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Alias: Bob

"What's a little treason between old friends?"

I love Sark to bits. And yes, I prefer him evil. But let's face it – they could bring him back and let him read the phone book, and he'd still be fun.

I thought at first that he knew who Rachel was, and had deliberately targeted her for something. But how cute was it that he was just attracted to her? Who knew Sark was human enough to have a perfectly normal and innocuous one night stand? I also really enjoyed the American accent and persona, which was so thorough that he spouted convincing colloquialisms and drank beer, just like an actual salesman from Chicago.

Sark and Rachel told each other the truth about themselves as they were flirting. She talked about feeling over her head with her new job, and intimidated by her new workmates. He talked about meeting interesting people in his freelance work in international trade, and about how bored he was when he tried a more conventional job the previous year. She didn't want him in her room; he didn't want her in his room. (Interesting who won that one.) Before they knew it was Sark, Rachel told Sydney that it was odd that she'd picked up a guy who wasn't her type. Of course, technically, Sark definitely is her type.

And it just kept getting better. I loved Sydney hiring him. Loved Rachel inadvertently rescuing him. And I loved him giving them a "freebie"... although it would probably have been more in character if he had charged them a fortune. Yes, Sark's loyalties are indeed flexible, and it's what makes him such a great character. Please, please, please bring him back.

The B plot with Jack and Elizabeth, MI-6 woman, had all kinds of romantic, old girlfriend vibes, even though Jack never said a word about it. I of course thought she was the double agent – right up until the moment that the bad guy shot her. Guess she'd better tell her husband. How else is she going to explain the hole in her hand? I wonder if we're going to see more of her?

Bits and pieces:

— The MPB, micro pulse bomb, was similar to that horrible doomsday device they used in a church in the second season episode, "Firebomb." Sark set that one off, didn't he?

— Sark's fake passport for "Bob Brown" said he was born on 15 Apr 1968, and that he was from Chicago. By the way, that's way off: IMDb says David Anders was born in 1981. Yes, he really was.

— During the initial seduction scenes, Sark and Rachel were actually doing each other's accent.

— Dixon took command when Jack was captured. Is he officially second-in-command? That would make sense.

— Elizabeth, the MI-6 agent, was the wife of a French ambassador named Joseph. Was that an homage to Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame?

— A lot of Jennifer Garner's scenes were filmed with her sitting down. About time.

— Playing the piano. Definitely the softer side of Jack.

— The countdown didn't get anywhere near zero. I liked that, because having it go right down to the wire is such a cliche any more.

— Jennifer Garner gave birth to a daughter, Violet, on December 1. Congratulations!

Alias has been cancelled, and will come to an end this spring. I'm sad, but not surprised. At least they have time to fashion an ending worthy of the series.


Rachel: "Just so we're clear. You approached me. You were the one who was stupid enough to let me into your room. And afterwards, you were the one who wanted to cuddle."
Frankly, I have never liked Rachel more than I did at that moment.

Jack: "I'm going to be a grandfather. A very young grandfather."

Sydney: "That was spectacular, Rachel."
It really was.

Rachel: "I thought you liked risks."
Sark: "I also like my body. As I recall, you do too."

This week's...

... itinerary, and they sure got around: Siberia, Yorkshire, São Paulo, Malaga, Nassau, Tunisia.

... language skills: That scene where Sydney was trying her bad French out on the French ambassador was a hoot. She even made her bad accent sound Southern. And was Dixon doing Arabic?

... hot look: Rachel's geek convention outfit was good, but I loved Sydney's dark red tea party ensemble. I thought Jack looked nice in tweed, too.

This was so much fun. Four out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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