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Lost Missing Pieces #10: Jack, meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack


Jack is searching the beach for luggage containing medicine when he's approached by Ethan, who gives him a small suitcase full of drugs. Ethan commends Jack on "having perspective," and complains that most of the other survivors are too busy thinking about rescue to bother with the practicalities of their situation. Ethan points out that Claire could give birth at any moment and that Jack would have to deliver the baby right there on the island. Jack volunteers Ethan as an assistant, but Ethan seems unhappy. He tells Jack that he lost both his wife and baby in childbirth.


Not the shortest webisode, but little of note happens.

Since Ethan's a doctor, it seems likely the drugs came from The Others camp and not the jungle.

When Ethan expresses concern over Claire's pregnancy, Jacks tells him that he's glad he's not alone. Ethan replies, "You're definitely not alone." At first I thought this was an obvious reference to The Others as a group. But it could also be an insight into The Others' concerns over the pregnant women on the island.

Who was Ethan's wife? Did she really die in childbirth?

Slightly off topic, but Ethan kind of reminds me of a slightly weird and humourless Nathan Fillion?


Jack: "Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone."
Ethan: (laughs) "You're definitely not alone."

Ethan: "Jack... er... my wife died in childbirth, and our... er... baby didn't make it either. Well, let's hope we're both wrong and the rescue boats are on their way right now."
Jack: "Let's hope."

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