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The Dead Zone guys at Best Buy

On June 10, 2004, Anthony Michael Hall and John L. Adams, two of the stars of The Dead Zone, appeared at the Best Buy in West Hollywood to celebrate the release of the series second season DVD. (This particular Best Buy often has signings. Plus it features a shrine of props from recent movies; this week's was The Chronicles of Riddick.)

Anthony Michael Hall plays Johnny Smith, the victim of a car crash and six-year coma, who has acquired the ability to see the past, present or future by touching something or someone. Stand-up comic John L. Adams plays Johnny's best friend and physical therapist, Bruce Lewis.

Of course, I had a million questions to ask them, but only got the chance to ask a couple. I asked them both if they had a favorite episode. Understandably, John L. Adams chose "Zion," the outstanding episode about the death of Bruce's father, and said that Lou Gossett, Jr. did a wonderful job and that it was great to work with him. Anthony Michael Hall added that Adams, too, "was just great in that episode." (I totally agree.)

Anthony Michael Hall, who both stars and co-produces The Dead Zone, wouldn't profess to having a favorite because of the nature of the series. "It's fun. We're not restricted. We get to do a little bit of everything. That's the strength of the show, that it's different, it's not the same thing all the time."

I asked John L. Adams, who worked as a stand-up comedian, if he preferred doing drama or comedy, but he wouldn't choose. "Hey, I just like to work," he said, smiling.

I asked Anthony Michael Hall if Kristen Dalton (Dana Bright) would be appearing this season. He said that she hadn't been signed for the current season; Hall and Adams both added how much they enjoyed working with her.

Hall and Adams personalized autographs and graciously spent time with each person in line. I told Hall that I was a reviewer; he signed my new DVD of The Breakfast Club with, "Four stars only, please?"

I can highly recommend the season two Dead Zone DVD; it's a quality production. Loaded with extras such as interviews, storyboards, behind the scenes features, and interviews with guest stars, there are also commentaries for each episode and everybody gets into the act: the cast, directors, producers, writers, crew, guest stars. Several commentaries feature star Anthony Michael Hall, and guest star commentaries include Lou Gossett, Jr. and Ally Sheedy.

One of the best things about The Dead Zone is that it airs new episodes during the summer television wasteland. Although there are arc stories, the series episodes stand alone. Do yourself a favor; if you're not already hooked on The Dead Zone, give it a try. New episodes are currently airing on Sunday night at 10 on USA.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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