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True Blood: To Love is to Bury

Jessica: "No more belts. No more clarinets. No more home school. No more rules."

There was something of a tough-love-taken-to-extremes theme to this episode.

Bill has suddenly become a reluctant father. Jessica was acting like a two-year-old. Why? Why? Why? Geez, what a brat. I was a little confused about how Bill "made" Jessica. Okay, blood exchange, pretty standard vampire lore, but why was tandem burial necessary? And how did Bill give Jessica his "essence" if they didn't have sex? Was that just a reference to the blood exchange?

To make things even harder for Bill, Sookie spent most of this episode with Sam, and the romance vibes were all over the place. Resulting in a Bill/Sam fist fight. Fang versus paw.

Poor Tara. (I seem to start a lot of paragraphs about Tara with those two words.) Lettie Mae is even more of a bitch now that she's sober, if that's possible. It's way past time to leave home for good, Tara; that woman isn't worth your time, and all she'll ever do is hurt you. Unfortunately, there may be a frying pan/fire situation going on with Maryann, the conveniently generous social worker type. She sure looked a lot like a certain naked woman with a boar, don't you think?

This was the first time I actually sort of kind of almost liked Jason. (Do you think there were enough qualifiers in there?) I thought Amy saying what the two of them had was beautiful while there was a huge gory mess on the floor pretty much said it all. Most Obvious Symbolism. Really, Jason. What did you think was going to happen when you imprisoned a vampire in the basement?

Rene, aka Drew Marshall, killed his sister Cindy because she was running around with vampires. And now he's killed Amy, and framed Jason for it. Not a surprise, because they telegraphed that Amy would be next – first, when Jason told Rene and Hoyt that he'd met Amy at Fangtasia, and again when Jason told the same two that Amy was hooked on V. Hoyt is just too sweet to be a murderer.

And yes, Rene was the killer in the book, too.

Bits and pieces:

-- Lafayette is planning to blackmail David Finch, U.S. House of Representatives and far right-wing hypocrite. I get it, I really do, but even under the circumstances, blackmail is, um, sort of bad.

-- Although, come to think of it, I loved Sookie blackmailing the nasty cop who treated her like trash because of her bite marks.

-- I'm trying to picture Eric babysitting bratty Jessica. It could be fun.

-- Jason's hallucination of throwing Amy into the sky was striking. By far, the best of all of the surreal V hallucinations.

-- Sookie rescinded Bill's invitation to her home, and he walked backward out the door. Gotta love it. I wish that worked with real guys.


Bill: "I find myself doubting whether you were ever truly human."
Pam: "Thank you."

Kenya the deputy: "A woman. At two in the morning."
Tara: "Standing there naked, fucking with my head."
Kenya: "And she was with a pig?"
Tara: "A big pig. Like a crazy ass motherfucking Paul Bunyan pig."
Kenya: "Tara, tell the truth."
Tara: "That is the truth! Kenya, I'm an excellent driver, but you cannot prepare for a naked lady and a hog in the middle of the road."

Lafayette: "Lying ass motherfucker two faced ass son of a bitch. Did you hear what he just said?"
Terry: "I can't listen to politicians no more. I get a seizure."

Sam: "I love to ride in a car."
Sookie: "Of course you do. Go on. Hang your head right out the window if you feel like it."

Lettie Mae: "I love you."
Tara: "No, you don't. You never did."

Just one more to go,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Lettie Mae is really a bitch. After everything Tara has done for her and all the beatings, Lettie Mae kicks her out. I really hope Tara stays far away from her as possible because she doesn´t deserve it.
    A really good episode but Andy is stupid.

  2. "I wish that worked with real guys." Amen! One of your best quotes, ever.

    Plus, I'm feeling smug about Rene...


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