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Heroes: Nothing to Hide

Nathan: "I am not going to use my family for political gain."
Heidi: "Tell that to Peter."

Brothers and sisters, parents and children, husbands and wives. And lots of dysfunction.

I'm starting to really love Peter. Peter is a sweetie. He saved Nathan's ass at his own expense, confirming that false story about his mental illness.

But I am not liking Nathan. Nathan lied right to his wife Heidi's face about Niki. And he cheated because he feels guilty every time he looks at her. Nathan doesn't see any point to these gifts. He doesn't see himself flying around in a costume pulling cats out of trees. He thinks that if people knew, they'd lock him up. Nathan has no imagination, no calling to help others. (Of course not. He's a politician.) I wonder if at some future point, we're going see Nathan and Peter pitted against each other.

I'm getting into Matt, too. The way Matt was able to tell poor Ted what his dying wife was thinking made me want to hug him. (Actually, I always want to hug Greg Grunberg; he's just... huggable.) How could Janice cheat on such a sweet guy?

DL has turned out to be a genuine hero, too. He risked his life to pull a woman out of a burning car. Interesting coincidence that Hiro and Ando just happened to show up at the same time. Actually, it can't be coincidence. There's something physical pulling these guys together. Has to be. Gee, Billie. Duh.

Micah used a broken phone to call his mother, so he's Gifted, too. The gifts don't seem to make sense yet. Niki has superstrength plus a split personality, DL can walk through walls... but Micah appears to be telepathic. Are the gifts random? I think that's one reason why I'm not connecting strongly enough with this series as yet. Maybe it's still too comic book for me.

Bits and pieces:

-- With the addition of Micah and Ted Sprague, we now have twelve gifted people in our story. I may have to stop counting at some point.

-- Niki's Mirror Woman finally has a name: Jessica. How come Niki knows her name? Did Jessica sign the notes she's left for Niki?

-- Claire's nosy little brother Lyle saw The Tape and got completely freaked; he knows the truth. I just had a thought. Where did Lyle come from? Is he adopted, too?

-- Heidi is in a wheelchair because of an accident that happened six months ago. Niki's "bad dreams" started six months ago. I bet I've already missed other references to six months ago, too.

-- Isaac is gone, and so are his paintings. Linderman has the missing panel that Peter and Isaac were looking for. Funny how all roads lead to Linderman. When are we going to meet the guy?

-- Ted and Matt have black marks forming on their shoulders. Is everyone getting a broken helix tattoo of their very own? Why is Jessica's on her back?

-- A distraught Niki called Nathan and asked for help. Nathan said, "I'm sorry, I can't help you. You have the wrong number." What a prince.

-- Right before Simone's father Charles died, he and Peter were having complementary dreams about flying, and Peter saving the world.

-- There was a screen shot of Theodore Sprague's address and vital stats: 93 Laramie St., Los Angeles 90016, DOB: 8/28/73, 5'10", 175 lbs. And he has brown eyes and brown hair, like every other male in the cast.

-- Oliver Denison from the New York Journal was a smarmy sort of guy. I bet he does a hatchet job on Nathan.

-- Nathan's wife Heidi has incredible eyes.


Nathan's mom: "I never kid about family brunch."
Nathan: "That's because we never had family brunch."

Peter: "Sorry. Nathan gave me an earful about showing up in cords. I told him I'm trying to stay grounded."

Hiro: "Why couldn't I have super strength, too?"

Two and a half? Three stars?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. For such a large cast and with so many people with powers, it would be easy to get lost in the morass. But, so far, the writers are doing a fantastic job of holding all the stories together. I love the way each person turns up in another's world -- like Hiro and Ando at the accident.

    I, too, am looking forward to meeting Linderman. He seems to be the recurring name with all of our heroes (pun intended).


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