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True Blood: New World in My View

Maryann: "What are you?"
Sookie: "None of your business!"

Welcome home, Sookie! Candles on the floor, dirt smeared on the walls, sacrificial altar in the front yard... I've heard of roommates trashing the place, but this is ridiculous. What the heck was the zapping that Sookie gave Maryann? Sookie was as surprised as Maryann was. (Yes, I've read the books, so please – no book spoilers in the comments!)

Jason saved the day again. He won the battle of Merlotte's by using his tiny brain, like his sister told him to. And Jason as the god, with the mask and gloves, was quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen yet on this show. I especially loved Andy holding up the "horns" behind him.

Apparently, Maryann's end game is to sacrifice the entire town of Bon Temps to her god, starting with Sam. (Arlene said the gift of Sam would bring "him" into this world.) All the good, bad and otherwise citizens have been literally blinded – Jason walked into Merlotte's with a chainsaw and a nail gun, and no one even noticed. At least we know now that they can be fooled and subverted, even though Terry fought the effect when Arlene was in danger. And Sookie and Bill together, with a combination of telepathy and glamour, were able to retrieve Tara from the brink. They can't do that one by one to everybody in town, though.

The altar with the rotting food on it was just disgusting. Rather cross-like, too, and very much a parallel to what the Fellowship was planning for Godric. In fact, Sam, like Godric, was willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends. He cares about the people in his town. I think that was a big self-revelation for Sam, who has always seen himself as not only an outsider, but outside the human race. Probably why he couldn't bring himself to leave, too. I have really liked what they've done with Sam this season.

I have to give the actress credit, because Maxine Fortenberry under the influence was extremely funny as well as ooky, and Jessica's frustration with her was even funnier. Did Jessica just blow her chances at being the future Mrs. Fortenberry? I can imagine Hoyt forgiving a lot, but probably not matricide-in-law.

What can the Queen of Louisiana do? Is there a vampire National Guard? Please, your highness, I beg you to send in the sheriff of area 5. I got used to Eric's presence. A brief, albeit wonderful dream sequence was better than no Eric at all, but not enough for me.

(Please send Pam, too; it's been too long since we've seen her.)

Bits and pieces:

-- Bill did his best, but Maryann is unbite-able. Which we sort of already knew, given what happened in "Scratches."

-- Maryann said Bill would leave Sookie cold. Was that a threat or a prophecy?

-- You know, I'm fine with Christian symbolism, but I'd prefer that it didn't go too far in that direction. Ancient Greek religions aren't devil worship.

-- Andy had a nanny called Annie.

-- Sam in nothing but an apron was, um, well, that was something. He seemed more naked with the apron on than without it. I wonder if Sam Trammell knew how many nude scenes he'd be doing when he signed on.

-- Loved the Queen's "palace." It was exotic and weird, as one might expect from a vampire queen's abode.

-- Okay, sorry, but I have to talk about Eric again. Bill told Sookie she would have a physical reaction to Eric's blood, but it's obviously not just sexual. In both dream sequences, it was about love. Very romantic.


Andy: "This whole town's going down the crapper."

Jessica: "Thank God you're home. She's gone, like, totally batshit."

Sookie: "The new waitress at Merlottes?"
Jason: "There's a new waitress at Merlottes?"
Bill: "We should talk to her."
Hoyt: "She's dead. She had her heart cut out just like the other one."
Sookie: "Fudge."

Lafayette: "Jesus and I agreed to see other people. That don't mean we don't still talk from time to time."
Best line in the episode. I really liked how Lafayette put this.

Lettie Mae: "If I hadn't left such a hole in this girl, maybe whatever's in there wouldn't have crawled in." Lettie Mae actually kinda sorta redeemed herself. Almost.

Jason: "If we're gonna get out of here, we're gonna need even a bigger divergence."

Jason:"What's he saying? I can't hear inside this thing."
Andy: "I don't know."
Sam: (louder) "Smite me, Lord!"
Jason: "I don't even know what you're saying, man."
Sam: (yelling) "Smite me, motherfucker!"

Andy: "That's the last drink I'll ever take."

Bill: "You have to do exactly as I say."
Tara: "I'm not your fucking slave girl."
Lafayette: "If ever there was a time to listen to a white man, Tara, this'd be it."

I didn't go for this episode quite as much as the last one. I think the Fellowship/Godric side of the plot has done more for me than what's been going on in Bon Temps. But it was still a strong, exciting, fun episode. Three out of four stakes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. i kept waiting to be excited about this episode like i did with the last couple, and it just never happened. Jason was probably the funniest thing and the whole destruction of bon temps was just too long and too dragged out. I want this maryanne crap to be over so we can focus on the relationship being developed with eric, which was hinted at in the beginning. It was like they threw us a bone in the beginning and never quite delivered the whole meal. I have to say i was mildly disappointed.

  2. I expected Eric to come running to Sookie's side when she was in danger at her house...Mary Anne's house...whatever. But I guess he won't be her white knight.

  3. I was also wishing for more Eric, but TBH I can't imagine he'll show up that much for the last two eps of the season - ultimately he's one character in a very large cast and he's got no obvious connection to any of the maryann plots, aside assisting the queen of louisiana - If she decides to help.
    Was she bathing in a bath of blood? Hmmm grim. I think one of the real life historical "vampires" was alleged to have had bloody baths - Elizabeth Bathory.

    I have to say, I'm completely shocked how fast they're introducing book elements into the series. I liked Sookie's glowy hand but I am also very intrigued as to how much they're going to make of that this season. Also, is the Queen going to just have a little chat with Bill and then be absent from the series for ages, or is this the beginning of her permanent presence in True Blood? Hmmmmm!

    Also loved Jason's God impersonation :-)

  4. I liked this onem maybe not as good as some of the previous ones, but still :)

    Just one thing I've been thinking of lately - Ms. Jeanette must have had some powers anyway since Maryann bothered to cut her heart out

  5. Good catch about Miss Jeanette, Citten. I missed that.

  6. I realy liked this one. I laughed a lot, especially Maxine.
    Another good episode.

  7. What's happened with this show? It's as though it got a huge shot of adrenaline in the past two episodes. Another brilliant outing. I love a show that makes me cry with emotion and cry from laughing -- all within the same fifty minutes.

    If you had told me at the end of season one that I would ever be a fan of Jason's, I would looked for the nearest crack vial. But, I am. I loved how he saved Sam at Merlotte's, but the scene with him as the god had me laughing so hard I had to keep re-winding it because I was missing dialogue.

    Andy was fantastic! Yes, he's drinking. But, he somehow accepted Sam's occasional nudity with a shrug and told him that he was a one-eyed man in the world of the blind. Even though he didn't know what it meant, we certainly did.

    One question, why hasn't either Lettie Mae or Andy been affected by Maryann? I understand Lafayette because he drank Eric's blood, but the others? Never really explained.

    The scene with Tara was really moving. This show puts a lot of emphasis on family, and here it was. Tara's mother, brother (Lafayette), sister (Sookie) and brother-in-law (sort of) were all gathered around to help her. I wept.

    Having said that, does it make me too much of a 'Supernatural' junkie that I was disappointed not to see the black smoke pour out of her mouth when they finally got rid of the demon?

    And, oh yes, the episode started with Eric kisses. Sigh...

  8. Having lived outside of the States for nearly thirteen years, I can always tell when someone is faking an American accent.

    Well, Ryan Kwanten is the exception to that rule. Until I started listening to the commentary of this episode, I had no idea he was from Oz.

    Good on you, mate!


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