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Angel: A New World

Cordelia: "You know we can't all walk out of here when we have a cosmic crack hanging over us."

I take back every negative thing I ever said about the stupid baby plot, because I think Connor the Destroyer is absolutely terrific.

I like the character – half Peter Pan, half Mordred, a sort of supernatural boy-slayer, human-vampire kind of deal. Superb physical casting: blue eyes like Darla, dark like Angel, and small and sleek so that we can still see him as Angel's child. He has a distinctive face: innocent, but with way too much experience. Dan said jokingly that Connor looked "boyishly rugged."

The actor, Vincent whats-his-face, clearly has acting talent, too, and there was some good acting chemistry with David Boreanaz. Angel was terrific, emotionally overwrought and unable to help reacting as Connor's father – checking Connor's arm for drugs, "you're not walking out that door" (shades of Joyce and Buffy), and even excusing him for the ear thing, which I thought was cute. (Angel's comment being cute, not the ear thing being cute.)

Angel was automatically super-protective, too – throwing himself in front of that bullet, and offering himself as a hostage. Connor is not stupid; he must know now that he has power over Angel. How long do you think it will take for Connor to stop wanting to commit patricide? And that hot kiss Connor shared with Sunny the junkie got me thinking. Could Connor get AIDS? What exactly is he? How supernatural is he, and what powers does he have? I really do want to know more about Connor. Maybe I'll tune in next week.

It was a long time coming, but I'm becoming attached to the Groosalugg. It isn't just the game way he launched himself into battle; we're getting more wit and depth, and I'm starting to like the actor. I especially liked his sarcastic remarks about Angel, and him admitting to Cordelia that she was his first. I do hope his increasing likableness doesn't mean that he'll bite the dust in the big season finale.

Wesley's absence was still clearly being felt. I'm worried about how this situation will resolve itself. That job offer from Lilah just seemed like an interesting scene at first... but then I thought, what if there was a plotty purpose behind it? Extensive occult library? Outrageous benefits? Judas Iscariot in the ninth circle of Hell, which means you're one of us, Wesley? Please don't tell me that Wesley is going to end up at Wolfram & Hart. Please. Couldn't they just transfer him back to Buffy? They really need a Watcher over there.

Bits and pieces:

— Have I mentioned enough times how hot Alexis Denisof looks with the long hair, stubble and scar? Let me mention it again. Yum.

— Mistress Meerna with the blue hair was a kick ("What I wouldn't do for a lasso and some crazy glue"). Plus points for using the word 'schmutz.' Bring her back, please.

— The ear was a bit much. But a lot easier to take than the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs.

— Connor's hair style was totally appropriate. It looked like he hacked it off with a knife.

— Was it only Holtz who came through the big cosmic no-no?


Gunn: "I hate to bring that up, but are we sure this was Connor? Just 'cause he said 'Hi, Dad'?"
Angel: "That was him."
Gunn: "Couple of weeks ago he was wearing diapers. Now he's a teenager?"
Cordelia: "Tell me we don't live in a soap opera."

Groo: "Is it dangerous? Gunn and I can protect you."
Lorne: "Well, no. It's not dangerous, it's just awkward. This guy is all hands. I mean, all hands, like fifty of them. Anybody fluent in sign language?"

Gunn: "Folks not used to seeing a kid in animal skins riding on top of a bus. Not south of Santa Monica Boulevard, anyway."

Cordelia: "Angel does all that 'ninja statue, don't move a muscle or you're dead' stuff, too. Me, I wouldn't last ten minutes. Of course, heels? Not helping."

Sunny: "So, that was really cool today. So, where did you learn to fight all bad-ass like that?"
Connor: "In Quor-toth."
Sunny: "Quor-toth? That's in Mexico, right?"

Lorne: "There, you see what I mean? It's been like that all day. One of the nasty side effects of specializing in dimensional magic. What I wouldn't do for a lasso and some crazy glue."

Angel: "We can make this right."
Tyke: "You can give me a new ear?"
Angel: "Well, maybe you can wear a hat."

Meerna: "I hope this pentagram wasn't some dark attempt to close the fissure."
Gunn: "Ah, no, that was a dark attempt to open one."

Fred: "If there aren't any portals, what is it?"
Meerna: "A tear in reality. Big cosmic no-no."

This one was at least a three, and I'm even edging toward a four,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. This time around I noticed the last two episodes ended with Connor saying "Hi, Dad".

    Lilah certainly thinks she can flip Wesley, but he's too much of a good guy to ever work for lawyers. I mean, evil.

  2. "It was a long time coming, but I'm becoming attached to the Groosalugg."

    "— Have I mentioned enough times how hot Alexis Denisof looks with the long hair, stubble and scar?"
    *Homer Simpson drool* How did they do it

    "This one was at least a three, and I'm even edging toward a four,"
    Aw c'mon! This episode was good but not better than Forgiving


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