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Supernatural: Abandon All Hope

Crowley: "What if I give you this thing, and you go kill the Devil?"

With an episode title like "Abandon All Hope," you know it's not going to end well. And sure enough, it didn't end well.

The evening at Bobby's house before Carthage was almost cruel. Let's show them having a lovely evening and even do a group photo before we tear them apart forever, shall we? Maybe Jo should have said yes to Dean, but that would have been the lazy writer's way out. Her death was actually more poignant without a last-night-on-Earth tumble; we'll never know if Dean and Jo might have been happy together. In a way, Jo has always been Dean's girl, even though she never was, the one he probably would have ended up with if their lives had been normal.

Jo was a victim of hellhounds, just like Dean. I bet that was a deliberate emotional choice by the writers. And I completely understand why Ellen couldn't leave her daughter to die alone. At least Jo and Ellen knew for certain that there is an afterlife, that God and angels exist, unlike the rest of us in the real world. Jo wanted so badly to be a hunter, to make a difference. If the Colt had worked, she would have been responsible for taking out the Devil, something worth dying for. I keep feeling like they died for nothing. Even though they did save the Winchesters.

Ellen and Jo were a family of hunters who just died together. Is this a preview of the end for Dean and Sam? Lucifer referred to Detroit, six months from now, as if it were destined to be. Sam didn't seem at all tempted, but maybe that was because Dean was there. That, and the fresh shock of losing Ellen and Jo. Where will Sam's mind be in six months, though?

I loved Crowley, the boss of the Crossroads Demons. As he was going on about Lucifer targeting demons after destroying the humans, Spike's Manchester United speech was running through my head. What's Crowley's real motivation? Did he know the Colt wouldn't work? Probably not. Lucifer did indeed kill all those demons at the end as if he cared nothing about them, so Crowley might have been on the level, as well as right. Please bring him back. I want Mark Sheppard to guest star in every show I watch. He nearly has already.

Lucifer said that there are only five things in creation that the Colt can't kill. God and the archangels? Can the Colt kill Death, the pale rider, king of the reapers? I wonder if, by things, Lucifer meant types of beings. As in the Colt can't kill God, archangels, and three other things? I'm parsing Lucifer. I must be stopped.

Bits and pieces:

— Castiel got to be a real bad ass. When he couldn't yank Meg's demon, he literally tossed her into the fire and walked all over her. Two cliches in one. I also loved Ellen trying to outdrink him at the party.

— "Women and children first." Lucifer had killed all the women and children of Carthage. That also applied to Ellen and Jo, if you think about it, because it's always the women who die in this show, isn't it?

— Bobby in his wheelchair doing research over the phone reminded me of the character Lifeguard that Jim Byrnes played in Wiseguy.

— As Crowley was waiting for the Winchesters, he was watching films of Hitler while listening to "Everybody Plays the Fool." :)

— That poor guy Nick who said yes to Lucifer has probably realized that he made a bad decision, if he's still conscious in there. Mark Pellegrino did a good job. It's not easy playing the devil.

— This week, Carthage, Missouri. Did you notice the signs? "Anti-God is Anti-American." "Jesus Saves." Apocalypse now.

— We're going to see the pale rider in the flesh? I wonder whom they'll cast?

— This was our mid-season cliffhanger. The next episode airs January 19.


Crowley: "You can cling to six decades of deep-seated homophobia, or give it up and get a complete bailout of your bank's ridiculous incompetence."
Loved the kiss. It wasn't just a quick smack. It was like Crowley was doing it slowly on purpose because the banker was so homophobic.

Castiel: "The demon Crowley is making a deal. Even as we speak, it's... going down."
Dean: "Going down? Okay, Huggy Bear, just don't lose him."

Jo: "Sweetheart, if this is our last night on Earth, I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect."
Dean: "If you're into that kind of thing."

Bobby: "The devil's in the details, Dean."

Jo: "Mom, this might literally be your last chance to treat me like an adult. You might want to take it."

Dean: "See you on the other side. Probably sooner than later."
Jo: "Make it later."

I'm not ashamed to say I cried through the second half of this episode. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Think the Mutant Enemy monster said it best, “I need a hug”.

    Great review as always, Billie. After three weeks of shits and giggles I expected them to go dark again for this episode. What I wasn’t expecting was to be left completely and utterly emotionally devastated by the whole thing. Top marks to Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal. I always liked Ellen and Jo and it’s sad to see them both go, off to join Ash in the great roadhouse in the sky.

    Mark A. Sheppard’s little cameo was terrific and hopefully we’ll see Crowley again. That’s assuming Sheppard isn’t too busy. As you pointed out, the man’s never off the telly. He’ll start doing the news next. Actually, since Oprah’s quit there’s a daytime talk show vacancy he could fill. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Mark Sheppard show?

  2. Brilliant Episode!! What a way for Jo and Ellen to go out...Even after 5 years the writers of this show have the cahones to do what they did in this episode!!!

    I was just thinking about the 5 people that cant die by the colt...i remember anna saying in season 4 that only 4 angels have actuallyseen God! Maybe it was a reference to that!

  3. I bawled like a baby through the Ellen and Jo death scene. Being a mom, I absolutely couldn't imagine how Ellen could just leave Jo to die alone, and when she couldn't it hit all the right, tear-jerking notes for me. I loved Ellen's last line.

    This episode made it very clear for me, that I want this to be the last season of the show. I hated to lose Ellen and Jo, but it made for a very powerful and emotional episode. The stakes are so high now, and I don't want the writers to be hamstrung by trying to make sure particular characters are around for another season. I want them to go wherever the story needs to go to reach the conclusion of this arc without consideration for what might come next. This is the main story of Supernatural, and it is coming to its conclusion, and I want the show to go out on this high. Besides, it is hard to imagine how anything that would come next wouldn't feel like lightweight fluff compared to the end of the world.

    Great episode, great review. Loved seeing Mark Sheppard!

  4. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who cried like a baby. I hated seeing them go, but you know, if you're going to kill off characters, this is the right way to do it.

    As I know I've said before, I'm torn about the end of Supernatural. I strongly agree with you, Jess. I want there to be a meaningful ending, I want the series to end on a creative high, but I so don't want it to end, period. It's probably worse because we're going into the last season of Lost. Losing Supernatural and Lost at the same time will be like losing Buffy. I was bummed for months.

    Maybe they'll come up with a workable spin-off. I'll cross my fingers.

  5. Brilliant! Can’t say more, I’m speechless.

  6. Billie wrote: Maybe they'll come up with a workable spin-off. I'll cross my fingers.

    If this is the final season I’m hoping we get a Castiel spin-off. Maybe team him up with Anna, have them roam America, fighting evil, dealing with their meddlesome siblings, learning to understand humanity better and still searching for you know who.

  7. Amazing episode! So sad to see Ellen and Jo die and I wasn't a fan of Jo, right up until she told 'tomcatting' Dean to take a hike (nice Dean: wait until the girl is drinking and could die the next day). You go girl and you got all the respect you'll need now. Loved Crowley and Lucifer - both actors are amazing and I want to see more. Also great to see Sam and Dean able to joke about Ruby and Sam's mistake and then accepting that Sam is right in that they need to be together in this fight. Castiel burning Meg - good to see him all bad ass. Terrific show!

  8. I loved this ep, too, Billie. While I wish they hadn't killed off Ellen and Jo, war = casualties, and I had already heard we were losing two people in this ep. I feared one would be Bobby, and I'm so glad that didn't happen, but it still upsets me to lose the two hunter gals I've always been fond of, and in such a brave way, too! As a mom, I could never let my child sacrifice himself alone, and would do exactly as Ellen did. I blubbered hard during their scenes together, and give them kudos for their acting chops. The entire episode was a winner for me, from beginning to end. I'm so worried about the brothers now, though!
    Love, Robin, Editor, SUPERNATURAL, moogi.com, Episode 5.10 up now!

  9. You know what else has got me curious? I haven't actually seen the episodes yet (I wait for the whole season then stay up for days straight. I spoil myself to death, though). I noticed the opening credits of supernatural is blood? With the vessels thing, I think they have a solid plot somewhere there.

    (Yes, I'm a Billie too)

  10. I didn't pay attention to the episode the first time around so I knew Jo and Ellen were going to die. It was sad. I went back to fully engage in the episode and seeing those scenes again was even sadder. Very well done. Talk about raising the stakes.

    I agree with Jess and Billie. With the stakes so high, I was thinking the same about a logical end to the series during this season. Although, I'd love to watch the adventures for many more seasons. So, I'm also torn.

  11. Loved Crowley, a true Capitalist! He's in sales and I wonder how that goes with Nazi rallies? I've noticed that Jesus has only been referenced in signs on earth and not mentioned by the Angels.

    Great review.

  12. I had the worst feelings I've had watching SPN. Ellen and Jo's deaths affected me more than any other deaths period. They were the only female hunters, now there are none. I always wished the relationship with Dean and Jo had been developed into a romance situation instead of the "little sister" Loved the chemistry between Dean and Jo. She matured into a smart, sexy woman. .Ripped me apart when the hellhounds attacked Jo. Knew she was the first casualty with her stomach ripped apart. Hellhounds heard but not seen was terrifying; the fear terror showed on Dean’s face because in that moment he was reliving when they attacked him. Wished Jo could have had her moment with Dean. Dean's pain was unpalatable. Watching him see Jo dying and realizing just how much he cared about her left me with this big hole in my stomach, numb, empty. Alona and Jensen delivered the best performances seen on SPN ever.
    Ellen was the only person except for Bobby Dean would listen to. Ellen could always keep Dean in line. Ellen had the most control over Dean because she was the mother figure Dean needed so desperately. Dean had John, and when John died the boys met Ellen. She kept Dean from loosing it after John died
    Awful seeing Lucifer have so much power over the boys. It seems there is no winning this war.
    Thank goodness for a few lighter episodes, because when the war returned, it would be ugly, with immeasurable pain suffering and heartbreak. .Kripke warned us__ he delivered. This cliff-hanger left me with little hope things are going to get better anytime soon.
    Rest in peace Ellen and Jo. The Havelle family gave all they had. I will never forget Ellen and Jo. It was fitting they went out as hunters. They knew they wouldn’t survive this hunt. I wish Jo had said yes to Dean, she always loved him, and being her last night on earth why not have the thing you wanted...Dean. (That was my fantasy request, Jo saying no to Dean was much more effective showing the love they actually shared. Dean's love and respect for Jo broke my heart. He did acknowledge that they were both great hunters. Dean's last two kisses to Jo - sweet, tragic and filled with more passion than any love scene could have portrayed. Burning the photo was respect to great hunters. Dean looking at the photo of Jo's face burning, got to me, I was a puddle on the floor. IMHO Dean did love Jo and realized the terrible cost of life to him and Sam for being the hunters John brought them up to be. Dean also watched his last chance at happiness and having someone love him who understood him and his life style so well. Thanks Eric - there goes a happy Christmas"!

    I believe this is the first time Dean lost women he loved besides his mother. Sam lost Jessica and Madison. Dean knows how Sam has felt.

  13. One observation. When the photo was being burned at the end, I flashed back to John's body being burned at the funeral pyre. It was an emotional burning (the bodies themselves were burned in the bomb, for certain...) Ellen was always the surrogate mother and Jo, the sister. Very sad to see them go.

  14. Last season they had a demon named Aleister now they come up with Crowley. hehe


  15. Aleister Crowley! I can't believe I didn't catch that. Good job, Patryk.

  16. I was sad to see them die and I actually liked how Jo didn´t give in to Dean, although if it were me, I don´t know if I could resist.
    And I loved Crowley, and that whole kiss. And Cas looked surprised!

  17. This episode broke my heart. SL

  18. What a great ending for two of the best characters the show has come up with. Wept and wept.

    The final, ceremonial burning of the photo was so, so sad. Dean's face was tragic.

    This show just keeps on delivering!

  19. So I'm marathoning this series right now, and after watching this episode I feel like I really need a break.
    I'm not sure if I'm going to say anything that haven't already been said, but I'm writing anyway. A way of letting go of overwhelming emotions, I guess. Also, I know that after watching this episode most people here felt exactly the same way I do know, so nobody's going to think I'm nuts.
    Here goes: I feel so emotionally drained by this episode. I should have seen that coming though; no matter what I read or watch, they always kill off my favourite characters. It's some kind of a general rule. I wish they didn't kill Jo and Ellen so soon though - it's particularly hard for me to swallow knowing that there are five more seasons now, and I'll just have to get used to this glaring lack of my favourite female character - Jo. She wasn't present during seasons 3 and 4 so I just kept waiting for her with my fingers crossed, and (well, almost) the very moment she finally appeared, she died. Finally a chick who's independent, strong, interesting, who doesn't need saving and can kick ass, and doesn't jump into bed with Dean/Sam at the first occasion (and, oh, isn't a demon/fraud), and they kill her off, dammit.
    And now I'll just have to dislike any girl Dean ever hooks up with, because they won't be Jo.
    I bet that lying there on the floor, all bloody and physically powerless, Jo regretted not having succumbed to Dean's previous night's charms. Damn, she must have regretted it way sooner, I mean, we all know she always had a thing for Dean. She just teased him though; she didn't want for it to happen this way, not for the wrong reasons. And now it never will.
    Their kiss was so emotional and downright heartbreaking. Maybe that was the moment when Dean realised how he really felt about Jo. Or was it earlier? There was something going on between these two since always, but maybe before Dean never really knew what to make of it. Until it was too late. Dammit.
    Don't get me wrong. I think it was an outstanding episode, one of the best in the series so far. I totally agree with what Billie wrote about killing off characters; that's just the way it should be done. And I'd totally whine if Dean and Jo got married and rode off to the sunset. I don't like happy endings. I just wish they let Dean and Jo's storyline go on longer, evolve, even if it was just to make me suffer more later.
    Normally I avoid reading episode reviews of a series I'm not up-to-date with (I'm pretty much as spoiler-phobic as it gets, I guess), but after that one I just had to, as if I needed to go through it all over again. So I've read your review, Billie, and cried some more, then read the comments, and cried some more. And then I turned on the scene from season's two 'Simon said' where Dean's singing REO Speedwagon's 'Can't fight this feeling', and cried some more.
    Then I wrote this comment and I think that I'm finally done, for now at least.
    Apparently your website is not only insightful, reflective and amusing - it's also therapeutic :)
    And speaking of therapy, here's something for everyone who cried during that episode: http://cdn.someecards.com/someecards/usercards/1343193965174_8548245.png

  20. Yane, what a massive comment. :) Wow. I get it, too. I remember how upset I was about this episode.

    BTW, please don't worry about episode spoilers here. It's a Doux Reviews policy that we never include spoilers for future episodes in our reviews, no matter when they're written. Plus, I wrote all of my Supernatural reviews as the episodes aired, which is probably obvious.

  21. Billie, I know about the policy, I've been reading reviews here for a couple of years now :) and I always had this dilemma whether or not to read the reviews as I watch - on the one hand, it gives me some perspective and lets me see things I otherwise could have missed, on the other though, it's not always a good thing. A couple of times you guys figured something out before I did, and I felt like I should've thought of it myself or - if not - been surprised while it occurred on the show. So actually for some time now I've been basically avoiding reading reviews of shows that are still on air (spoiler-phobic, as I said - my definition of spoilers is pretty wide). But that depends on my emotional investment in the show, my current strong will and a bunch of other factors :)
    Btw, could you tell me when you wrote the description of 'Supernatural'? I'm wondering whether it's still your favorite currently running series and which is the 'best kept secret on television' you're referring to (should I already know that?).

  22. Yane, I think I wrote that description around season three, and yes, Supernatural is still my favorite currently running show, although it is of course aging. Ten seasons is a lot.

    By "the best kept secret on television", I meant that most people aren't even aware that Supernatural exists. Back in 2010 when it won the fan favorite competition and got on the cover of TV guide, I saw an interview where the host had absolutely no idea what the show was.


    (No spoilers in the article.)

    That's been changing in the last couple of years because of the show's longevity and the fact that it pulls in more viewers every season. Probably because of reruns and Netflix streaming.

  23. I've re-watched a lot of season 5 - partly because the DVDs also play in French and it helps me to practice - but not this one. It just sits there, staring at me. And I ignore it because it's just too traumatic!

  24. I looked up the link that Patryk provided regarding Aleister Crowley and thought the picture of that guy looked strangely similar to the guy playing the poor sap in the beginning who made a deal with Crowley. Irony or coincidence? I'm betting on irony.

  25. I'm very late answering your question, Billie. Yes, I also noticed the ironic signs. There was also a smaller sign near the "Jesus Saves" sign that said "Adult Videos" or something like that. That made me laugh during a very serious episode, something this show is very good at.

  26. I am only halfway through the episode, so it was wrong for me to read the review and what happens. And I have a problem with the series, because they cannot seem to develop a female character who gets to stick around and to make a difference. There have been 297 episodes and the top recurring characters are all male. The top female character is Mom, and she only appears in 33 episodes. Why can't so many male writers write female parts with arcs?


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