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Supernatural: Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Dean: "Apocalypse apocalypse? Four horsemen, pestilence, five-dollar-a-gallon gas apocalypse?"
Bobby: "That's the one."

Can I start by saying that I just loved the title of this episode so very much?

And the episode was as good as the title. I am loving this turn to the biblically dark. The sixty-six seals, angels as warriors of God, Lucifer walking free, I'm there – go for the gusto, guys. Apparently, Dean is going to be an important player in the approaching Apocalypse. Why does this sound so familiar?

I was really worried that we were going to lose Bobby. Thankfully, no. Why does Bobby as a character work so well for me? Pretty much because he's like a redneck hands-on version of Giles. He's ingenious and practical and he can come up with something like that wonderful demonic fallout shelter made of iron and salt and you just believe it. (Loved the pentagram over the ventilation fan.) I'm very fond of Bobby. His death would upset me a lot more than John Winchester's.

We hit the Big Question. Why would God send an angel to drag Dean out of Hell but still allow all those hunters to get slaughtered? Why does God allow bad things (in this case, very bad things) to happen to good people? I wouldn't want to be a hunter. Bad things happen to them and they mostly die horribly. Much like apostles and saints, come to think of it.

Those sad, vicious hauntings were effective. I thought Meg's was the strongest. And that final sequence shoot-em-up was like a very real video game. Bobby will be picking salt out of the walls for weeks. Except salt in the walls is probably a good thing.

The very cool Castiel was back to tell Dean that Lilith is breaking the seals, and she was the one who rose the witnesses. Six of Castiel's "brothers" died this week. Angels are dying? Can angels die? Where do angels go when they die? Aren't they sort of home-based in heaven already?

Bits and pieces:

— The news about the angels is apparently making the rounds of the demon community, and Ruby was freaked. Which makes me wonder about whose body Ruby is in right now. How many innocent people has Ruby burned through, as Meg said?

— Twin girls. Very Shining.

— Castiel is played by an actor named Misha Collins. I really, really like him.


Dean: "All I know is that I was not... groped by an angel."

Dean: "Say it's true. Say there are angels. Then what? There's a God?"
Bobby: "At this point, Vegas money's on yeah."

Dean: "But why do I deserve to get saved? I'm just a regular guy."
Sam: "Apparently, you're a regular guy who's important to the man upstairs."
Dean: "Well, that creeps me out."

Ruby: "They smite first and then they ask questions later." Sort of like biblical Dirty Harrys.

Sam: "You built a panic room?"
Bobby: "I had a weekend off."
Dean: "Bobby."
Bobby: "What?"
Dean: "You're awesome."

Sam: "So what do we do now?"
Dean: "Road trip. Grand Canyon, Star Trek experience, Bunny Ranch."

Castiel: "The Rising of the Witnesses is one of the sixty-six seals."
Dean: "Okay, I'm guessing that's not a show at Sea World."

Three stars? Four?

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Amazing episode again. I really liked seeing Meg again and if she was telling the truth, Sam is acting naughty and lying to Dean about it.

  2. I liked this episode a lot.

    I noticed that Castiel insists on seeing Dean alone. The first 2 times he tried to contact him when he was alone. Then he knocked Bobby out. Then he visited Dean in his dream. Was there supposed to be something significant about that? SL

  3. SL, I think Castiel just likes and/or trusts Dean more. They have a bond.

  4. Where do angels go when they die? And demons as well? These are all questions that I hope will be answered soon (I mean in the sixth season). I have no spoilers, I just want to note that I love how they mention things seasons before they actually address them (remember the angel episode in, I think, season 2, which ended with a miraculous murder?).

  5. Why didn't they Google 'Castiel'? They've actually invoked him in some of their rituals. (To be fair, I only noticed that because a) I speak Latin and b) I knew Castiel was eventually going to turn up as a character, and they didn't know that. But seriously, boys. Google.)

  6. "-- Castiel is played by an actor named Misha Collins. I was interested and looked it up."

    Reading this in 2014, this is so adorable. To think that Castiel would become such huge part of the show and that Misha would be one of the main actors, but back then none of us even knew who he was!

    PS: I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler. I can't image anyone knows about Supernatural and doesn't know that Castiel is a main character.

  7. I think it's fine Shannon. I know a lot of upcoming storylines from Tumblr, but just from publicity I'm sure I'd have known Castiel was gonna turn up and be a major character. I did slightly regret checking when he first appeared, since just looking at imdb gave away pretty much the plot of not only 'Lazarus Rising' but the end of season 3 as well, but otherwise I'd have spent 3 seasons just impatiently wondering when he was gonna show up! The perils of watching something 9 years after everyone else...

  8. I think when angels and demons "die" their souls are completely gone, as opposed to when humans "die" their souls survive. There should ideally be different terms for the two as they are very different things, but I don't know what else to call them. Exile? I don't know.

    This episode made me realize how ridiculous it seems in retrospect that Sam and Dean didn't realize that Meg was possessed rather than an actual demon considering all the demons they come across in human form are possessing people. You'd think their dad would have explained how that works to them.

  9. First... was there a retcon about them not believing in God? I feel like in an earlier season in a discussion about reapers they said something like they can't stop a reaper if it has been sent by God because that person's "time is up".

    This episode was interesting to me in that they take an Amillennialism view of Biblical eschatology (where Satan is currently bound) while any other show I watch would have a Pre-Tribulation view (Satan is on the loose causing mayhem). Even though Dean was arguing as an atheist, some of his talking points were ones used when the two views are debated amongst Christians (I hold the Pre-Tribulation view personally).

    Also cool was Castiel being delayed. That's straight from Daniel 10:12-13 where an angel was delayed 21 days because he had to fight a demon. The passage also suggests the angel was losing until THE angel Michael arrived to help him in the fight!

    That said, I didn't like that Castiel was possessing a person because that's not Biblical... but hey, it's a TV show :)

    1. "Also cool was Castiel being delayed. That's straight from Daniel 10:12-13 where an angel was delayed 21 days because he had to fight a demon. The passage also suggests the angel was losing until THE angel Michael arrived to help him in the fight!"
      intredasting... if Mikey boy ever shows up, I hope they depict him as someone with a baby face, even if it's totally unsettling like if it's on an otherwise manly body. I just love that one painting of him daintily stepping on a demon in this flamboyant outfit. They'll never go there, and that's fine because it doesn't really fit the style of the universe lol. But yeah

  10. I absolutely love the episode title, I remember typing it out as my extended screen handle back in the MSN Messenger days. It's just a bit of a shame the episode itself, as good as it is, isn't one that really brings the title to mind. I mean I finished the episode out before remembering this is the one with that magnificent title.


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