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Heroes: Seven Minutes to Midnight

Charlie: "I like the way your cheeks wobble when you concentrate."

Very difficult choices.

Hiro couldn't save Sylar's next victim: Charlie, the adorable waitress with the photographic memory. So Hiro went... somewhere. Back in the past, according to the birthday photo. Will Hiro be able to save Charlie? I want him to save Charlie, because I really, really liked her. I liked the way she spoke Japanese. I liked the way she flirted so gently with Hiro. I even liked the way she waited tables. Couldn't they get rid of another character and keep her, instead?

Matt has a tough road ahead of him. He has to decide if his marriage is worth saving. He obviously can't continue in his old job, as well. The Matt segments were pretty interesting not just because of poor Ted, but because of the references to how both Ted and Matt ended up the way they are. Headaches, blackouts, losing a couple of days, weird cuts and bruises on their arms? What happened to them? Did it happen to our other gifted people, too?

On the other side of the world, Mohinder must decide if he will stay with all that is familiar and comfortable to him, or if he will go back to lonely, scary America and pursue his father's possibly lunatic theories. It was very clever having "Are you sure you want to quit?" ever present on his computer, because that is exactly the question.

And meanwhile in Odessa, Texas, the Department of Mutant Affairs seems to be hiding behind the innocent facade of the Primatech Paper Company. Are they good or evil? I honestly can't tell. Bennet knows that Sylar is about to target Claire and he's frantic enough about it to tell Isaac the truth, which I thought was pretty interesting. And Eden's resistance to doping Isaac made me wonder if Eden herself used to be an addict. Of course, forcing dope on Isaac wasn't a good thing to do, but when you're faced with the death of your daughter and the destruction of New York, watcha gonna do?

Bits and pieces:

-- With the addition of Charlie... no, wait. Can we add Charlie to the list of Gifted People if she's already dead? The references to Mohinder's late sister being "special" made me think that Mohinder will turn out to be Gifted, too, since it obviously runs in families. And I'm wondering about Eden. (I'm starting to like Eden.)

-- Bennet said that fourteen years ago, he was tracking a "special" woman who died and left behind a baby girl. So now we know where Claire came from. And that Bennet has been tracking mutants for over fourteen years.

-- Mohinder released his father's ashes in Kanyakumari, India. (Or Malibu, with CGI.) The crossword clue that Charlie helped the cop with was also for Kanyakumari.

-- Mohinder has a gorgeous ex-girlfriend named Mira, also a geneticist, who looks a little like Eliza Dushku. The tiresome flashbacks with Papa Suresh and the boy with the soccer ball led Mohinder to files on Sanjog, Iyer, and sleep research. Okay.

-- We saw Sylar killing Chandra Suresh. Was that when Sylar broke his watch? The time on Sylar's watch was, of course, seven minutes to midnight. There was a ticking sound when we saw Sylar in the diner. Has the ticking happened before? Gee. Does it mean time is running out?

-- Ted mentioned a hotel bar, a couple from Wyoming, some professors, and a student from Haiti. That last one could be Bennet's mind-controlling minion. I wish they'd give him a name already so that I don't have to come up with long, cute descriptions for him.

-- Radioactive Ted escaped. That was odd. He was acting suicidal, not like Escape Guy.

-- Hiro and Ando were at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas. The writers definitely get props for cool names for diners. (Although the sign in the window said, "Burnt Toast Cafe.")

-- Hiro's jacket apparently says "I don't belong here." How appropriate.

-- Charlie's birthday was six months ago. Lots of things were six months ago.

-- This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was Charlie was taking the top off of the can, while Sylar was taking the top off of her head. Poor Charlie.


Ando: "No wonder everyone in America is so fat. All there is to eat is waffles and french fries."

Hiro: "My skill much more complicated."
Charlie: "Oh, yeah? What can you do?"
Hiro: (who was about to mention time and space) "I can teach Japanese to anyone."

Hiro: "If I'm too scared to use my powers, then I don't deserve them."

Matt: "He may outrank me, but 'superior' is taking it a little too far."

Claire: "So I thought I'd stop by and try to be a hero."

Dan thinks that this episode was four out of four stars. If it wasn't, it was close,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. I took the similarities between Ted's situation and Matt's to be something around a Bennet kidnapping. My memory of that is that Matt was strapped to the table (the bruises) and his memory was wiped by the "Haitian guy" (the headaches). I also took their identical marks to be a result of what happened to them.

    A lot is going on...


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