in people, I've seen it happen. It does explain how Shannon became all graspy and self-centered, although I now find it harder to reconcile both versions of her. Although that's not a big worry any more, since they Freaking Killed Her Off. I was really pissed about this, can you tell?

I was also deeply concerned about Sawyer. At least Jack is now within reach. But will Jack's medical skills alone and a suitcase full of scavenged prescription drugs be enough? Right before he passed out, Sawyer told Michael, "I would have left you behind," and wow, was that ever a lie. By saying that, Sawyer was giving them an excuse for leaving him behind to die. In essence, sacrificing himself. Sawyer gets more likable all the time.

We got a little more info about the "tailies," and the previews for next week said we were going to see their early days on the Island. I'm all for that, because I'm liking Eko more every time I see him. I really liked that he showed concern for Sawyer. Eko was a lot more in touch with his human side than Ana Lucia, who appeared to have been changed by their terrible experiences, and not for the better.

How will Sayid react to what Ana Lucia just did, accidental though it might be? I'm guessing he might just lose control. And who could blame him?

Character bits:

Seeing Boone at the funeral scene hugging Shannon actually brought me to tears.

I really did love the tent and the flowers. It's nice to know Sayid isn't the type of guy who would just drag a girl under a bush. And may I say, Sayid, no shirt, yum?

Cindy gone. So much for Cindy.

Jack was in this episode for about two seconds, in Shannon's flashback. Which confirmed that the other driver in Sarah's car accident was Shannon's father.

Charlie appeared to be taking his role of Daddy a bit too seriously. And Locke found out about the junk. The plot thickens.

Libby is a clinical psychologist. Maybe she could help Hurley and Locke. They could start group therapy, or something. It could be fun.

Michael finally acknowledged that Sawyer got shot trying to save Walt. About time.

Rose was doing laundry again. Man, you could not pay me enough to hang up clothes on a line if there was a dryer nearby.

Sawyer got in a couple of nicknames before he passed out. He called Ana Lucia "Ponce de Leon," and Jin "Chewie," which always cracks me up. And Ana Lucia called Sawyer "Cowboy."

Bits and pieces:

— No "eye opener" for Shannon. Does that have anything to do with the fact that she Freaking Died?

— Malcolm David Kelley was again listed in the cast. They're probably going to do what they did with Emilie deRavin in season one: leave him out when he's not actually in an episode. Ian Somerhalder got "special guest star" billing.

— This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was the booze in the teacups. It symbolized concealment of Bad Stuff in a pretty and acceptable package, i.e., their life with the wicked witch Sabrina.

— The flashbacks supposedly took place when Shannon was eighteen, and teaching ballet to little kids. Does that mean Jack met Sarah two years ago? How can that be? Wasn't Desmond in the bunker for three years?

— During the initial love scene when Shannon found Sayid's gun, I was thinking of Mae West. "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

— Sayid now knows about the message bottle. The "fusies" need to hold regular meetings and share information.

— Was the French guy in the ballet scene the one that Shannon worked for as an au pair? Seems logical.

— Jack worked at Saint Sebastian's. Saint Sebastian was a son of privilege, and had connections with healing, and with plague. Since this is Lost, I'm sure these connections are no accident.

— You know, when someone spectral shows up and says, "Shh," I don't know, I think I'd be quiet.


Claire: "You know, it's like we're playing mom and dad to this baby. Yet, I don't remember marrying him."

Charlie: "She's got a bit to learn about being a mom. Responsibility and all."
Locke: "Now, that's an interesting thing to say, for a heroin addict."
That was a shot across Charlie's bow, wasn't it?

Despite the fact that I was pissed off about Shannon's death, this episode was probably a four. No, three. No... you know, I'm not sure what to rate it. So I won't.

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Oh my God! Was it Chekhov who said that if there if a gun in the first act, it must be fired in the last? I wish I had remembered that when I was watching this. I, in no way, saw that coming and just kept rewinding the final thirty seconds, in shock.

    I can’t believe they killed off Shannon. I am very, very sad. I just loved her relationship with Sayid and I loved watching her change on the island. She was a much different woman at the end than that spoiled horror at the beginning. The cynic in me thinks that a show can only sustain so many salaries and they wanted to shake up the dynamic with the ones from the tail. They’ve killed off Cindy; let’s get rid of Libby and keep Shannon.

    During the initial love scene when Shannon found Sayid's gun, I was thinking of Mae West. "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

    LOL I was thinking *exactly* the same thing. Great minds, again.

  2. Love the episode as usual, but although Sayid is one of my favs, this episode he was acting like anything buy the calm, collected, savvy guy he's been.

    The first 20 or so days we've had multiple flashbacks to show Nadia, the love of his life, someone he's been looking for desperately for years.

    So now, in the second 20 or so days, he's in love with Shannon, someone who couldn't be any more polar opposite with him?

    I get the whole " I'm stranded on an island for who knows how long so I gotta get mine" thing, but professing some sort of undying love for Shannon just smells like saying whatever you think she wants or needs to hear at that point.

    Still really love the character Sayid, but this Shannon diversion just really isn't him at his core.

  3. While I was never a big fan of Shannon and the Shannon/Sayid connection didn’t click for me, this was an excellent episode, and by now I guess anyone watching had to realize that no one on this island is safe. We’ve now lost Boone and Shannon from the premiere.

    So much going on in that final sequence, including the Walt (visions??) and the whispers. Were the others all around, perhaps influencing the two parties to converge?

    Definitely a 4 start episode.


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