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Heroes: Brother's Keeper

So, let me see. Matt is officially dead, except he's not. Mohinder is officially dead, except he's not. Nathan is actually dead, except Sylar still thinks he's Nathan. Claire got frozen and dismantled, but she's just fine.

I enjoyed this episode. It was fun and somewhat exciting and it seemed to be going somewhere. I kept hoping we'd arrive -- that Sylar would take back his body, but not yet; they're going to drag this out awhile longer. Smart of Peter to touch Nathan/Sylar and suck up those powers again. Do you think we're finally going to get the massive Peter versus Sylar fight we didn't really get in season one? If we don't get it this season, we probably won't get it at all, because I seriously doubt Heroes is getting a fifth season.

Mohinder, whom I always sort of liked but must admit I didn't miss, was his old, obsessed, self-righteous self. Good for Hiro for stashing him out of the way in a padded cell. That'll teach Mohinder to show some gratitude when someone freaking saves his life, huh? Maybe that's why I haven't missed him.

But at least Hiro made me smile again. Tracy and Claire were oddly fun together; just two blond superwomen bonding over a bath, tea and a severed foot. I also liked the Nathan Peter Sylar Matt scene. And Samuel is finally turning into the massive threat we always assumed he'd be. It's just taking a bit too long.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I know it's taking long, Billie, but that was what Season 1 was like, too. I just hope this season doesn't end like the 1st, though.

  2. Well I thought the Season 1 finale was great except for the disappointing Sylar-Peter showdown, which happened last season too. But I'm wondering why Samuel's was trying to get so many characters to join his carnival before this episode, if he didn't know about how he could amplify his powers.

  3. I got the impression Samuel's brother was keeping the carnival from getting too well populated in order to keep Samuel under control.

  4. Yeah, I thought that too. But after Joseph died, he began recruiting more, right? He went to meet Peter, he got Becky to pull Claire in, and Sylar went to them eventually. But what I'm wondering is, why would he do that, since it appears that before he got Hiro to get him the film he wouldn't know that having more people around amplifies his powers?

    Assuming he didn't already know having more people around makes him stronger (which makes sending Hiro back in time redundant) then I'm guessing it's because he has a plan other than to just become powerful, and he wants certain people to join him for it - more manpower, you could say. Who knows...

  5. When Heroes started going wrong, back in season two, a few of the characters started to get on my nerves. Mohinder... Niki... and so on. But it wasn't really the characters. It was the writing. The writers did rubbish things with them. They took them to places nobody cared about, and made them act in ways that made you want to burst your own eyes, rather than watch them.

    This season it's the same old characters, but they're actually doing something interesting with them. I wish this were season two and not season four. How different things could have been.

  6. So, I've been holding out on this season of Heroes but I've been noticing some people say its a noticeable improvement over the last 2 seasons.

    I was a big Heroes fan back in the season one days who just kind of lost interest with the show like many others. Should I give this season a chance?

  7. Yes, you should. Skip the past two seasons if you must, but I think this one's a marked improvement. It may not be season 1 (we may never get another season 1 level season...) but the writer's aren't making huge inconsistent mistakes any more, the characters are no longer annoying (even if some are a bit boring) and there's a good balance between action, character development and story progression with an okay, moderate pace.

    Even if some people may say it's not very good (not me) I don't think you can call this season bad, unlike the previous ones. Give it a shot.

  8. This season is better than the last two, Vicent. They're building a story that doesn't have to do with an explosion at the end (I hope), Robert Knepper is doing his usual good job as a villain, and they're concentrating on our core group of characters instead of constantly bringing in ones we don't know. But I suspect it's still too late for me. I don't think they can recover from past mistakes. I'm watching and commenting more out of habit at this point.

  9. Hmm, you know, maybe I'd be less receptive to Heroes if I were watching many other shows, specially the real good ones. I'm not in the US so we don't get many US shows and the ones we do get aren't always the best ones. Maybe I'm still looking forward to each week because I've never had anything much better.

    But I think I can understand how sometimes a show just goes past a line, then it's on a downhill slope where everything seems to be wrong and even when it picks itself up again, it somehow still seems bumpier then before. Well if this is the last season I'm hoping they at least give us one hell of a finale and a great Peter-Sylar match for once and (if they're utterly evil) a huge cliffhanger that may never be resolved at the end.

  10. Actually, Nick, I'm hoping for the same thing -- a great Peter/Sylar death match at the end. Let's cross our fingers.

    And here's hoping you find another great show to keep you going.


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