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Heroes: The Fix

Ando: "You came back for me."
Hiro: "This is how we roll."

Last week, Doctor Who; this week, Mr. Sulu. You can tell when a show is a genuine sci-fi hit; they start recruiting science fiction icons.

"Claude Rains" was at first hostile, but turned out to be ultimately helpful to Peter. Claude referred to Peter as "one of those," which implied that he knew of more Gifted People like Peter, while Mohinder seemed to think Peter was unique and important. Claude called Peter an "empath." Mohinder's official term for Peter was "mosaic." Personally, I liked "genetic sponge."

Hiro and Ando being kidnapped by Hiro's father was anti-climactic, probably because I knew George Takei had been cast. It was sweet of Hiro to go back and try to bargain himself for Ando. Hiro thought the bad guys were honorable and would keep a bargain. I like that Hiro thinks the best of people, but he needs to wake up and smell the real world.

Speaking of which, despite his permanent state of denial about his powers and what they mean, Nathan continued his nice guy turn by going to Mohinder for Peter's sake.

Lots of marital bliss (and some yawning on my part) with Matt the mindreader and Janice the mindreadee and their future bundle of possibly psychic joy. Is it even Matt's baby? Did Matt forget that Janice was cheating on him? I thought DL walking through the wall of Niki's padded cell was more interesting as well as more romantic, although I was also impatient at him for wanting Niki back mostly because he can't handle pulling down the rent or making lunch for Micah every morning. Guys. Can't live with them, can't make them grow up.

Claire was literally and figuratively playing with parental fire. She's maturing -- which was obviously symbolized by her letting go of her collection of teddy bears. So much for ultra dependence on big bad Daddy. Who noticed the wind chimes. Did Bennet know what they meant? Is Claire really fooling him? If Sylar, with his new and amazing cockroach powers, is going to kill and eat Bennet, Claire won't have to contend with that problem anymore.

The big question is, who is Claire's father? Most of the cast are too young to be viable candidates. Claude Rains, perhaps? Linderman?

Bits and pieces:

-- We're up to fourteen gifted people: Hiro, Claire, Niki, DL, Micah, Isaac, Nathan, Peter, Matt, Sylar, the Haitian, Ted Sprague, "Claude Rains," and Claire's mother, Meredith Gordon.

-- Mohinder said there were 36 people on "The List." The title of this episode appeared to refer to Mohinder's claim that he can "cure" Peter. Can he? Or is learning how to control his Gift the better answer? Because let's face it: superpowers are cool. Don't give them up, Peter.

-- Meredith Gordon appears to be a firestarter. Sort of like Ted Sprague, perhaps? Or like the torch guy Fantastic Four character. Notice how they tend to rip off characters but change genders. Do they think that's throwing us off?

-- "Claude Rains" lives in Deveaux's building. That's an interesting coincidence. Since he's invisible, I bet he's not paying rent.

-- We learned that Claire is almost sixteen. I don't think we knew that. Maybe I just missed it.

-- Sylar pulled a Highlander: dying in order to escape. What was that plug sticking out of his head?

-- Matt got suspended for six months. And his wife is pregnant. Bad timing there. Matt said that he can only hear thoughts, not see them. I don't think we knew that.

-- Niki has a new, gung-ho shrink who was obviously excited about taking on a multiple personality disorder. (They're rare.) (Multiple personality disorders, not shrinks.) It takes years to treat this kind of disorder, so I'm betting the Niki/Jessica thing will get resolved some other way.

-- Little Micah did a John Connor on an ATM. Or several ATMs. That's quite a talent. I assume he screwed up the surveillance camera, too?

-- Hiro: "Release un-special Ando and I go with you. Okay?"

-- And Hiro again: "Father? GULP."

Good episode. Three stars?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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