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Heroes: Godsend

Bennet: "Why do you seem so worried? Are you on the list?"

As we plodded through the holidays and a couple of cold months, only two weeks have passed in the Hero-verse. It's good to know we haven't missed much.

I love Hiro and Nathan together. Hiro seems to bring out the best in Nathan. I even started reconsidering my "Nathan is going to turn evil" theory -- especially after comatose Peter had The Vision again and it showed Nathan refusing to leave Peter. But then I thought... the last thing that happens in the vision is Nathan touching Peter. Did that, pardon the pun, set Peter off? Ironically, Peter is trying to achieve minimum safe distance and he's heading right for Ted, who is somewhere in the Nevada desert making fireballs with his hands. Oh, well.

The slomo sword theft was fun. And Hiro did confront the (museum) T-Rex, just like the painting. (I'm mildly disappointed that Hiro didn't go waaay back in time, but that would have completely screwed up the space time continuum.) Now all they have to do to restore Hiro's powers is get the real sword with the broken helix symbol on it from... who else? Linderman. All roads lead to Linderman. Who the hell is he? Maybe we'll find out soon, since our heroes previously converging on New York appear to be heading for Nevada now.

Claire obviously listened to the Haitian. Clever girl. But her desire to share her secret was so strong that she decided to tell Zach the truth and document her Gift on tape... again. I have a bad feeling about this. I think Zach is going to end up toast. It's too bad Claire is underage and can't move away from her scary dad to New York (or Nevada) to be with the rest of the cast.

Meanwhile, in prison, Jessica has decided on using multiple personality disorder as a defense, because heaven knows we can never have enough irony. I'm starting to believe that Niki's multiple personality disorder is a genuine psychiatric condition and has nothing to do with her super strength. Because Niki is finally using her strength instead of turning into Jessica and letting Jessica do it. I wonder where this is going? I'd like to see Niki in control of her mind and body, but I don't sense it's going to happen any time soon.

Finally, we had a Bennet/Mohinder confrontation. Bennet wants to work with Mohinder. Bennet needs Mohinder. Mohinder isn't having any of it.

Bits and pieces:

-- There's only three weeks to go until the ka-boom.

-- The new invisible guy... who is he? Who? :)

-- The "broken helix" symbol on the sword is a combination of two characters: "great talent" and "godsend." Takezo Kensei, born in 1584, was a great hero. Did he have a Gift? How far back does this go?

-- What's up with Sylar? Is he going to absorb cockroach powers? (Thanks to my friend Anthony for that one; I thought it was hilarious.) At least Sylar is still imprisoned and exhibiting a complete lack of homicidal, brain-eating energy. For now.

-- We didn't see Niki and Jessica in mirrors this time. But oddly enough, we saw mirror images of both DL and Matt's wife Janice. Did that mean anything?

-- Matt led an unsuccessful Sylar raid on the Primatech. Oops. Matt is a detective. And he didn't notice the Haitian guy standing right there?

-- Matt told Janice about his Gift. She obviously hasn't thought through the implications. Yet.

-- Eden's real name was Sarah Ellis.

-- Isaac was clean and looking okay. And he didn't remember a lot. Did he get a hit from the Haitian?

-- Simone, who suddenly has straight hair, is finally on board and in the know.

-- Claire looked odd to me in this episode until I realized that she wasn't wearing her cheerleading uniform.


Ando: "Stealing isn't exactly part of the Bushido code, you know."
Hiro: "It's one antique. If I don't have my powers, this whole museum will explode, anyway. It's a good deal for them."

Hiro: "Flying man!"

The Haitian: "What you can do. What I can do. That is God. Respect accordingly." (I think that's what he said. No close captioning with high def.)

Hiro: "You're flying man." (makes big zoom with his hand)
Nathan: "Would you keep it down?"
(Hiro makes a smaller and lower zoom with his hand)

Niki: "Oh, God. Please help me."
Jessica: "Who needs God when you've got me?"

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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