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Angel: The House Always Wins

Lorne: "Fluffy! Fluffy, the dog? The dog you don't have? The universally recognized code for 'I'm being held prisoner, send help'?"

As the big green guy himself would probably say, "Snooze-O-Rama!"

It's a shame, too; an episode centered around Lorne, and it was a disappointment. How could this be? Maybe because it really wasn't all that much about Lorne. I'm not really sure what it was about. I wanted it to be funny. Okay, there were a few funny moments... but I wanted it to be funnier.

It started out just great; road trip to Vegas, Lorne looking very at home on a big stage, singing, "It's Not That Easy Being Green" and "Lady Marmalade," lots of fun references to old Vegas with Bugsy Siegel and the Rat Pack. Good plot idea, with what's-his-face DeMarco doing some literal "futures trading." Where it fell flat was in the execution. Maybe it was Angel as a smarmy name-dropper and as a mindless automaton playing the one-eyed bandit; maybe it was Gunn doing his best to keep the story going with no help from the plot. Writer David Fury must have had a bad day.

We had a requisite Connor scene, Angel watching from above and kibbitzing as Connor slayed a vamp (with Cordelia kibbitzing from even higher in Misty Magic Land). And we had a requisite Wesley scene with, of all things, phone sex.

The one scene I really enjoyed after the beginning (other than the phone sex, of course) was Fred in green make-up and a bustier yelling about laser beams shooting out of Lorne's horns. The Cordelia scenes were sorta fun, too, until we hit the last one. It looked for a few minutes like smartass Cordy was back. Why are we now getting little lost amnesiac Cordy? I want the real Cordelia back, dark hair, smart mouth and all.

Bits and pieces:

— Wesley was not at all adverse to stealing Angel's clients. He just becomes sexier and more devious all the time.

— Did Angel get to keep that $300,000? And if so, was it really all in quarters? That would have been something to see. Although I doubt they would have gotten it in the Angelmobile.

— Why did Angel vamp out for a fight, and immediately un-vamp again? I also thought I noticed Lorne singing at one point, but his lips weren't moving. Editing problems?

— Lorne looked dashing in a homburg hat.

— Please, J. August Richards, get rid of that goatee.


Cordelia: "He's his father's son. Same dark good looks, same lost boy sweetness. And the broodiness, boy, he's got that down stone cold."

Gunn: "No one seems to be bothered by the fact that he's a demon."
Fred: "They must think it's all makeup, like the Blue Man Group. (pause) You don't think... the Blue Man Group?"
Angel: "Only two of them."

Wesley: "Sorry to disappoint, Lilah, but I'm not waiting at the door with a scowl and a burnt pot roast."

Lorne: "I'm sorry, peach pie. I thought that you just might have been..."
Fred: "Your diddle buddy?"
Lorne: "My whatle what?"

Fred: "Oh, my god, it was horrible! He attacked me with these, these laser beams that shot out of his horns and he escaped! He's gone!"
Bruiser: "There is no other way out."
Fred: "Right. No. Because, 'cause he went through some, some sort of, of demon metamorphosis thing. And, and he spit out his entire skeleton like, like, like blah! (pretends to vomit) Like, like that! And then, and then he just slithered away! Down the drain! In the sink! In the bathroom! Hurry!"

Lorne: (to Angel) "Even without a flight plan, bucko, you're still a stealth bomber."

Two out of four stakes,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. Fred looked so cute as a Las Vegas waitress/entertainer. She looked so different.

  2. More or less fully agree. Too bad... Cordy hasn't felt quite right since her return from vacation with Gru. And now she has amnesia? Screw that x( At least Lorne's back in the fold now


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