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True Blood: The Fourth Man in the Fire

Eric: "Honestly. Did you think you could keep her to yourself?"

Am I twisted? I thought that Carrie coming out of the grave sex scene was surprisingly hot.

And Sookie was high on Bill again, bouncing around at work, thrilled and pleased with her new love affair. But she has also begun to realize that their relationship has some serious drawbacks. She can never sleep beside him. She can't have breakfast with him. She can't marry him, since vampires can't marry humans (shades of gay marriage again). Although apparently, Bill is good with kids. That ice cream and fangs scene at the kitchen table with Arlene's kids was cute.

So let me see. Vampires are evil, and not safe to have around your kids. But in this episode, it was humans that were bad.

Amy's cute grad student new age persona masks a genuine psycho. Anything Amy wants to do, she excuses as being "natural." Stalking Lafayette for V is natural. Kidnapping and burning poor stay-at-home vampire Eddie is natural. Although she was starting to bring out some of the good in Jason, who is aware that he's a selfish jerk. She got him to talk about his parents, and about how bad he felt about hitting Sookie when Gran died. It was like the writers knew how unsympathetic they had made Jason, and were trying to fix it by making him nicer, and giving us someone a lot worse to take advantage of him.

Tara and Sookie both asked their honeys what they were doing wrong in bed. Bill didn't make the mistake of actually saying something. What was Sam thinking? I think Tara was just freaking out about Sam because she's Tara, plus she wasn't doing too well with the weirdness of her mother's about face. And now, Tara is apparently gearing up for an exorcism of her own. Yes, who cares if it's a con as long as it works, and as Lafayette said, $445 is a bargain compared to a lifetime on Zoloft. But Tara is lot smarter and a lot less gullible than her mother. I don't see a positive outcome.

Finally, some significant scenes with Eric, the, ah, Sheriff of Area 5. Bill came home from picking up his dry cleaning to find Eric in his bathtub, listening to old music in Swedish. That was weird. I mean, when you're waiting for someone, do you jump in their bathtub? I guess it depends on the relationship. Oh, wait. I get it. It symbolized Eric inserting himself into Bill's relationship with Sookie. Of course.

And Sookie got drafted to read minds in order to solve Eric's embezzlement problem, resulting in a big, scary cliffhanger.

Bits and pieces:

-- No dissolving in a puff of dust for these vamps. Messy, gross bubbling guts. And Bill said that sunlight wouldn't kill them immediately, either.

-- Sam told Andy that he was honoring his nudist parents when he was running around naked in the woods. :)

-- Rene proposed to Arlene. I thought he was going to kill her on that deserted road, since they sort of set that up with Jason's story about how he and Sookie were left with Gran when their parents were killed in a flash flood.

-- Poor screwed up Terry Bellefleur has a thing for Arlene. He likes her clavicles.

-- VTV. Fangs for watching, we'll be bite back.

-- When Sookie thought Bill was dead, she scrubbed the kitchen floor again, like she did with Gran. Mud instead of blood.

-- Lafayette trades sex for V. Sort of not hurting anyone, and he certainly made Eddie happy. But why does Lafayette need so many jobs if he gets two tubes of V for free every Monday night?

-- Pam was wearing pink. :) She only wears black when she's working.

-- The title of the episode was "The Fourth Man in the Fire," which is also a Johnny Cash song about Daniel in the fiery furnace. The fourth man was Neil, the coroner's assistant and part time fangbanger.


Amy: "We're all links in a universal food chain. See? Squirrel eats nuts. Snake eats the squirrel. Gator eats the snake. And we can eat pretty much anything we want. It's the circle of life."
Jason: "Jesus Christ, I want to lick your mind."
Amy: "Let's have lunch first."

Sookie: "You know my brother's a dog, don't you?"

Coby: "Bill, how come you can't have ice cream?"
Bill: "You might say that I'm lactose intolerant."
Coby: "Just like my Aunt Fern. Except she don't tolerate Mexicans."

Tara: "It was like aliens beamed down and switched out her brain or something."
Lafayette: "Then that was four forty-five well spent."

Eddie: "I always look forward to Monday nights. First Heroes, then you."

Fairly good episode. Hey. Bill naked in a graveyard, Eric naked in a tub, can't be bad,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Anna Paquin keeps surprising me as Sookie and I like her with Bill and that sex scene was definitively hot.

  2. Wouldn't life be wonderful if we could exorcise our demons for the low, low price of $445?

    I am digging Eric. He is just too cool. And I love that Sookie seems to come into herself a bit when she's around him. I do believe there is a part of her that digs him, too.

    As far as the previous episode goes, I am convinced that if Signori Alighieri were writing today, there would be a 10th Circle of Hell. It would be the one in which there was no redemption and no escape. It would be the one where TPTB put anyone who hurts a child -- mentally, physically or sexually. Does it make me a bad person that I can easily forgive Bill for killing that man?