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Dexter: About Last Night

Dexter: "Did he just lie? To me?"

I spent most of this episode with my stomach in knots, so I'm thinking it was extremely suspenseful. I kept expecting George King to go back and finish Anton off, and he very nearly did. Anton escaped by the skin of his teeth. (Had to say it; sorry about that.) And now that Deb has seriously disrespected King, I'm betting she's the next target. That poor Mario guy should be worried, too. I hope he and his family are on a fast train out of town.

At least George King is finally on Dexter's radar. And Miguel's. Miguel said casually that the trees at his house just got trimmed. Do I sense karma approaching? Something massive is coming, for sure. Letting King go so that he could track him himself may have been a huge mistake on Miguel's part. Well, that, and breaking Dexter's code. Dexter actually got furiously angry, another first for him.

Deb was going nuts, and who could blame her? Love and guilt, powerful combination. I thought it was rather frightening that Deb did exactly the opposite of what Dexter told her to do with George King, though. And I actually started liking Quinn. He was good back-up for Deb, and I loved the way he just drove into the building where Anton was being held.

Doo dah, doo dah. In the opening scene, a euphoric Miguel was whistling "Camptown Races." Then Harry was whistling it in the graveyard when Dexter found Ellen Wolf's body, almost like an I-told-you-so. In the end, Dexter was whistling the same tune as he checked Miguel's shirt for the blood he already knew wasn't there. I think that symbolized a shift in control of the situation. Miguel still thinks he's manipulating everyone and that he can outwit Dexter. I don't think so, Miguel.

The scene where Rita confronted Miguel made me uncomfortable. It felt like she wasn't safe with him. Miguel used the same phrases when he was confronted by both Dexter and Rita, and called them both "wise" and "insightful." I'm certain Miguel will try to kill Dexter. Will he come at him through Rita?

Bits and pieces:

-- We never saw what Miguel said to George King in the interrogation room because the camera was off. What did they say to each other?

-- Dexter apologized to the body of Ellen Wolf. And Maria was an emotional basket case, crying in Miguel's arms. "I'm here for you, Maria." Right.

-- During his lunch date with Dexter, Miguel was stabbing his lunch. Like the fish.

-- Angel's Barbara is the Wikipedia of perv? That's not a good sign. I knew she was too good to be true.


Syl: "When you've been married as long as we have, you know when your husband's lying."
Dexter: (to himself) "Something to look forward to."

Dexter: "Anton's a big guy. Lot of skin. (Deb looks at him) That's meant to be comforting."

Dexter: "I didn't create a monster. I was used by one. He used me."

Another excellent episode, even though I'll admit it was almost too much for me. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hey Billie - long time reader first time poster. I really hang out for your Dexter reviews each week.

    There were a few more quotes that I loved in this episode.

    Dexter: No. No more individual projects.
    Miguel: Individuality is what makes America great.
    Dexter: I don't think that's what our forefathers had in mind.

    Dexter (watching Mario on the monitors): I've seen this fear. An inch away from death.

    (watching King on the monitor)
    Deb Looks harmless doesn't he?
    Dexter: They usually do.
    Deb I don't know - maybe he's not our guy.
    Dexter: Maybe you should trust your instincts on this one.
    Deb: Is this another one of your creepy insights?
    Dexter: Why does it always have to be creepy?
    Deb: Fu*king tell me...
    Dexter: He's held life and death in his hands; he likes it.
    Deb: I knew it. So how do I crack this sick fu*k's brain?
    Dexter: From what I've read about these sick f*cks, they usually have some sort of code. I'd say disrespect is high on his list of violations. If you came at hime with deference...
    Deb: Deference, huh?

    I just hang out for the Dex-Deb scenes every week. They're always excellent - either really funny or feature one of those instances of Dexter telling the truth about himself in the way that he does.

    Oh, and I was trying to work out what the Campdown Races connection was, and apparently it was featured in the Stepfather horror movies. The serial killer in those films would whistle it whenever he'd killed someone. Nice shout-out there, huh?

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words as well as the extra quotes. I almost did the "creepy insights" one, but I'm always sort of conservative about the quotes.

    I actually saw one of the Stepfather movies, too. I have no excuse. :)

  3. Have to say I did NOT see it coming. The "Miguel has been manipulating Dexter all along"-twist. Superb. This season is really building to a huge crescendo now! Wow!

  4. R.I.P. Miguel. Dexter's coming at you. May God help you, because no one else will.

  5. I think I hated Miguel properly for the first time this season.

    Violating Dexter's code and killing Ellen is the tipping point for him. I'm glad Dexter's come to realise that Miguel is a danger.

    Miguel's scenes with Rita were intriguing. I thought she might have been in danger at one point as well. I assume Sylvia did go back to him.

    Bovine blood instead of real one, geez Miguel, did it ever occur to you that Dexter might have analysed it at some point?

    King as the Skinner is fine but there's no emotional connection except that Deb's seeing Anton. I'm glad that Anton survived and that Quinn was useful.

    I'm not worried about Barbara yet though Angel might be if she's a female Masuka.

    Really felt for Maria in this episode and I'm loving how Harry is being used this season, 9/10.


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