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Angel: The Shroud of Rahmon

Cordelia: "Two words I don't like right off the bat: tomb and unearthed. People, you've got to leave your tombs earthed."

Angel has been significantly and consistently better this season. The supporting cast coming together is a big part of it, and it seems like the writers have more direction this year. But the main reason why it's so good, in my opinion, is David Boreanaz. He's brooding, he's gorgeous, he's funny, he's sexy, he's everything I ever wanted in a vampire.

I liked this episode, beginning to end. I liked Wesley and the detectives and how it all went terribly wrong; Angel's impersonation of the psycho vampire from Vegas; Angel and Gunn outright fighting each other while undercover; Cordelia and Wesley either bickering or stoned on the Shroud; and the great fakeout at the end with Kate. The fact that Gunn really hates vamps and is having trouble building a relationship with Angel is creating some wonderful tension between them. Kate the Cop is sort of cool now, too. I thought it was great that Kate had to reexamine her antipathy toward Angel.

So how is Angel going to deal with the fact that he really likes biting blondes?

Bits and pieces:

— Cool color coordination, with Angel's eyes turning chartreuse like his shirt.

— Loved the continuing Hollywood stuff, with the "shallow, soul-sucking Hollywood party" and the bit about Chow Yung Fat.

— If I have a complaint about this episode, it was that the talented Tony Todd was totally wasted as a demon. Man, if he's not behind Klingon makeup, he's got up as a monster. What's wrong with these casting people?

— Rehak Moving and Storage? Is Rehak a name I should know? Sounds like a demon.


Wesley: "Have you seen Angel? I thought I might check on him. He doesn't seem to be doing much with his time lately."
Cordelia: "Au contraire. His day is packed. Brood about Darla. Brood about Darla. Lunch, followed by a little Darla brooding."

Cordelia: "Time to traipse off to your shallow, soul-sucking Hollywood party?"
Wesley: "Premiere, actually. And I happen to have an extra ticket..."
Cordelia: (with a smile) "Who does shallow better than me?"

Gunn: "What am I supposed to do? Sit home and knit?"
Angel: "I could use a sweater. Something dark."

Wesley: "Shroud of Rahmon. Have you ever heard of it?"
Cordelia: "I'm not big on shrouds. They're an 'after you die' outfit."

Cordelia: "Why is it always virgin women who have to do the sacrificing?"
Wesley: "For purity, I suppose."
Cordelia: "This has nothing to do with purity. This is all about dominance, buddy. You can bet if someone ordered a male body part for religious sacrifice the world would be atheist (snaps her fingers) like that."

Wesley: "Once, in 1803, the shroud was removed from its casing."
Cordelia: "And yuckiness ensued?"
Wesley: "Well, yes. The entire population of El Encanto went insane, mothers and children hacking one another to pieces, men roaming the streets like rabid dogs..."
Cordelia: "I get the picture. So in order to take his mind off the torment that is Darla, we sent Angel after a box that makes you crazy."

Spiny: "Did I ask for your opinion, you overgrown leech?"
Angel: "Oh, please. Altoids, aisle 4."

Three out of a possible four stakes,

Billie Doux reviewed all of Buffy and Angel, so she knows the plural of apocalypse.


  1. I've always liked this episode. It's dark and super fun at the same time. I love Cordelia's shroud-induced kleptomania and that she refuses to return the necklace at the end. It's so Cordy.

  2. This isn't my favorite episode, although the wittiness of the gang is always worth slogging through a bit of Kate.

  3. I love the part at the beginning when Angel is playing the super fan. His OTT geek attitude always makes me smile.

  4. Aw Tony Todd wasn't wasted, I like the look of both demons this episode. And that other one had a vaguely feminine look to him, like a bearded lady. I liked it, couldn't stop staring at both of them whenever they're in a shot.
    Angel looks more different with yellow eyes than vamp'd, lol. At certain angles I mean. I've always been intimidated by people with pale eyes.


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