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Heroes: .07%

Isaac: "You can't fight the future."

Exciting, information-packed episode.

Even though I saw it coming (because of the tree branch through Claire's head), I loved Claire bringing Peter back to life. It was the perfect karmic reward for the courageous, selfless way Peter saved Claire back in Texas. Although I couldn't help but wonder why Peter couldn't stop the glass in the first place.

My second favorite bit was the exceptionally clever way Bennet engineered his own escape using Matt and Ted and telepathy. The EMP thing was terrific; for the first time, I really liked Ted. Unfortunately, the three of them (after a brief stop at the wonderful Burnt Toast Cafe) are now on their way to New York to blow up the Mutant Tracking System. Which will bring Ted into Peter's vicinity. Not good for New York City.

Nathan continues to be the most interesting character on this show, because I still haven't got a freaking clue which way he's going to jump. Everything that Nathan did or said in this episode – to Linderman, his mother, Peter, his newly discovered daughter Claire – could be taken two ways. Like when Nathan was holding the dead Peter in his arms saying that he wasn't supposed to die this way... was it because he's supposed to blow up New York and make Nathan president? Point zero seven percent of the world's population will die if New York explodes. I'm starting to wonder if it's going to happen, after all.

There was a lot of Linderman, who is one of those bad guys who thinks he's doing good while screwing up everything. We learned that Thompson reports to him – I think. Linderman said that he was once part of a group that used their powers for good, then they started using them for personal gain. Did Linderman start the Company to rein the mutants in and control them? I wonder if Mama Petrelli was one of that original group that used their powers for good, since she said that she "joined the madness" once.

Major character death. Isaac was crucified with his own paintbrushes (how symbolic) before Sylar took off his head. But Isaac, amazingly fatalistic and wise for such a self-centered character, said he was at peace because he left behind the "answer" (in his paintings, I assume). What was Sylar painting while literally dripping Isaac's blood? It looked like an Addams family version of Isaac's painting of Nathan in the Oval Office, but was it still Nathan?

And finally, Mohinder, Mohinder, Mohinder, I have completely lost patience with you. When you have a crazed, superpowered serial killer unconscious on the floor, you kill him. You don't drag Peter's body back to his mother, and then call the bad guy for help.

Bits and pieces:

-- Add Linderman and Mama Petrelli to our list of Gifted. Linderman is a healer... at least of plant life, which might explain his love of vegetables. We don't know what Mama Petrelli is, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

-- The long "previously on" to catch us up was narrated by Linderman. That was new.

-- The line between Niki and Jessica appears to be blurring, especially where Micah is concerned. Why does Linderman want Micah? I'm sure it's not to fix slot machines.

-- More Candace. Wow, is she evil.

-- More bugs. There was a huge one in Matt's cell near his face while he was sleeping.

-- As usual, during the scenes where Sylar was killing Peter and Isaac, you can hear a clock ticking.

-- The blood spatters on Peter's face looked almost deliberate, like art.

-- Is it me, or does everyone's hair look shorter? At the very least, I'm pleased that we can finally see Peter's face.

-- They left us with Hiro meeting his future self in Isaac's studio, which was covered by a floating Wall of Weird. Tantalizing.


Mama Petrelli: "You get that mouth from me."

Peter: "Maybe if Claire's here, I don't blow up. Maybe she's here to save us." I wonder. Save the cheerleader, save the world. Peter could be right.

Linderman: "How would you like to save the world today?"

Ando: "I'm confused." Me, too. But fun confused.

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I wonder what Candice meant by "I would make you see things that would make you want to tear your eyes out" meant.

  2. Fight the Future is the name of the second Xfiles movie.


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