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Angel: Quickening

Sahjhan: "Have you followed this part of the history? American Revolution? Manifest destiny? Westward expansion? The Beach Boys?"

Better than last week, I thought, and with a lighter touch, although I just don't like demon baby plots, damn it. They've been done to death and there are only so many things that could happen, none of which appeal to me. I hope this arc isn't going to dominate the entire third season of Angel – or if it does, I hope it gets more interesting. Is this just irrational dislike on my part? I really didn't like the moody loner Angel subplot last year but it turned out well, so maybe I should just shut up and hang in there.

Holtz is getting more of my attention. The writers are giving us Holtz' background and providing him with a very good reason to hunt down and kill both Angel and Darla – even though Angel is now a warrior of the people, and Darla is pregnant with what is possibly a baby with a soul. I really liked Sahjhan, the demon that raised Holtz. He's a hoot.

Wolfram & Hart were kind of wasted in this episode, though they gave us a clue that the baby might be Good, since they want to destroy it. At least we still have Lilah, and they're doing interesting things with her this year. (I've always liked Lilah.) Gavin Park seems to be a continuing character now, and he's cool enough, although I desperately miss Lindsey. The guy from the mailroom had possibilities.

So what's going to happen? Are we going to get a baby that will magically grow up and join either Angel Investigations or Wolfram & Hart? Or will Angel have to change diapers? Do I really care?

Bits and pieces:

— Angel Investigations is bugged. That's interesting.

— I kind of liked the baby monster humor, like the metal cat carrier.

— Dr. Fetvanovich from the Balkans, the paranormal obstetrician with the chicken feet, was fun.


Holtz: "You have been tracking them this entire time?"
Sahjhan: "Yes. But not in the way you imagine. There are other dimensions, other worlds where time behaves differently. I have an ability to navigate those dimensions."
Holtz: "And is that why you haven't aged?"
Sahjhan: "That, and I had a little work done. Mostly around the eyes."

Answering machine: (woman's voice) "Hi, you've reached the Tittles. We can't come to the phone right now. If you want to leave a message for Christine, press one. (Man's voice) For Bentley, press two. (Deep, gravely voice) Or to speak to or worship Master Tarfall, Underlord of Pain, press three."

Holtz: "You're not human."
Sahjhan: "But clearly masculine. You get that, right?"

Gavin: "Berlin's on the phone for you, sir."
Linwood: "Oh, god. If they've heard about this in Berlin, Singapore and Muncie can't be far behind."

Lilah: "Dr. Fetvanovich is the world's foremost specialist in paranormal obstetrics. We are very fortunate he's consented to help."
Doctor: "It is I who feel fortunate. A vampire birth is, ah, unprecedented. I look forward to dissecting both the mother and the child."

Gunn: "I think we lost them."
Angel: "Anybody hurt?"
Cordelia: "Nothing a couple of band-aids and a pint of Heath Bar Crunch can't fix."

Next week, will Darla finally have this freaking baby? And what do they mean, the episode that changes everything? Are we talking major characters dying? Or will Angel have to add a nursery to the hotel and hire a nanny?

Two out of four stakes (and that's Dan's rating, because I think he's being more objective about this plot arc than I am),

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. Next week, will Darla finally have this freaking baby?

    It must have sucked to wait seven days, only to realize the baby still wasn’t ready to pop.

  2. I liked this episode more than you. It was fun to see Wolfram & Hart scrambling for once, and a nice little reminder of Lindsey's absence that with his departure nobody was really paying attention to Darla anymore.

    I liked the shot of happy Darla surrounded by the nervous Angel crew, surrounded by that vampire cult who just said they're going to feed the crew to her, but before they added that they're going to tear apart Darla after the feeding to accelerate the baby's entrance. It was really funny.


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