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True Blood: Never Let Me Go

Bill: "I can't lose you."
Sookie: "You never will."

The plot thickens. Suddenly we have makers all over the place.

I had already guessed (from Eric's concern) that Godric was Eric's maker. Eric showed strong emotion for the first time in this episode. What sort of relationship do they have? The Bill/Jessica and Eric/Pam relationships are evidence that a maker/ward relationship isn't always romantic, but the Lorena/Bill relationship felt like it was. And if Eric is so freaked out about Godric, how will Bill react to Lorena showing up?

I don't know what to make of Jason's so-called aptitude for leadership or his Officer and a Gentleman moment with Luke. They seem to be building towards a huge battle of sorts between the vampires and the Fellowship Soldiers of God, with Sookie and her brother as important combatants on opposite sides. The Fellowship soldiers are like little boys playing with real guns. The Texas vampires don't seem to be much better. I liked Isabel, but Stan is an idiot.

Sookie is planning to go undercover at the Fellowship, which just seems like an invitation to disaster. Well, hello, my brother Jason, fancy meeting you here.

Steve and Sarah Newlin aren't as happy together as they seem if she's angry with him, and going after Jason with a bath mitt. I thought Sarah was pretty gung ho about the soldiers of God stuff. Maybe she just can't stand being left out. That whole thing about washing Jesus' feet and being God's reward for Jason was just strange.

Daphne's a deer. A female deer. :) I don't know why I thought that shifters could sense each other, but apparently, they can't. It was rather nice to see Sam with someone like himself, but Daphne's scratch scars haven't been explained, and it just seems obvious that she must be Maryann's creature, so to speak. I suppose Daphne could be on the up and up and just got scarred some other way, but what are the odds?

No orgy this week, thankfully. (Too many orgy scenes lately; they've actually become tiresome.) But Maryann and her entourage, after sowing serious discord at Merlottes, have moved into the Stackhouse house with Tara. I thought at first that the scene with Maryann at the kitchen table dressed like Sookie's Gran was a dream sequence, because it was just too bizarre. I have stopped even trying to figure out what Maryann is after.

I'm willing to bet Sookie won't be thrilled about her new roommates. But at least she won't have to shop for tropical fruit any more.

Bits and pieces:

-- Flashback to a thousand years ago. Eric was mortally wounded on the battlefield and was actually lying in his future funeral pyre when Godric showed up.

-- Terry and Arlene at the orgy were funny. Terry's eyes made me laugh out loud.

-- Bill and Sookie finally got to sleep in a bed together. That was sweet.

-- Sookie freaked Barry out so much that he actually quit his job.

-- Loved the GI Joe soldiers of God tee shirts. They were so far out of the realm of anything resembling taste.

-- Lafayette went back to work, and kept his word to Eric; he didn't tell Sam what happened to him. It was nice seeing Lafayette looking good again.

-- Poor Hoyt. He seriously, seriously needs to leave home.

-- Shifters run hot, which I guess makes them the opposite of vampires, who run cold. Sam doesn't know other shifters. He's only met a couple of werewolves. Does Daphne need a deer to use as a guide, like Sam needs a dog? I didn't see one. Another deer, that is.

-- Godric was indeed a character in the second book, a couple of thousand years old, a permanent teenager, and had Roman tatts on his body. But he wasn't Eric's maker. This change sort of makes sense, though, plot-wise.

-- Maryann was reading a book entitled "Heart Sick." If she was the one who removed Miss Jeanette's heart, then that's one nasty pun.


Sookie: "He didn't hear. He's glamoured. Can't you tell? His mind's full of fog and disco music."

Jessica: "All I did was order him off the menu. You didn't say not to order off the menu."
Bill: "I would no more allow you to feed on that young man than to watch pornography on television."
Jessica: "Porno? Hey, Sookie, there's dirty movies on television."
Sookie: (looking innocent) "Oh. Yuk."

Bill: "To your room, please. True Blood."
Jessica: "You're gonna be so sorry when I get an eating disorder."

Stan: "We need to take these fanatics down. Full out attack. Exterminate them like the vermin they are. Leave no trace."
Isabel: "Hmm. Vampire-hating church annihilated. Wonder who did it? Fucking brilliant."

Stan: "I have a plan."
Isabel: "It's not a plan. It's a movie."
Stan: "It's not a movie. It's a war."
Eric: "Idiots."

Newlin: "Decapitation might work. So we have a guillotine on order, just in case."

Sam: "Are you going to say it, or should I?"
Daphne: "Say what?"
Sam: "Nice rack."
Daphne: "Nice balls."
Pool table love scene. That was actually a triple entendre.

Another terrific episode. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Hey Billie, another great review. Just wanted to ask, how much have you grown to like this show? It seems like you truly enjoy it now (compared to the first season).

    Also, is it just me or are all the sex scenes getting a little annoying? I didn't think I would ever say something like this, but, with the orgy, Sarah/Jason, and Sookie/Bill there's almost always sex in every single episode. I'm not against this, but sometimes it doesn't further the characters/show and feels like it's just showing it so people will watch.

  2. Troy, I am definitely enjoying season two a lot more than season one. I agree that the gratuitous sex adds nothing to the quality of the show and in fact detracts, but it seems to me that the gratuitous gratuitosity of the sex has gotten less gratuitous this season. Gratuitously.

    Or maybe I just like the show more this season and it's bothering me less. :)

  3. I wanna know what the hell Maryann is because she intrigues me a lot. Also, the actress does a pretty good job. But I´m losing interest in Tara quickly and the whole Fellowship of the Sun plot.


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