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La Femme Nikita: Obsessed

"I think he's the most desirable man I've ever met."

Yes, Michael screws for Section. Does he enjoy it? Or does he close his eyes and think of England? (Or possibly Nikita?)

Poor Lisa. First, a victim of her abusive, denigrating hit man of a husband, and then manipulated to a fare-thee-well by Michael, on behalf of Section. She was so vulnerable that I was sure she would end up toast, so the ending was a nice twist. Did Michael really care about Lisa? A little, perhaps. Enough to rip off Section to provide for her, anyway. And he did seem mildly distressed when Fanning was knocking Lisa around. Maybe he just felt guilty.

This episode was full of fun out-of-character Michael moments: smiles, charm, love scenes, non-black clothes. Michael was so disarming and believable as Lisa's gentle lover, the rat. That unexpected nude scene must have been a highlight for Roy Dupuis fans; the scene that followed with him wearing a sheet around his waist was also a lot of fun.

My favorite Michael moment was the argument he had with Nikita about what he was doing to Lisa. Nikita didn't even pretend to find it easy to deal with. Was Nikita genuinely outraged for Lisa's sake, or was she jealous? Both, I think. And possibly outraged for Michael's sake, as well. Nikita was still relatively new at this, and psychologically unprepared for what Michael did without a moment's pause.

My favorite Nikita moment was when she put her gun down so that she could take on Fanning, fair and square. Typical Nikita, leading with her heart. Lisa seemed like such a child compared to Nikita here, didn't she?

Bits and pieces:

— I loved the two tow trucks smashing Fanning's henchman flat.

— There were a couple of instances of obvious symbolism. The first was Lisa and Michael talking about being in love while looking at each other through the distorted "lens" of the fish tank. And the wonderful tow truck smash-up while they were having sex for the first time symbolized what Michael had just done to Lisa's life.

— The fight scene on the bridge made me realize that there aren't a lot of hand-to-hand fight scenes on this show. It's mostly gun battles and torture.

— The pseudo-North American license plates were back.

— Michael in evening clothes again; it even looked like the same outfit.

— That nightgown Lisa wore in the computer break-in scene was just gorgeous.

— Roy Dupuis looked good in a beret. Very few people look good in a beret. And my word, does he have a nice... hmm.


Michael: "Computers are my job, but I do other things."
Understatement there.

Nikita: "You do like picking on women, don't you?"
Fanning: "Not women with guns."

Michael: "Lisa, you're free now ... Nikita's not, and I'm not, but you are."
He wore his usual impassive poker face in this scene, but he was actually being sincere with Lisa. He even apologized to her. How about that.

I probably shouldn't rate this one, because I might be unduly influenced by factors unrelated to the quality of the episode. Okay, four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. One of the top three episodes of Season One, featuring excellent plot and characterization enhanced by unique and beautiful camera work, an evocative soundtrack, and two fantastic guest stars. From the opening teaser which establishes both the villain and the purpose of the mission, to the elaborate undercover operation culminating in the dually climactic action sequence, this episode is flawless entertainment, plus a bit of guilty pleasure for the female audience as well ;-)

    Spoilers follow...

    A visually arresting episode: the slow-motion wedding celebration, the menacing close-ups of the villain’s approaching shoes, the fish tank separating and then reflecting the lovers, the intercutting of the dreamy seduction scene with the vehicle being smashed, the triple reflections of Nikita in Madelaine’s office, Lisa’s nightgown flowing behind her as she sneaks into the office... There was so much beautiful camera work, and the love scene was filmed so tastefully, that I was rather annoyed that someone felt the need to sneak in some unnecessary nudity. Minor quibble, though.

    As for character development, Nikita gets to witness Michael’s formidable skills as a “Valentine” operative first hand – unfortunately I don’t think it makes her feel any better about being fooled in “Escape”. Michael effortlessly portrays exactly what Lisa wants: he’s gentle, playful, and sincere. Then in the very next scene he has reverted to his usual cold self as he clinically reports back to Madelaine in her office on the progress of his seduction of Lisa. (For some reason, I get the impression that Madelaine trained Michael personally in his seduction skills, both physical and psychological.) We know Michael is motivated by the greater good, but is he really this heartless? The audience is relieved when he redeems himself at the end, as he actually shows some emotion when he prevents Lisa’s suicide, then leaves her a caring final message (plus a big cheque).

    Throughout the entire episode, Nikita has been trying to protect Lisa from her husband and from Section. Of course she fails on both counts, but as least she gets to beat the crap out of the slimy wife-beating hitman. Lots of vicarious audience satisfaction on that score.

    Continuity issues:

    In “Rescue”, Michael has a bullet wound on his left upper back, and a particularly nasty wound on his left forearm which he cauterized with flaming gunpowder. In this episode, we see quite a lot of Michael’s skin (ahem!), and yet there is not a scratch on him. Does Section employ a fleet of plastic surgeons to make sure their Valentine operatives are not scarred or disfigured by their injuries?

    Also, how realistic is it that noone hears the car being smashed to bits in the middle of a residential street? Then again, Lisa was occupied with Michael at the time, so I guess I can’t blame her for being deaf to the outside world...

  2. Ah, another one where I have to just nod my head and agree. Serena's first statement encompasses how I feel about this episode. Thanks to both you and Billie for your gift with words and sharp reviews.

  3. Was it just me or did Roy Dupuis and the actress playing Lisa have SO much chemistry together? Putting the sex scenes between Michael and Nikita in Season 4 and 5 aside, (Which were amazing....especially the one from Season 4), the love scene between Michael and Lisa was by FAR sexier, and longer than any he has had with Nikita.

    1. Lol, I didn’t think that they had chemistry necessarily—I was too distracted by her breathy line delivery and overall naivete. However, it was notable that their live scene was so much longer than most M&N. I don’t need to see that. 😝

  4. I love reading your comments Serena, they are always spot on! Your last observation in particular!

    'Also, how realistic is it that noone hears the car being smashed to bits in the middle of a residential street? Then again, Lisa was occupied with Michael at the time, so I guess I can’t blame her for being deaf to the outside world...'

    'nuff said!

  5. I agree with Billie's comment on Lisa's nightgown. Truly a gorgeous visual as she moved around the house.

    As for Roy's ass, I assume being French Canadian, he has a casual French attitude towards nudity, and aren't we grateful! :)

  6. That nightgown Lisa wore in the computer break-in scene was just gorgeous. Indeed it was, but I laughed out loud when I saw it. I watched this episode in my favorite pajamas with penguins dancing on them. The complete opposite look.

    This was a tough episode for me as it seemed to be the women (Lisa and Nikita) who were required to suffer for "the greater good." Michael seemed completely unfazed by the whole thing -- until the end. In spite of my growing adoration for Dupuis, I had written Michael off as a complete douche.

    But, the check and the recording made me feel better. I loved the fact that he used the things Lisa has told him to reach her. He may have been doing what he had to, but part of him was affected. I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I didn't have to hate him anymore.


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