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Angel: Blood Money

Anne: "A few years ago it would have been a big turn on. I thought vampires were the coolest."
Angel: "What happened?"
Anne: "I met one."

Why don't I like the new, ambiguous Angel? He didn't look or feel right to me. Was David Boreanaz projecting some kind of "dead inside" emotion that made me uncomfortable? Was he channeling the killer from the movie he just did? Did they give him a bad haircut or something? I can't put my finger on it.

But we did finally learn in this episode why Wolfram & Hart want Angel alive (Angel being a "major player" in the coming Apocalypse) and that kind of made sense. But here's what I didn't get: if Angel didn't care any more, why did he give the blood money to Miss Teenage Homeless Shelter?

Anne, Miss Teenage Homeless Shelter, is a returning character. She was called Chanterelle in the Buffy second season episode, "Lie to Me," and Lily in the Buffy third season opener, "Anne." She took the name Anne because it was runaway Buffy's alias as well as Buffy's middle name. In truth, we still don't know what Chanterelle/Lily/Anne's name actually is.

Our supporting cast trio continued to bond as they completed their second successful vision-related case. I wonder what they'll name their agency? All three of them have last names that would work for a detective agency. How's this for a motto – we'll Chase bad guys with a Gunn for a Price?

Lilah is getting more and more interesting, and she and Lindsey continued to bicker beautifully. I also liked the video-within-a-video shot they did when Lindsey and Lilah were running across the floor trying to stop Anne from putting the tape into the machine.


— I liked Boone, the cool blue-faced guy. Gotta go for a demon with integrity.

Risk must be a game that requires testosterone. I could never figure out why guys go so bananas for it.

— Merle the informant demon has gotten beat up in how many episodes now?


Gunn: "So it's big."
Wesley: "Big."
Gunn: "And fire breathing."
Wesley: "Breathing."
Gunn: "Big, two-headed, fire-breathing..."
Wesley: "I think we all have the picture, Gunn. It's not a teddy bear and it probably shouldn't be attending the Kenyard School for Girls."

Anne: (pulls out a flowered blouse) "Well, that's not what I expected. What's the matter, it doesn't fit you anymore?"
Angel: "Cuts me across the bust."

Angel: "The game. It's actually kind of fun when you know the rules. I mean, when you know that there aren't any. You screw with me, and you screw with me, and you screw with me. And now, I get to screw with you. It's gonna be great!"

Lindsey: "You opened your mouth to someone, and now he's got it on tape, probably."
Lilah: "No, you're the one with the sporadic professional death wish. How do I know you're not on one of your Kamikaze missions, with me as your co-pilot?"

Lilah: "Well, it's a pretty simple formula. Rich people pay to touch famous people. Cameras catch all the not quite prostitutional action. Pretty profitable, and it all goes into the public consciousness as a good deed, courtesy of Wolfram and Hart. It's really true, charity gives you this warm glow, you know?"

I'm sort of hovering between a two and a three for this one. 2.5?

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. Anne’s back! I like Anne.

    I don’t like Risk. I played it once with a boyfriend who loved it, and I had a weird feeling that, by not liking the game, I’d failed some sort of girlfriend-test.

  2. I loved seeing Anne again, and it was so nice to see how well she's doing now :) I can't decide whether I like the fact that she and Angel don't seem to recognise each other - it's probably realistic that they don't, they met so briefly in Sunnydale, but all the same a little strange if you're watching the whole of both series together.

  3. I find it interesting that they brought Anne back in the role they did. It did work, however. Even if you weren't a Buffy watcher, she would still be a good character.

    I hate Risk, too.

  4. ANNE. I get so emotional about Anne. It always annoyed me that Angel didn't recognize her. I get her not knowing him, but he's supposed to have a photographic memory. I'm sure it came down to not wanting to alienate viewers who hadn't watched Buffy. But still. Annoying.

  5. Ah, but Angel's photographic memory isn't really as good as he thinks, right? I think there are jokes about that in Season Four.

  6. I can't remember. I don't have a photographic memory.

  7. I like Anne well enough, though I do get tired of the tv trope where a very young, beautiful woman is able to accomplish things that a more seasoned experienced person would have trouble with. Running an even marginally successful shelter in L.A. can't be easy and it strains my suspension of disbelief if I think about it too long.

    Sorry, rant over. I do think this episode gave us a peek at Angel's motivations. He's still trying to do good, but he is getting caught up in an obsession with bringing down Wolfram & Hart and he'll use whatever he finds to do it. Still missing him with the Angel Investigations gang, though.

  8. Anne is a character that I like, it is nice to see how she has grown from the first time we met her.
    My only problems with this episode is Angel himself, I don't really like him on his own.

  9. It's the 2nd time now they felt the need to pull that fake-out with the Risk game, lol. It was like 17 episodes ago for that first time with Cordy's stage play. And that was the 17th episode of the show itself! I wonder if another 17ish episodes from now we'll have another one.
    It wasn't even that funny the first time


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