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Heroes: Parasite

Nathan: "When I first met you, I thought you were nuts."
Hiro: "That's okay. I thought you were mean. But now I know. You pretend you do not care about anyone, but you care too much."

So much good stuff. Where to begin?

Nathan. I love Nathan. Trying to figure out what side he was on made him fascinating before, but I think working undercover for the FBI let the cat out of the bag. He may even be worthy of being Claire's father. That is, unless he takes up Linderman's offer of the vice presidency. Power corrupts and all that.

Big casting cheers for Malcolm McDowell as Linderman. I could kiss the casting director. But all we learned is that he's into perfection and he loves vegetables. Oh, and he can fix a presidential election. Is he running the Company? Is he Sulu's partner?

Simone's resurrection, so over-spoiled by previews, turned out to be Candace. Good misdirection there, folks. And Bennet appears to be in big, huge, immense trouble. I don't like that. But I did like the way Mrs. Bennet turned out to be his secret weapon -- great plot turn, until busy little Candace turned it back on him. I noticed that Candace also made Simone's body invisible. Gifts like Candace's and Claude's are probably Jedi mind tricks; they're affecting what people see, not actually changing things.

They left us with cliffhangers galore. Will Nathan accept Linderman's offer? Are sword-carrying Hiro and non-special Ando stuck in future bombed out New York? Will Bennet be eliminated by the Company? Will Sylar kill Peter? Come on, now. Peter has lots of powers and is close enough to Sylar to zap his, too. I'm betting on Peter.

Bits and pieces:

-- With the addition of shape-shifting Candace, we now have sixteen gifted people in our story.

-- Mohinder, Mohinder, Mohinder. You finally did something very cool, and then you blew it. Shoot the super villain immediately, Mohinder. Don't stop to chat.

-- Niki came off as heroic, too. Too bad she couldn't take over long enough to save the FBI guys, too. I got the feeling that DL knew about Jessica. His face as he turned away from her said it all.

-- Mama Petrelli turned out to have hidden depths, too, and not just that she speaks fluent French. I am again wondering about a breeding program.

-- Hiro and Ando turned up on the roof of the Deveaux building. It's a nexus of some kind. And almost certainly a standing set.

-- Mrs. Bennet said that Claire was on a cheerleading retreat. I found that funny. I also loved that Mrs. Bennet's cell phone barks. I want one that meows.

-- Isaac is using again. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Whose headtop-less face did he paint? Was it Isaac himself?

-- When Hiro gave Desk Guy the painting mended with Scotch tape, Desk Guy dryly mentioned damaging a Dead Sea scroll fragment. When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, someone actually did put some fragments together with Scotch tape. Useless trivia, c'est moi.

-- The last shot was of Peter's annoying lock of hair hitting the floor. It's like they knew how much that hair in his face bugs me. Yes, cutting off the top of his head is extreme, but I'm glad the hair is finally gone.

-- I am now really, really glad that a number of people nudged me into reviewing this show. If I hadn't, I'd be kicking myself right now. (Thank you, nudging guys.)


Haitian: "What they will do, not even you can recover from." Like what? Claire recovered from several violent deaths. What can they do to her? Remove her powers and then kill her?

Candace: (to Mrs. Bennet) "I like your hair." What did that mean?

Nathan and Hiro together just makes me smile. "Flying man!"

Linderman: "Do you enjoy vegetables, Mr. Petrelli?"
Nathan: "I've been known to eat zucchini when the mood strikes, but not as a rule."

Another winner. Four out of four stars. And now we have to wait until April 23,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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