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Heroes: The Wall

I actually watched this one because there were so many sarcastic reviews mentioning the ridiculously heavy-handed symbolism. And it was, indeed, heavy-handed to the point of ridiculousness.

As I mentioned earlier, I reviewed every episode of Heroes up until "The Fifth Stage" but couldn't make myself continue. So in order to finish the run of reviews and satisfy my urge for completion, below are links to what I thought were the best reviews of this episode.

Barbara Mountjoy at Firefox News wrote:
In which Peter and Sylar realize they have a lot in common, especially their wardrobe. (Link deleted because unfortunately, this review is no longer on the web.)

Jennifer Thomas at Entertaining Ideas wrote:
The other part of the episode dealt with Peter and Sylar's banishment into the empty New York City of Matt Parkman's creation, where minutes felt like days. Then there was a whole bunch of symbolic stuff. (Link deleted because unfortunately, this review is no longer on the web.)

Dan Owen at Dan's Media Digest wrote:
This is the penultimate episode of the whole season. This. No, really. An episode that did very little beyond deliver monochrome back-story for Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman) that nobody really cares about, and tardily justified volume's "Redemption" title by forcing Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) to iron out their differences in the cliched mindscape of an empty city. (For the entire review, click here.)

Robert Canning at IGN wrote:
There were a few things in "The Wall" I really enjoyed, while other portions left me disappointed or, worse, annoyed. This has been typical of the series of late. They continue to have some good ideas, but have been unable to execute the best of these ideas to their fullest potential. (For the entire review, click here.)

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