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NewsFlash: Lost returns in February

We finally have a date! And it's not going to run on Thursday!

According to the Sci-Fi Wire, Lost returns with a one-hour recap special at 8:00 ET/PT, and a two-hour season premiere at 9:00, on February 2 (Groundhog Day!), 2010. It will then air on Tuesdays at 9:00.

The cast list is intriguing. "Lost stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O'Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana."

It's coming!


  1. Yay, Frank and Richard are both regulars. Brilliant!

    No surprise that Elizabeth Mitchell’s name is absent but surprised to see Henry Ian Cusick is out. But it’s understandable since he had nowt to do last season. Desmond and Penny should’ve just been left alone with their happy ever after.

    Also, just heard from IGN that Chuck season 3 is due to air Sunday 10th January.

  2. Okay, I checked the cast list.

    Same as last season: Naveen Andrews, Michael Emerson, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Ken Leung, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O'Quinn.

    New cast: Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Emilie de Ravin (Claire, I assume, returning), Jeff Fahey (Frank), Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana).

    Not returning: Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Elizabeth Mitchell.

  3. Woo-hoo! (For getting a firm date.)

    Woo-hoo! (For it not being on Thursdays.)

  4. Indeed! The thought of it airing the same time as my other favorite show, Supernatural, was giving me a stomach ache.

  5. Well, I know that Des was not very present in S05, but I've always thought he'd have an important role at the end. Will he still, even not being a regular anymore?

  6. Having it air back to back with V seems like a good idea. Oh, Lost, how I've missed you!

  7. I'm getting Season 5 for Christmas so I'll rewatched all of it in time for Season 6. Looking forward to it.

  8. I'm already counting the days! Sad to see, that Henry Ian Cusick is no longer a series regular but I read that Desmond will at least return on a recurring basis!

  9. Woo!! I'm glad Richard is a regular although thats been news for a while. The surprises are Frank and Illana but they are nice ones. Always loved Frank and I'm glad we are seeing more Illana, which probably means finding out more about Jacob.

  10. Bummer, I really was hoping that Juliet didn't die...

    Ah, I'm so excited! Anwers!

  11. Unfortunately, I knew that Juliet was ultimately going to be killed. It was becoming painfully apparent that she had no future. i.e. Juliet never had a flash forward


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