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Heroes: Ink

[I refuse to do full reviews of Heroes until it starts blowing me away again. Until then... here is my episode stream of consciousness.]

Claire's dorm room looks a lot like Buffy and Willow's. Gretchen must have ulterior motives; you can just feel it. Unfortunately, Claire and Gretchen are no Buffy and Willow, and I'm pre-bored with this upcoming plot line.

(I was in a restaurant just like that this past weekend. I got the brown stuff, and my cousin got the yellow stuff.)

New character Emma is deaf. Going to see Nurse Ratchet! Sinesthesia? Sound as color? Actually, that's rather cool. I really liked that scene with the cello. Very nice.

Subtitles for sign language are yellow. Spanish was also yellow. Japanese was white. ??

Peter needs a good lawyer. Either that, or a mask and a cape. Superheroes don't get sued because people don't know where to send the subpoena.

Sylar saved Matt's life. For selfish reasons, I'm sure -- Matt dies, Sylar probably goes poof. Matt needs a good lawyer, too. Except that he has Mind-Sylar, who is still the best part of this show. "Use the force, Matt! Forget that silly vow to give up your powers!"

Sprint product placement. Oh, no, not more webisodes! I'm not falling for that again. Give it up. Just concentrate on making the show good, people.

I'm still confused about what Robert Knepper is doing, and I haven't internalized his character's name. It's just a cool-looking Robert Knepper who seems to be the villain this volume.

And I stopped in the middle of this episode to check my email, so I'm sensing this season hasn't grabbed me yet.

Comments welcome!
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. According to people, Knepper is recruiting replacements for his carnival. He is looking for a time traveller and an empath.

    For some reason, I felt a lesbian vibe between Gretchen and Claire. Probably because they kept repeating "college is for reinventing yourself".

  2. Yeah, Knepper (Samuel) is gathering people to replace the ones in his carnival. Though I'm sure there's more to it than that...if that's it then there's not much story. He better be collecting them for something specific.

    The part with the deaf girl and the cello was really my favourite part. Very, very nicely done, suddenly I felt like it was sorta like season 1, just for a bit. More moments like those and it'll be well on its way.

    I felt that Gretchen-Claire vibe too. Really hope nothing happens, feels weird. Gretchen kinda creeps me out anyway, I just know there's something more. But I'm also bored with Claire's storyline so far, and Noah's not doing much these days.

  3. I was overjoyed to see synaesthesia enjoy screen time in such a prominent way. It's been ignored or disregarded for a long time, and only recently is it being recognized as real and researched. Although a deaf person seeing sound as color might be far-fetched, some other manifestations of synaesthesia are almost as wild, like feeling physical textures or seeing things in response to tastes or hearing music with light. I'm a synaesthete too, grapheme-color (I see letters and numbers with specific colors attached, the most common type), so I loved seeing synaesthesia on screen and how they interpreted it. It was definitely the best part of the episode.
    Well, that and Sylar continuing to destroy Matt's life and break down his mind.

  4. That sounds like a really cool ability. We may have just seen the first real super-power on Heroes. :D


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