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Lost: The Greater Good

Shannon: "John Locke killed my brother. Will you do something about that?"

Have I mentioned yet that Sayid is my favorite character?

I never thought for one moment that Sayid would kill Locke just because his girlfriend asked him to do it. That's just not Sayid, and Shannon should have known better. And can I gloat for just a second? I knew Locke was the one that knocked out Sayid! It even made sense, if you believe Locke's story.

I didn't care much for the suicide bomber flashbacks, but there were a lot of other things I liked about this episode. Like Sayid "interrogating" Locke, and Locke opening up about a lot of things (except his paralysis). Like Sawyer reading to Claire's baby from a car magazine. Like Kate caring enough about an exhausted Jack to drug him into sleeping.

The Lostaways are getting better at funerals, too; there were flowers and a damned good eulogy by Sayid, who probably did it to help Shannon. It would have been a great funeral if it hadn't ended in a brawl. I dunno... maybe Locke should have CHANGED HIS BLOODY SHIRT before showing up and confessing?

Poor Shannon! Yes, she was out of line, but it's hard to think logically when you're griefstricken, and I feel bad for her. Do we find Shannon unsympathetic because we haven't seen her back story yet? I've always gotten the impression that she was badly hurt in the past, and now the one person she depended on her entire life is dead. Yes, Locke didn't actually kill Boone, and yes, Shannon shouldn't have gone after him with a stolen gun. But Locke did in fact lie, the lie did lead Jack to misdiagnose Boone, and Boone did die because of it.

Now we know why Sayid was in Australia and how he ended up on flight 815. But I'm still confused about Nadia. If Sayid spent all that time searching for Nadia and he was only a flight away from reuniting with her, that would explain his frantic drive to make the transceiver work so that he can get off the Island. But why did he say many episodes ago that he thought she was dead? Is there more flashback on Nadia that we haven't seen yet?

Character bits:

I liked Sayid's tragic friend Essam, the tree cutter with the philosophy degree. Interesting eyes.

Jack is way too emotionally involved with his patients to function well as a doctor. But maybe it wasn't that way when he could leave them and go home at the end of the day.

Shannon pushed Sayid away, but she might try to reconnect soon. I hope she does. He's all she has now, and I think they make a very interesting couple.

It was a little strange, seeing Charlie singing about drowning the spider when he had little Turnip-Head so close to the water.

Locke has a surgical scar on his back from kidney-stealing Daddy. He isn't having trouble walking any more. Someone wrote to me and suggested that he got his legs back in return for sacrificing Boone. I'm not sure I agree, but it's an intriguing thought.

Michael and Jin were still working on the raft, and Walt still didn't want them to.

During the funeral scene, we got a good look at a lot of the extras. That usually doesn't happen.

Bits and pieces:

— Boone's body was visible, and Ian Somerhalder was still in the cast credits.

— The winner of the Most Obvious Symbolism this week was Locke trying to wash Boone's blood out of his tee shirt.

— Interesting that they didn't try to do a lot of the flashbacks in Arabic, the way they did Jin's and Sun's stories in Korean.

— Terry O'Quinn (Locke) sounded hoarse, like he had a cold; maybe it was because of filming in the pouring rain. Please take care of yourself, Terry.

— We can add a car magazine to the very small Island library.

— "Use the crowbar." "That only works on zombies, not the big bugs." Everything on Lost is supposed to mean something. Was that a backhanded reference to "The Others?" Ethan Rom sure acted like a zombie, didn't he?


Sawyer: "I liked that thing a lot better inside than I do outside."

Sayid: "Lives will be lost in service of a greater good." I hope this doesn't mean we're going to get more character deaths.

Two for the flashbacks, and four for the Island stuff. Three out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. While I agree with you that the flashbacks were weaker than they usually are, there was one very interesting parallel. In both, Sayid was asked by a woman to kill a man; he refused to do it both times. I like that.

    What I really enjoyed was Sawyer reading to the baby. Between willingly giving up the remainder of his alcohol and now helping Charlie with the baby, he almost seems selfless. But, it’s seemed to me recently that Kate is leaning back towards Jack. Shame.

  2. I love Sayid. I will maintain to my last breath that he is the real hero, if for no other reason than he just does good things rather than getting all caught up in "Oh, am I a hero? Am I not a hero?" issues like Jack.

    As I write that, I think I might like Sayid more than Jack, and trust his actions more than I would trust Jack's, because Sayid appears to have gotten over whatever his childhood trauma was. That just makes him seem so much more grown-up.

  3. Thank you for writing a review without spoilers. I know I'm late, but I watched the first episode when it came out and then waited until now (2018) to watch the serious. I've successfully avoided all spoilers. But since the series is so old, most reviews posted are filled with entire spoilers!

  4. Unknown, you're very welcome. It's our biggest rule here on Doux: none of the episode reviews or comments for any show contain spoilers for future episodes.

    (Plus I wrote these reviews as the show aired.)


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