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Battlestar Galactica: Exodus, Part 1

Sharon: "Adama wouldn't lie to me."

During this entire episode, I kept thinking someone in the cast would die. I was actually pretty surprised that we got to the end with everyone still alive.

Saul and Ellen Tigh may be New Caprica's most dysfunctional couple. I thought it was hilarious when Tigh told Tyrol he had to live, because "the last thing your son wants is me and Ellen for parents." (It was also rather sweet, since Tigh was telling Tyrol they'd take care of his son if Tyrol didn't come back.)

But the Tighs may not be a couple for much longer. Did Ellen truly think Tigh would forgive her for betraying the human race? I bet that Tigh might even execute her himself. And he should. She's too stupid to live, anyway.

Is D'Anna a psychic? It would certainly give her a specific Cylon niche role. D'Anna said that Hera was the first Cylon/human hybrid. But what about Starbuck's toddler? Is the father not Leoben, after all? Or is Casey younger than Hera? What's going on?

There were a couple of things I really loved about this episode. I loved the ceremony on the hangar deck with members of the Pegasus and Galactica crews on opposite sides of the line of salt ending with hugs and reunion, symbolizing that they would be together again someday. I loved Helo telling Dee to take care of Commander Lee, and Dee telling Helo to take care of Admiral Adama.

But I've decided that I really don't like this whole planet resistance plot all that much. No more death camps. I'm ready for them all to go back to the Galactica now and start running again.

Bits and pieces:

— Brother Cavil said that he had downloaded three times now, and each time it got worse. That was really interesting.

— Looks like Sharon Agathon is going to know about her baby sooner than I thought.

— Gaius is no longer totally self-involved. He couldn't even perform in bed with his brand new Caprica Six. He kept telling the Cylons to shoot him, and he meant it. If the humans are indeed rescued, what will happen to Gaius? They'll execute him, won't they?

— For that matter, what will happen to Jammer and the other human security forces?

— I thought Cally was going to be toast. But that was predictable. They don't do predictable on this show.

— Laura saved Tom Zarek's life. See? Unpredictable.

— In her prophetic dream, D'Anna saw bodies everywhere, and an abandoned baby. I hope that doesn't mean there will be a ton of casualties.

— The human oracle Dodona Selloi (also a traitor, like Ellen?) was licking Kamala off her hand. Wasn't that the psychotropic drug Roslin was taking for her cancer?

— In this week's hair report, Chief got a much needed shave and a haircut. Was that because he knew he was going to see Sharon Two?


Zarek: "Been awhile since I had a woman throw me to the ground. Not quite as much fun as I remember."

Dee: "Take care of the Admiral?"
Helo: "Take care of his son."

Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. If Kasey (spelling it with a K fits more becasue of Kara, Kasey and Kara hehe) is really what Leoben says then she is younger then Hera as per the timeline. After all Sharon was pregnant before (season 1) Starbuck was captured (season 2) and kept at the farm.

    I bet the Oracles use Kamala to get into a drug-induced trance and to do what Oracles did back in ancient Greece. I don't know if she can be called a traitor yet.

    But prophetic dreams isn't the way I envisioned the baby plot to come back to focus again, but Sharon will be mad when she finds out or not and the baby gets left behind with C6 and Gaius. After all they are supposed to guard it according to Harvey!Six.

  2. A lot of plot threads seem to be spinning together. I, too, am ready for them to be back on the ship(s).

    Although I liked the scene with the two crews on the hangar deck, pouring the salt made me smile. All I could think about was 'at least it will keep the demons away'!

  3. When they broke the line of salt my immediate reaction was 'oh no!' then I realised it was deliberate...!

  4. hmmm I just watched both this part and part 2 at the same time, so I can't remember which bits happen in which episode.... So in case I spoil pt 2 for anyone I'll just uber comment on that one!

  5. Wish they made Fat Lee start visibly deflating when he saluted his father. That was still as moving as it was funny. Fare well, treasured cheese burgers, I have to go spartan again...

    I really appreciate that conflict/emotional disagreement between the Adamas, with Lee being the one who makes the hard call to not fall for the romanticism of the rescue and reunion. Sure, he's been going soft, but not in his core. And I loved and was moved by the fact that Bill just can't do it, can't take the hard-earned advice from Angel (you try to save everyone, you'll get them all killed).


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