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True Blood: You'll Be the Death of Me

Sookie: "You're alive!"
Bill: "Well, technically, no."

Much of this episode was set-up for season two. The resolution of the murder plot was practically an afterthought.

Even though Sookie took down Rene herself, Sam and Bill did both dash to her rescue. And they both suffered terribly for it. What Sam did was brave, but what Bill did was above and beyond. Both of Sookie's nonhuman suitors really do love her.

But her own brother apparently doesn't. There was Sookie sedated, covered with bruises after being terrorized and nearly killed, not to mention that she had to bury her burning boyfriend, and it was still all about Jason. Jason gave his truck to Rene, and then Rene used it while trying to kill Sookie. I thought that defined the Sookie/Jason relationship in a nutshell. He's not only never there for her, but he causes her tons of trouble, too.

Okay, Jason nearly did end up on death row, so maybe I'm giving him too hard a time. But after getting to know Eddie, and after learning (one assumes) what Bill went through to save Sookie, how could Jason fall for the line of an organization that came to give him emotional support only because they thought he'd killed four innocent women as a "service to his race and to Jesus"? The distasteful Fellowship of the Sun is obviously going to be a big plot point next season.

And so is Miss Weirdass Halfway House Pig Lover. What is she up to? All that food all over the place gave me a real Hansel and Gretel feeling, like she was planning to fatten up her charges before she sacrifices them. She has to be "Satan in a Sunday hat," too good to be true. I'm excited about a big role for Michelle Forbes next season; she's terrific, as well as very scary.

The third obvious plot point for next season was the discovery of Lafayette's body in Andy's car. We didn't see the victim's face, but who else could it be? Too bad. I rather liked Lafayette. Mr. Hypocritical State Senator is the obvious culprit, so of course, it can't be him.

This series has a lot of possibilities. It's full of metaphor goodness. The writing is great. I think they were wildly successful with the casting, too. The first season did follow the basic structure of Dead Until Dark, with some changes and additions, but at some point, I stopped seeing it as a live-action version of the book and it took on a life of its own. But I still feel mildly dissatisfied with it, and I'm not sure why.

It can't all be my extreme dislike of Jason. And yes, the character of Jason is dislikable in the books and exists to create conflict, but book Jason at least has some redeeming qualities. Could you guys write series Jason a bit better so that I can stand him, please?

Bits and pieces:

-- Eric gave bratty Jessica back to Bill. Uh oh. That's a lot of Sookie-related conflict waiting to happen.

-- Vermont just legalized vampire/human marriage.

-- I loved Arlene sobbing and shoving flowers at Sookie, blossoms first.

-- Maryann knows Sam, was looking for him, and knew he was a shifter. How do they know each other?

-- Sam had a ton of money in his safe. Not a bank person, I guess.

-- This week's Most Obvious Symbolism: Sookie hiding in an open grave. Well, that, and killing Rene with a shovel.


Dawson: "We are a religious organization dedicated to the preservation and salvation of the human race."
Jason: "Oh, good. 'Cause I thought you just hated vampires."

Eggs: "I'm just staying here til I get back on my feet. Just like you."
Tara: "So collecting stray black people, that some kind of hobby of hers?"
Eggs Benedict. Tall, dark and handsome. He looked familiar. Wasn't he in Dollhouse this season?

Jason: "I was sitting in that jail and I just kept thinking about all the stupid stuff I've done."
Sookie: "That must have kept you busy."

Tara: "You know you're about as subtle as a flying brick?"

Terry: "Your hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off."
Terry makes me laugh. Maybe there's hope for Terry and Arlene.

Good, but not terrific. Three out of four stakes. And I'm very much looking forward to season two, which starts tonight.

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "Cajun dialect for actors." What a great acknowledgment of Rene's impossibly old-school accent.

  2. I really liked this episode and big props for Anna Paquin who once again surprised me. And what Bill did for her was sweet, I really like Bill.

    I really liked the first season. I didn´t love it but it was pretty good.


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