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La Femme Nikita: A Time For Every Purpose

"Always trust your father."

This episode had a certain symmetry to it, a synchronicity bordering on predestination.

His son, her father. It was satisfying to see Michael and Nikita working together and trusting each other under the most serious and emotional of circumstances. Early in the episode, Nikita chose Michael over her absentee, manipulative father. Not a surprise. Jones sacrificing himself was a surprise, though. He redeemed himself in the end. He gave his life, not so much for Adam or Michael, but for Nikita.

That bridge scene was amazing. Michael really believed he was going to his death, and so did Nikita. Nikita kissed his hand, a gesture of adoration and respect, more moving than a kiss on the mouth. Nikita kept her sunglasses on, and we couldn't see her eyes. (I kept thinking, geez, Nikita and her eternal sunglasses.) She also kept them on during the train station scene, right up until the very end. When she finally removed them, she was crying. I thought this was so appropriate. We were finally seeing the real Nikita again. She was symbolically unmasked.

There was a ton 'o symbolism in these last two episodes, in fact. They've used glass many times to illustrate the artificial separation between Michael and Nikita. In "Let No Man Put Asunder," which was chock full of rampant wedding symbolism, Michael and Nikita met at the altar of the church in front of towering stained glass windows. In the train station, they again stood in front of towering, arched windows. The last shot of the series was Nikita in the perch, once again behind glass and unobtainable. The bridge also symbolized the transition to a new life for Nikita, Michael, and Adam, and the end of life for Jones. Possibly not intentional, but the shape of the bridge resembled the perch, too.

Yes, I would have preferred a happier ending, but it makes sense when you place it within the context of the entire series. Michael got his freedom, and the chance to raise his son in peace. Nikita got to remake Section in her own image, something that meant a great deal to her. That last look at Nikita, alone in the perch with a resigned look on her face, was so sad, but right somehow.

And it won't be forever. Nikita would never give up Michael permanently. Someday, they'll be together. A time for every purpose. And I can live with that.

Bits and pieces:

— I'm so glad they brought Matthew Ferguson back for the final episode. And it was great to see him save Walter's ass one last time, almost in memory of Birkoff.

— Loved the scene with Michael and Nikita, in black, walking together in the snow. Stark and beautiful.

— Why did the Collective kill Jones? Did they know he wouldn't permit capture? Or was it simply the final instance of loose-string-tying on the part of the writers? After all, if Jones had walked off with them, we'd always wonder.

— Kelly and Myra. Two women vying for control of Section, that eventually went to a third woman. Section must be an equal opportunity employer.

— The first line of this review is a recycled Buffy quote: "There is a certain dramatic irony that's attached to all this. A synchronicity that borders on predestination, one might say." If you're not a Buffy fan, this may be a good time to tell you that I use Buffyisms in my reviews all the time.


Jason: "You did her."
Walter: "Worse than that. I didn't do her."

Nikita: "Very clever. Did you think you'd found a way to kill Michael that I'd find acceptable?"

Jones: "My dear girl, none of us have a choice. Least of all me."
A little hint about what was coming.

Michael: "He claims that Section exists to protect the innocent. Let him prove it."
He did, didn't he?

Nikita: "You'll know where I am."

One final note. Four of the producers/writers of this series created the series 24. There were unsubstantiated rumors that they offered Roy Dupuis the lead, and he turned them down. It recently occurred to me (today, in fact) that they may have originally intended to spin off the Michael character. Wouldn't 24 have been a fascinating vehicle for Michael?

Saying goodbye to reviewing this series is hard for me. But I guess it's that time.

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Its sad to see it finish. Do you really think they would meet up again? what are the chances of that happening? I also couldn't help but notice that Nikita thinks in absolutes while Michael still has hope for them to be together in the future. Isn't that the biggest role reversal.

  2. A suspenseful and moving finale to the series, with writer Michael Loceff returning to give the audience proper closure after angering the fans with “Four Light Years Farther”.

    Spoilers follow...

    Despite budget constraints limiting the action sequences and locations, Loceff is skilled enough to engage the audience with a suspenseful episode that puts every one of our characters in jeopardy, even Walter! Loceff also effectively delivers numerous plot reversals as Michael uses both deception and cunning to try to free his son from the Collective. But when all of Michael’s efforts fail, and he faces death once again to save his son, it’s time to break out the Kleenex! The final plot twist came as a complete surprise to me, though by his sacrifice, Mr. Jones still manages to manipulate Nikita into doing what he wants. The series ends in a bittersweet fashion, with Nikita forced to take over Section One in order to save Adam, but at least the audience is left with the promise of Michael returning one day after Adam is grown.

    Emotionally, this ending is far more satisfying than “Four Light Years Farther”, as the Michael/Nikita relationship is honoured properly this time. But since the apparent goal of this season was to make Nikita the new Operations, I have to say that Nikita’s character was not suitably developed in order to believably achieve that goal. For example, in this episode Nikita is portrayed far too passively, merely choosing between Michael’s strategy or her father’s. If Nikita is supposed to take over the Perch, she really should be initiating her own strategy! Far better if Nikita had rejected both Michael’s and Mr. Jones’ plans, and come up with a brilliant third option instead, thus demonstrating that she is qualified to become the new Operations.

    In fact, the audience hasn’t seen Nikita plan and execute a successful mission since Season Three’s “All Good Things”. In my mind, Season Five was really a missed opportunity to show off Nikita’s strategic acumen. By omitting evidence of Nikita’s competence, it casts doubt not only on whether Nikita deserves the position of Operations, but whether she will even survive without her father’s protection or Michael’s strategic genius, since so many other Section operatives are clawing for her position.

    To counter that concern, I imagine that Michael and Nikita will remain in contact as they did when Nikita was on the outside (“Hard Landing”), and that Michael will continue to give Nikita strategic advice until he can join her permanently. Problem solved ;-)

    Final Thoughts:
    I must say that I had a lot of fun re-watching this series on DVD, and I am very impressed at how well LFN stands up almost 15 years later. It’s just too bad that the quality of the show dove sharply at the end of its run, as the original creators and writers moved on to other things (most notably, “24"). I think I’ll be revisiting the earlier seasons of LFN quite frequently in the future, though, whenever I want to get my fix of the stylish and morally ambiguous world of Section, and of course the most complex and twisted romance ever depicted on television. A la vie!

  3. Serena, I applaud you. You have posted intelligent, well-thought-out comments on every episode in the series, and on a number of occasions, your comments were actually longer than my review. Thank you so much for making our blog your home away from home, and -- a la vie!

  4. Thanks, Billie, for letting me prattle on ;-) I must say that I admire all the time and effort you put into your website. Thanks so much!
    By the way, your comment
    " It recently occurred to me (today, in fact) that they may have originally intended to spin off the Michael character. Wouldn't 24 have been a fascinating vehicle for Michael?"
    is really intriguing, and now I find myself actually missing what never happened (is that possible?) ;-)

  5. I am very happy to have found this site. I am a die hard La femme Nikita fan. During this holiday I decided I wanted to watch the La femme Nikita I bought in 2006. I have watched all of the episodes again and I most say I am in love with La femme Nikita again. I did not want the story to end in 2001 and 10 years later I still want the saga to continue.
    To see Nikita lose both her father and Michael was heartbreaking, but the end was perfect. At the end it was all about sacrifice, all about the greater good. Nikita father gave his life for his cause he believed that Nikita was the one to lead section one victoriously into the future. He believes totally in the Oracle and his cause.
    Michael is determined to do whatever he can to save his son. He lays down his life for his son.
    Nikita lays down her life for them all Michael, Adam and her dad. She gives up her greatest desire to have love and safety and a family of her own. For the first time there is a true permanency to her being in section. As the new Operations she has become section one had has to let go of her personal desires and dreams.
    It is amazing how children at times have an innate desire to love their parents. When I think of Nikita’s dad I wonder how a father can put his child through all this mess. How does a father sentence his daughter to such a life? At least with Elena father he kept himself and his way of life far away from her. What is even more amazing is the way a child will forgive a parent of anything. The way she cried for him was touching. From her comments to Michael about her father telling her she was born for this you can tell that she loved her father and had accepted him for who he was.

  6. I see I wasn't the only one rewatching the series :D
    It was a joy to be able to read the reviews here right after, in that way it feels like "sharing" a bit.

    This was a much more satisfying ending as the first (as I also recalled from when first aired) but I do agree with Serena that Nikita didn't really show as the one fit to take over section. Not just the strategic planning, but I don't really see her take the hard decisions, choose the thousands lives over one. What if the one is Jason, or Walter?
    Michael would have seemed much more suited for the job. But who knows, he might be back in time ;)

    It's great to see how, aside some details, the show stands the test of time. LFN rocked, big time!

    1. I agree. It's like the best is yet to come. Please. bring the show back

  7. Hello Billie. First of all, thanks for reviews, I am really enjoyed. I must say that LFN is my favorite TV show, and here in Europe is still popular. Also, after I watched for the fifth time, I want moreeeeeee:))))
    I have one question. What do you think about situation where Elena is stil alive? I dont think that Michael wanted Nikita with him, even we know that he loves her. So, Elena haved to die. Could you imagine scenario with Nikta, Michael, Adam and Elena? I cant. And finally, we could hear thet magic words from Michael-I love youuuuuuuu!!! It was worth waiting 96 episodes:)))
    Sorry, my English is not so brilliant:))
    A la vie!!!!

  8. Hello, Anonymous:

    I cannot quite imagine a scenario where Elena was still alive at the end of the show. From the moment she was introduced, I could tell she was going to die. But it would certainly be interesting if she were alive. I bet Michael would work out a joint custody agreement.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the reviews. And your English is just fine!

  9. Billie, I've just spent the better part of the last three hours reading through your reviews. Insightful and enlightening, allowing me to re-'watch' LFN with new eyes and a fresh interpretation. Thanks for these reviews. As a massive fan of the original, as you are, I wonder, have you seen the remake on the CW, 'Nikita'? Is that a series you'll be reviewing? I only ask because fans of LFN either passionately loathe and abhor it or inexplicably are drawn to it... Supposedly it's based off of LFN in Season 1 when Nikita leaves Section, but things are...seriously skewed. And stupid. And assinine. And...well I'll let you watch and form your own opinions. I'm of the 'passionately loathe and abhor it' fan-base of LFN. lol

  10. You're very welcome, Jen. I love hearing from LFN fans. As for your question, I did see the pilot episode of the new Nikita and decided I was just too attached to the original to be objective about it. So I haven't been watching it, I don't have plans to review it, and no one on the writing staff has volunteered.

  11. Wow, definately not the end i wanted or expected; I wish Nikita had gone to the train station with her suitcase packed never to return to section, she owed Section and her father absolutely nothing!

    As far as the 2010 Nikita TV Series is concerned, i'll just quote one of the reveiws i read;

    'Operations should "cancel" it and "housekeeping" should be called in to "dispose" of it! '

    Its been so good reading your reviews Billie and Serena; insightful and spot-on as always!
    Thank you soo much.

    By Jerrie

  12. Heartbreaking ending with a scene at the bridge that I cannot see without sobbing... and I don´t cry often.

    Although they didn´t end up together, I really couldn´t think on a better ending. LFN was a dark and sometimes twisted show, the happy ending with the house, the dog and the kids playing just didn´t fit.
    For me it was like you said
    "A time for every purpose, they will be together eventually. And I can live with that".

    You watched because of Michael, I watched because of Madeline (which is why I hate Season 5, she deserved a better ending and so did Operations). I join the general opinion that Nikita wasn´t prepared to be the New Operations

    As for the new show, at first I was just happy to get some part of the concept back, but this show is completely different on every way to the show we love, is more Alias mixed with the three previous Nikita´s adding some new things and then moves to a completely different direction. It also has a huge action part that I´m not particularly fond of (action is really not my favorite cup of tea). But I´m more a happy fan, so I do watch the show (not obsessed) and I think is good TV.

    This is my favorite show, so from time to time I get re-obsessed and I come to read your reviews again and decide which episode I want to watch. Thank you for the time you put into your reviews is always a treat reading them.

    (On a different matter, you talk about Buffy with so much passion in a lot of reviews from others shows and this one that I decided to see it, I´ll read your reviews on it when I´m finished to keep me away from spoilers ;)]

    Gracias Billie
    By Becky

  13. Thanks so much, Becky. If you're going to try Buffy, don't worry about spoilers in the reviews -- I wrote most of them right after the episode aired. :)

  14. Hi, Billie!

    I've also been re-watching the series - just finished it last night, in fact - and I've really enjoyed reading your reviews and hearing another's thoughts.

    Just a few things I noticed throughought the series: whenever Michael galavanted off to save Nikita, he always did so on a motorbike;

    and, did anyone else notice Peta Wilson's dodgy accent? Being an Aussie I noticed it to the point it distracted me from what she was saying. It was like she'd pronounce some words "American", but only sometimes. I've seen her interviewed a lot since the show and she doesn't seem to talk like that normally...

    I loved this last episode. I loved that Micheal finally told Nikita explicitly he loved her and how he might look her up when Adam doesn't need him anymore. I cried.

    It's about a decade since and I wish they'd do just one more episode. I feel like I need to see how it all turned out. What changes did Nikita make in Section? Is Walter still alive? Did Michael raise Adam peacefully?

    I'm glad they didn't make Michael and Nikita run off into the sunset together, but I was still sad that they still couldn't be together properly.

    Your idea that '24' might have been intended as a spin-off for Micheal is interesting. I'm glad Roy turned it down because I would hate to see him go through more shit. He deserves a rest.

  15. Any idea what's the sunglasses brand/model that Nikita wore in the final episode (on the bridge)?

  16. Thanks so much, El Jennino. Actually, I'm rather sorry that 24 wasn't about Michael. And Roy didn't get rest, anyway; he worked constantly after the series, although it was almost exclusively in Canada.

    Anonymous, I have no idea what sort of sunglasses Nikita wore. I don't think I know a single brand name for sunglasses. :)

  17. I got my characters and actor names mixed up, lol. I meant Micheal needed a rest. I really wanted him to be able to raise Adam in a relatively normal environment :)

  18. I had a feeling that's what you meant, El Jennino. :)

  19. Allo, Billie.
    I'm currently browsing through old series here and as usual, couldn't keep myself in reminiscing LFN.
    I miss this series so much. Miss Peta, miss Roy, and the rest. This series brought spy dramas and of course action in a new level. This series started it all > Alias, 24, etc. The new Nikita with Maggie Q somehow gives me that adrenaline rush especially with the action scenes. Shots of humor is also imbedded in the new one.
    Still, really miss the original Nikita series.
    I must say thank you to the creators and producers who pushed to make the season 5's 8 "extra" episodes in homage to the fans who were loyal to the end.
    Thanks for the reviews, Billie.
    Enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed the LFN series.
    Have a great day!

  20. Thanks so much, PlatinumRosebud. LFN is a classic. It has its flaws, but there's something special about it, isn't there?

  21. Yup.
    It brought rear nakedness to a new level. hahaha.
    Remember the first time Nikita and Michael made love?
    In a dinghy boat, no less. :)
    From then on, I said, love this two, Nikita and Michael at whatever angle.
    Seriously, I have not seen another series character that had the chemistry of Peta and Roy onscreen.
    They really made the word sizzling screen come to life.
    Ooops, sorry for my blabber, Billie.
    Just being carried away... again.
    Have a great day!

  22. I have just spent a fine and special time browsing through the reviews -that I read fully long ago- and I think I am going to have a LFN marathon this weekend. I enjoyed the series -I was also a late fan I watched it on re-run- and your reviews made me enjoyed i so much more... and I have just remembered it all. Thanks for a pleasand Friday break. Thanks for a string of delightful reviews.

  23. You're so welcome, maru. I did a rewatch last summer and really enjoyed it, too.

  24. Having just finished watching seasons 1-5 in order after a long hiatus, the character nature of this series ages very well. The technology was sufficiently futuristic for its time to not look dated and the plot lines with layers of conspiracy still resonate alarmingly well.

    Thank you for your reviews, they have been a pleasure to read to get another viewpoint on the episodes as I've watched them.

  25. Can I say I recently discovered this blog after watching the series. I use to sneak and watch Le Femme Nikita as a little kid LOL. Now I'm rewatching the series as an adult and it's bringing back great memories. I spent hours reading through the reviews and commentary. What a great blog and what a fantastic show.

  26. I agree I'm a long time fan and have been also rewatching the shows. Maybe if enough fans get together they will do a reunion show like will and Grace and the xfiles did. What's old is new again lol

  27. Roy may have turned down 24--I've heard he didn't want to work in LA and pretty much stays in Canada to work. I met him several years ago. He prefers to speak French and when speaking to me, it almost seemed as if he had some difficulty putting what he wanted to say, into English.

    He is so different than Michael. Where Michael was always in dark clothes; Roy is more into jeans and flannel shirts. Where Michael is stoic and quiet, Roy is more outgoing.

  28. Lt Kean, thanks so much for your comment! I am absolutely green with envy that you got to meet Roy.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to delete your other comments because they all contain spoilers for future episodes -- that's something we're careful of here at Doux because sometimes people read along as they're experiencing a new show.

    But please feel free to repost any comment without spoilers!

  29. Apologies for any spoilers. It's hard to discuss episodes without boo-booing it, isn't it?

    I met Roy during one of his charity drives. He supports MIRA, where they train guide dogs for the blind and handicapped. We attended a blind dinner--where we all ate a full spaghetti dinner blindfolded. I thought I would be covered in sauce, but oddly, didn't spill a drop. Then we attended a blind car race. They fixed cars so they couldn't go faster than 35 MPH and let a blind person drive accompanied by a sighted driver. Afterward, there was an award ceremony for the winners. Roy came and sat at each table (at a hotel dining room) and spoke with us for at least 20 minutes per table. He stayed until 3 AM in the morning, having spoken with everyone there.

    (My table-mates embarrassed the life out of me because they brought a copy of a Playboy magazine where Peta Wilson was a centerfold and showed it to Roy. Sometimes I wonder about people's grasp on reality!) I am not sure of Roy's feelings on the matter, because he didn't say that much one way or another. Although he told me that he had a sister named Roxanne (which is my given name.) We spoke about family for several minutes before he had to go to the next table.

  30. Lt Kean, that's a lovely anecdote. I knew about Roy's work with different charities -- I bid on autographed items in a couple of online auctions.

    And I know what you mean about fans and their grasp on reality. I was at a Star Trek convention once where someone in the audience asked Jonathan Frakes to marry her. And I'm going, like, honestly, lady, what are you thinking? He was nice about it, but some fans give the rest of us a bad name. :)

  31. I have watched this series twice during the Covid19 pandemic. I was a Nikita fan and eventually a Michael fan (he took a long time). First I will say it has aged well as several of the story lines are still relavant today. Secondly, I watched it twice because I could not make peace with the ending. I was certain that I had missed something. Now twice through, I can only mark it up to duty over love. In this instance, I am not sure it was warranted. Her father left the family in dire straits and eventually pulled Nikita into section. I know it made her life miserable much of the time, but helped her to grow up and eventually find love. I am convinced that she planned to join Michael and help raise Adam until her father's last minute sacrifice and her promise to stay. I usually resign myself to duty over love. However, when you consider how precious and short life is, it is untenable to spend it somewhere you are not happy following someone else's dream. She looks utterly broken in command. I am not convinced she is completely free of the Gelman process so maybe she figures she is dying soon and she will fix what she can. Finally, as others have said, she does not seem to be ready to deal out life and death sentences on colleagues. Having been a biologist who did research with animals (masters thesis), it killed a part of my soul to cull them. I do not want to imagine doing it to people even if there is cause. I think I would have broken the promise to her father if not immediately then eventually. I hope she and Michael eventually find each other again.

  32. Very nice review. Thanks for that Billie!
    Some things that I like to share:
    1- There is question about LFN: do you see that Michael character started to become, in some way, more and more important in each episode?
    In season 1 is doesn’t look like that. But then in Season 3 and at the begging of Season 4, the episodes suggest how important Michael is. But this serie is La femme Nikita, not L´homme Michael, so...what happened? I think that human being is curious and for that reason Michael character attracted us. He is pure mystery, stoic, cold, unreadable, dark and apparently empty. On the other hand, Nikita is outgoing; pure emotion and for that readable; with innocence, full of colour and life. They are yin-yang, where we can see easily Nikita`s behaviour, but nothing about Michael. And I think that this element caught us: the mystery. In some way, that created an unbalance on LFN story evolution.
    During Season 1 and 2, Nikita was ``the conscience’s voice`` or ``moral´s voice´´, a symbol of compassion and humanity. In some way we were there, supporting Nikita character. But then, on season 3, Michael´s blood cover mission caught us... Of course! That is all related with the sentimental relationship between Michael with Nikita. In part because we saw and felt this story more from Nikita´s point of view. ``The moral´s voice´´, along with compassion and humanity of Nikita was still there in season 3.
    Then at the beginning of season 4, if there were someone who didn’t like Michael (I was one of them) the story changed: as it was suggested before in LFN review, we saw a more human/emotional Michael vs. a colder Nikita. And all what Michael did was beyond Bond. In some way he was effective and ruthless like Jason Bourne character (ok, it is the other way around). There was romance in Michael and more about his emotional side. Again, there is no mystery surrounding Nikita. I think the writers could have exploited more the big question: why an innocent girl finished in that dark place? I think season 4 has needed more about Nikita story, in order to get some balance. Then, we had Four Light Years Farther, a sloppy episode, without logic. With this final season and the episodes from season 5, we can see the relevance of Michael´s character, because without him, the story lost interest because it all started and developed based on the romantic relationship.
    2-`` Season Five was really a missed opportunity to show off Nikita’s strategic acumen`` I’m agreed about that. She needs to learn a lot about it! Again, Michael´s role was important.
    3- The messianic idea (at least for me) doesn’t work in a spy context. This is not Star Wars or The Matrix. I’m agreed that Section One needs more compassion and humanity, the more important elements of Nikita. But you need full knowledge on strategy/tactic, that’s mean Michael. Again, the balance issue is still there.
    4- About the Gelman process. It used chemical stimulation, an electro, in order to make a behavioural conditioning. About season 5 and a vaccine...that was a huge mistake. First, Michael saved Nikita from an irreversible process. Them Adrian showed neurodegenerative symptoms ...actually, until nowadays there is no vaccine for that. ``An neuroprotective compound`` (and with long term treatment) would be more appropriated. Interesting, years later, The Bourne Legacy take this subject again.
    I think season 4 and 5 could have be better if they have developed Center story and the link with Nikita´s big question: why an innocent girl finished in that dark place?
    LFN was a great show. I think that its end was special and caught us...The fact: is 2020 and many people still talking about this series.

    I love all these reviews! Thanks for that.

    Sorry about my english

    A la vie!

  33. Thank you, Unknown -- and thank you, Denise. I love well-thought out comments. LFN is a complicated series.

    Unknown, Nikita indeed chose duty over love, but I always thought the point was that she would change Section from within so that others wouldn't suffer the way she and Michael did.

    Denise, I always thought the truth was simply that Michael was a more interesting and mysterious character than Nikita, and Roy Dupuis a much better actor than Peta Wilson, so the writers preferred writing about Michael. That happened with Spike on Buffy, too.

  34. Thanks to you Billie! The reviews are interesting and funny! Is really nice how you treat the symbolism of LFN.
    Totally agreed with you! Roy Dupuis´s performance was supreme and subtle. I think that his work was the LFN´s revelation. He can tell you so many things by the way he stare. That is special.
    What I do not understand is this: if Dupuis performance was really good and Michael character was interesting...what happened at the end of Season 4? who knows..
    A la vie!

  35. To lose the possibility of being happy for the extortion of a man who was never a real father? For a man who did nothing in times when she needed help? After his death, she should have gone with Michael and Adam. She had already given Section 1 too many years.
    Nikita should have chosen Michael, the man who always loved her with a love that withstood everything (the loss of his son at the end of his mission with Elena, the manipulations of
    Section 1, the Gelman process on Nikita, her doubts and finally her betrayal.

  36. I enjoyed the series then, now and will forever. Can't get enough. I always used to watch it with my mum and dad when it originally aired in our country. So many good memories. I've just rewatched the series for the third time in 10 years or so and I still hate to watch the last episode of season 4 and the complete 5th season. I would have wanted a different ending for them, but in a way it's fitting and I can live with it. Still hoping for a sequel, just for closure after all these years....

    The connection and love between Nikita and Michael is so special and Michael's character is a mysterious one you like to get to know more about. In fact, the series was more about Michael I think. Roy Dupuis really did an excellent job playing Michael, he conveyed so much emotion only with his eyes. I met him in person in 2013 and it's unbelievable that he managed to detach himself completely from his natural real-life behavior in order to play stoic and taciturn Michael. That, I think, requires a lot of acting skills.

  37. jusqu'à ce que nous nous revoyions

  38. Hi there Billie, how are you? I came across your blog a while ago and enjoyed your commentary! LFN started when I was 10 almost 11 years old (of course, I couldn't watch everything due it's nature) and it had actually ended a couple of days before my 16th birthday lol. I've been rewatching a bit here and there again cause i'm a nostalgic freak. But anyway, despite the flaws and weirdness of the show and such, it is actually better than the nonsense they have on tv now haha. I do have a couple of questions! Do you ever get the feeling that Michael whispered something more in Nikita's ear in addition to the "I love you"? I swear, cause like Nikita gets emotional and it's if she's listening intently to what he may have been saying, even though they do not show it? Or is it just me? And then Michael has that blink or miss smile before departing. I'm curious as to what you think. And two- where can I find a copy of "Inside Section One?" I would love to get it. I never knew that they had released one.

    Thank you for your reviews once again, and one last thing: I think Michael felt something for Nikita during the "two year" training. BUT it progressed during season 1(and in season 2) when she officially become an operative, and he started realizing what type of person she was. I'm certain he's never had a person challenge him, make him realize there's always "another way" and what not. I truly believe his love came in full speed ahead in MERCY. AND I'M CERTAIN TOO that during season 1 he realized she was in Section wrongly. AHHH, SORRY FOR THIS LONG DISSERTATION. I HAD A LOT OF FEELINGS. I HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE.

  39. D, I'm glad you enjoyed the reviews. LFN meant a lot to me and I like to think the two of them wound up together eventually, after Nikita "fixed" Section and Michael finished raising his son.

    I have no idea where to get Inside Section One! Apparently, it's become quite the collector's item. I wish I'd bought a dozen copies back when it came out. :)

  40. Hi Billie, thank you for responding!! I think you misread my question, although I agree that Nikita and Michael did meet up after everything (OUTSIDE of section that is, I highly doubt he will ever return to that place to work there after all said and done cause he the found peace(without Nikita first) he was looking for but I digress!) I meant, do you think that in addition to the "I love you's" , do you ever get the feeling Michael said some more things to her? they don't show his face afterwards but with Nikita she gets more emotional and appears to be listening more intently as to what he may be saying. Unless I am seriously wrong and it's wishful thinking on my part and they are speaking to each other via their body language and they are the only two who can understand each other in that regard(if that makes sense) What's your take?

    Ah, hopefully one day I will be able to get a copy of the text, that is not so freaking expensive haha


  41. D, possibly. There was always a lot of subtlety in this series.

    You're welcome.

  42. A lot of people critique Nikita's technical prowess,saying she isn't ready to lead.
    She didn't have the iron fist of Operations and Madeline.
    She wasn't as strategic as the taciturn Michael.
    However, I cannot fully endorse these opinions because forgetting about the human element is a critical error. Loyalty is achieved more with compassion and humanity. People are more productive when they feel valued and connected. When Ops and Madeline died no one really wept for them. The clock didn't stop, also Michael was dead inside pre Nikita, he was a ticking timebomb.
    So while not a Christ like figure, she was the beating heart in the proverbial tin man and will bring the organization to life.
    Side note, The DP should have shooed away the crowd of onlookers in that train station scene, it was distracting and takes one out of the moment.
    P.S. Section One has a bevy of specialists under its employ. Nikita will give them a chance, assess their skills and build her own inner circle she can trust.
    Quinn replaced Birkoff.

  43. Hi Billie and Serena,
    thank you so much for your reviews!
    I watched the show for the first time when I was 15 years old and it caught me just like forever. Over the years, I watched it five times until now (I imagine laying in bed as a 90 years old one demanding for my laptop and LFN! Lol )
    I just love the combination of the dramatic love story and action scenes. I finished watching the show yesterday evening once again and whatched the very first episode right after that - it's fascinating seeing Nikita growing up over the five seasons (just like Buffy did in her show ;) ) and how she became more and more an equal partner for Michael.

    Some thoughts and one question:

    Why the hell is the show called "La Femme Nikita"? Yes, I know, it often seems like Section is located in Paris, but this is no well-grounded reason for a French title in my opinion. When I am asked what my favorite show is I always struggle to tell the truth ("an action-lovestory show aired in the 90th (but not out of time, really not!) and it's called French "La Femme Nikita" (so "The Woman Nikita")) - sorry , what a stupid and meaningless name. I always feel embarrassed (am I the only one feeling that way?).

    Eugene Gazer did a really good job in season five. You can see a man who had so much power and was ruthless and the pure evil all over the years and is now - broken. I think it's brilliant the he died trying to establish his power once again by rescuing Adam so that Michael (with Adam) and Nikita can leave Section for good - and give him back his power.

    I really don't like Nikita in the first episodes of season five. The whole father-story never caught me, but most of all: I hate her hair (by the way: thanks fot the weekly hair report, I was laughing a lot) and that she's acting dark/cold/without emotions. It's like she suddenly changed her character. That changed in the last two episodes and I am grateful that I don't have to think that it would have been better they never produced the fifth season - the last two episodes lift the level to the old LFN standard and give me an end I am absolutely fine with.

    Thanks to one of the writers above who brought in the idea of Michael told Nikita more than we got to know at the train station. I really enjoy the thought of Michael telling her she will always be able to talk to him or meet him or that there won't ever be another woman in his life but her. Something like this. Sigh.


  44. I wrote a whole post and it disappeared! Oh well...

    I just recently watched most of the show for the first time. I had a single, vague memory of watching Michael’s emotional breakdown over Adam from decades ago, so it was nice to be able to put that memory in the context of the entire show. (What crazy context it turned out to be!)

    It was fascinating to watch the emotional core of the show shift somewhat from Nikita to Michael throughout the series, as his motivations became more transparent and hers became more obscure. Their relationship was everything for me, although I did care about Birkoff and Walter as well. (Operations and Madeleine we're so well-acted, but I don't enjoy hating characters, and I really could not like them.) Season 5 gave them a better ending than season 4 -- although I never believed for one second that Nikita wasn’t in love with Michael. There’s just no way.

    Still, I sort of hate that the show started with her being forced into living a life she did not want, and in the end we never got to see her free to live her own life. There was that hope of a future reunion with Michael way down the line, but I wanted to SEE it. Ah well...

    Thanks for keeping these reviews up! I always go looking for conversation around a show I’ve watched (even when I watch it decades after the fact), and your reviews are a delight! I read through a bunch the last day or so, and even went back to watch things I’d missed based on your insight. Lovely!

  45. There is no way Nikita carried on with Section without Michael. Micheal leaving with his son and the miles between them would have been too much for both of them. Michael was always the one who would say, “I will make it work.” She believed every word of that. She did not inherit Section it was a recommendation/job that her father purposely put upon her to carry on with, but anyone could have taken over. Nikita and Michael records were are erased. The kind of love they had for each other would not have been wasted on Section anymore. She went to Michael and help raised Adam with kids of their own.

    1. wait are her and Michael together or not??? Because I’m stressing

  46. I was starting uni around the time Season 5 was being transmitted. At the time the production released some notes about some changes they made. Namely: 1. Michael was supposed to have been Mr. Jones. If not the original Mr. Jones, then appointed by The Mr Jones to later on replace him.

    I believe the organization in the Maggie Q series that was secretly controlling everything was an idea borrowed from LFN. When Mr Jones mentions "I'm head of Centre, I'm not a king, I have colleagues they need to be kept informed..." it was this organization that was compromising Centre and the Sections. Michael recruited by Mr Jones after 4 light years farther, agreed to take down the organization and take over as Mr. Jones eventually once he is killed as had been predicted.

    'Flavius' was supposed to have been Michael's code name. Operations was Level 9. George Level 10, Jones Level 11 and Michael would have been Level 12. Again many things changed during production, I think not enough episodes to flesh it out properly.

  47. Do you think a LeFemme movie or miniseries with mature characters is possible? x-file type with the 2018 season, 20 years later. where do we have to sign :-) ?


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