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True Blood: Plaisir d'Amour

Eric: "Humans. Honestly, Bill, I don't know what you see in them."

So Sam is a part-time dog, after all. I loved how they revealed Sam's second nature, something they've been teasing since the pilot episode. Bill had to have known. Which was why he left Sookie in Sam's care.

A vampire killing another vampire is apparently a great big no-no, even when defending the life of your pet human. Eric's reaction to the staking and vomiting was pretty hilarious. In fact, I thought Eric and Pam were a hoot throughout the entire episode; everything they said was funny, scary, or both. And they're both interested in Sookie now. Eric actually asked Bill if he could have Sookie. (In what way, I wonder? Blood, sex, mind-reading, or maybe all three?) And Pam seemed fascinated by Sookie's cleavage, although maybe it was the blood.

Poor Sookie. She's blaming herself for all of the deaths. But you know, it wasn't like Sookie said to herself, okay, in return for having sex with a vampire, I'll give up the lives of my grandmother and my cat and Dawn and Maudette. A major theme in this show is that people can't help being what they are. Being a vampire isn't a choice, it's something that happens to you. Sookie can't help being what she is, either.

The gay/vampire metaphor has officially collided. I thought at first that the whole gay vampire in the basement plot was to show that Jason has a decent streak. Too much to hope for, I guess. (It's probably obvious that I'm impatient with any plot line involving Jason, even though Amy has made him slightly more interesting.) At least Jason sees Eddie as a person. Amy doesn't. Amy seems so sane most of the time: nice to Sookie, good at her job. But I think Eddie is right. Amy's a psychopath. Poor Eddie.

Bits and pieces:

-- Looks like Tara is going to buy herself an exorcism. Maybe it will help. But the whole thing feels like a scam. It was very sweet of Sam to give her the money, though, especially since she didn't ask for it.

-- Not every vampire can glamour. You have to learn how.

-- Sookie named Sam's dog persona "Dean." Sam and Dean are the names of the two Winchester brothers on my favorite show, Supernatural. Not deliberate, since the books were written a few years ago, but it's a fun coincidence.

-- The unfortunately messy and dead bartender Longshadow has been replaced by a guy named Chow.

-- Sookie seemed oddly upset when she saw Sam kissing Tara. Was Sookie jealous?

-- The hood they were using on Eddie had to be silver if it was burning him. Wouldn't that much silver be worth a whole heck of a lot? Enough to buy a lot of V instead of taking it? Oh yeah, that's right. Amy's a psychopath.


Eric: "If you're their poster boy, the mainstreaming movement is in deep trouble. 'Tru Blood. It keeps you alive, but it will bore you to death'."

Jason: "I should have known something wasn't right the second you walked into my life carrying that big bag of crazy. 'Cause any woman with a purse that big is bound to have something in it I don't wanna know about."
Amy: "Jason, really. You're sweet, but you gotta mellow out."

Pam: "There's vampire in your cleavage."
Sookie: "Okay, ew."

Miss Jeannette: "Your mind, your body, it's just a physical manifestation of your soul. And your soul is sick."
Tara: "My soul don't want to get ripped off."

Lettie Mae: "Men only bring flowers if they already slept with you and looking to again. That especially goes for white men, as black men are less prone to grovel."
You know, she's right. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Jason: "I guess it helps that you don't look all that gay. Most of the gays I've come across, they look like..."
Eddie: "You. You're what we're supposed to look like."

Bill: "Try to behave yourself."
Eric: "Don't I always?"

Much fun. Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. I felt sorry for Eddie. For a vampire, he didn´t seem bad and I´m liking Jason a lot more now. The whole blood on Sookie and the girl vomiting was kind of gross.


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