Battlestar Galactica: Precipice

Cavil: "They're worried about what God might think if they commit murder. They're covering their existential asses."

Adama sending Sharon Agathon as his undercover mission leader was a gutsy move, and one that the Cylons would never expect. Sharon Agathon was ready to betray her race... it seemed. Of course, all that could change when Sharon discovers that Adama faked her baby's death. And I'm sure she'll discover it eventually.

I was completely and totally creeped by Leoben mentioning Starbuck's missing ovary right before he brought their toddler down the stairs. What a shocker. If it's true, it explains his obsession with Starbuck, even to the point of letting her kill him five times. But is Starbuck really Casey's mother? If those babies are so precious to the Cylons, why would Leoben leave Casey with the wild card that he well knows Starbuck to be?

Another interesting factor in this episode was the Cylon-on-Cylon violence, and the continuing dissent among them. They just killed Caprica Six, because she loves Gaius. In that going-around-the-table scene, I was hoping they would reveal a new Cylon. Why (again) was Gaius at the Cylon meeting? I don't believe Gaius is a Cylon. The love connection and dual invisible Harveys makes more emotional sense if Gaius and Six are bridging the human/Cylon divide.

The final scene could have been pure misdirection. The Cylon centurians were about to fire upon the prisoners that included Laura Roslin and Tom Zarek. But maybe they were about to fire on poor Cally. Cally told Tyrol in the previous episode that she expected him to just disappear some day and never come back. Ironic if it was her instead.

Bits and pieces:

— I really thought Gaius would draw the line and refuse to sign the order for those executions.

— So Lee will take the Pegasus and the 2,000 people still in the civilian ships and continue searching for Earth, while Adama takes the Galactica back to New Caprica. That actually made sense. Because Adama and Lee were both right.

— In prison, Gaius brought Laura her glasses, although she would never see things the way he does. A little symbolism there. He kept saying, "Look me in the eye," too.

— The masked human cops as Cylon agents reminded me of Babylon 5's Nightwatch.

— Colonel Tigh went too far with the suicide bombings. Ellen gained points with me with the whole sex thing, and then lost them again when she took the papers from the Resistance.

— Sharon and Helo got married! She was using the name Sharon Agathon. Maybe they're working on another baby.

— Starbuck's and Leoben's baby is named Casey. Callum Keith Rennie played Nikita's boyfriend on season one of La Femme Nikita, and he also had a small blonde daughter named Casey.

— The baby Casey kept singing, "Ashes, ashes." More symbolism.

— The green night vision was also very nightly news Iraq war.

— Why did they pick up Cally? It doesn't make sense. She just had a baby, after all, and wasn't active in the Resistance. You'd think they'd want her for their breeding program.

— Tom Zarek was Baltar's vice president, except he wouldn't collaborate. I liked that Zarek admitted they would have been better off if Laura had stolen the election, after all. Duh. I saw a cute button online that said, "Don't blame me, I voted for Roslin."

— Why does Ellen have an open sore on her face?

— The metal Centurians can't tell one humanoid Cylon from another. That's interesting.

— Just like part one, there was a parental discretion warning.

Really excellent, in a depressing Nazi sort of way. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


Patryk said...

I liked it better then the premiere. More stuff going on. The suicide bombings really upped the ante.

What suprised me was that Jammer was still alive. I thought I saw him at the swearing in of the NCP. Duck walked past him at least. Anyways it's good he's alive, we need a good-willed collaborator for perspective.

Sharon Agathon, so we had 4 weddings off screen now. Kara/Sam, Lee/Dualla, Cally/Tyrol and Boomer/Helo. Wonder which will last till the end of the show... I hope Cally won't die.

Baz said...

Depressing or what? Interesting too see that Caprica Six and Sharon are going against even their own models. And good to see Harvey back, especially after the 'death' of Caprica.

Baltar Baltar Baltar, you are screwed now. I'm betting the rest of the Colony will know about the signed order before too long. I wonder if Gaeta will be treated as a traitor as well.

I also really hope Sharon is trustworthy, I'd like to see a Cylon on the human side of the fence for sure. Also I definitely do not believe that Casey is Kara's kid :)

Marianna said...

I think they were executing Callie for killing Sharon back on Galactica.

I didn't realize before that they took Starbuck's entire ovary. Why take an entire ovary instead of just the egg in it? It seems wasteful. Maybe he's exaggerating.