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True Blood: Everything is Broken

Russell: "We want to eat you. After we eat your children. Now, time for the weather. Tiffany?"

This episode didn't speed up and overtake me until the end, when Russell burst onto the television scene with a piece of newscaster's spine in his hand. I thought the urn-o-Talbot was absolutely hilarious, too. No dissing of the previous villains intended, but Russell has become my favorite True Blood villain, ever.

Oddly, much of this episode was a bunch of closure, making me wonder what we're in for in the last three episodes. I was surprised that the Authority let Eric go free and condoned his vendetta, although of course they did it for reasons of their own. I loved seeing Eric and Pam talk about their hundred-year connection, and even embrace; it was my favorite scene in the episode. (After the bloody spine, that is.) And I was worried that Eric was up during the daytime bleeding at the ears again. Let's hope he takes down Russell soon and rests up a bit, huh?

I also loved the wooden bullet scene. Every time I get exasperated with Jason, he does something cool. Rescuing Tara and taking out Franklin with the wooden bullet was so great. Damn. I loved Franklin. But he had a great run, didn't he?

Bill visited the other side of the Bon Temps cemetery and now he knows what Sookie is (and obviously, what her second cousin Hunter is, as well). But Bill still hasn't told Sookie, or the audience, and I've had it up to here with this particular plot tease. I'm also tired of waiting to be told what the Hotshot people actually are. Or maybe I should say the Hotshot "things." Why not just tell us? Are they saving all these revelations for the finale?

I'm also, as I said before, tired of the Bill/Sookie romance, and not just because I dig Eric so much more. Bill just lied to Sookie again by skirting around his relationship with the Queen, and he even tried to pin his reasons for investigating Sookie on Eric. It's not that I don't like Bill; he's gotten some great character development this season, and Stephen Moyer has done a terrific job with the character. But I'll say it again – if Bill and Sookie are still together at the end of the season, I'm going to bang my head against the wall. Maybe all that blood going down the drain as they were showering together was a sign that it will soon be over. I can hope.

And what about Jessica? Yes, we know she's okay, but Bill never went out to check that she had taken out her werewolf opponent. (Or if he did, we didn't see it). I thought Bill's relationship with Jessica was turning into something similar to Eric's with Pam, but so far, it's a pale imitation. I think Bill needs to drop Sookie and take parenting lessons from Eric.

What's with Holly? At first she seemed creepy. Then what she shared at the victim's support group – and how she shared it, and how it helped Tara – made me like her. And then the way she was so sweet and supportive and practical with Arlene just creeped me out all over again. She's suddenly everyone's best friend, and that can't be good.

Let's see, what else? Lafayette and his new romance was so sweet that I'm expecting something horrible (possibly having to do with jaguar tatts) to come along and ruin it. So was Hoyt's so cute confession to Jessica about not being able to stand Summer. And Sam completely lost it and probably gained Tommy's eternal respect and devotion by whaling on Calvin Norris. That was unexpected. Well, Sam has been under a ton of stress.

And I'm tired of the Crystal plot. Crystal lies way too easily to be trustworthy in any way. Although Jason is an idiot to think anybody would give up their family and their home in five minutes for a new roll in the hay who pretends he's a cop.

What is Russell's television debut going to do to the Vampire Rights Amendment? Of course, we as the True Blood audience know how bad many of these vamps are; maybe the VRA really should go under. Can't wait to see the fallout next week.

Bits and pieces:

-- Sookie is getting casual about murder, and who can blame her? How many have died in the Stackhouse house by now?

-- It hadn't occurred to me at the time, but Eric killing Talbot may have saved Sookie from Russell.

-- Jason called Tito "Teabag." I wonder if that was a little homage to Prison Break, since one of the Prison Break cast (Tommy) is now in the True Blood cast?

-- Tommy's acting out has gotten annoying. Stiffing a waitress is unforgivable.

-- Ginger, the "screaming fang cushion of a barmaid", was back and screaming. Does someone scream in every single episode? From now on, I just might watch for it.

-- I love the way Jessica loses control of her fangs and slaps her hand over her mouth.

-- V-Feds. :)

-- Veggie burger with bacon. :)

-- The Authority is American and only a few hundred years old. The backlit shots of the Authority reminded me of Mystery Science Theater.

-- Jason actually out-thought Andy. Not that Andy is a brain trust, but damn. Is Andy so stressed that he's thinking about trying V?

-- Tara showed a lot of courage in this episode. I was going to say she showed backbone, but I didn't because there should be limits to punning.


Nan: "It's been wiped."
Eric: "I'm a Virgo. I like to be neat."

Nan: "Some do believe in a fair hearing. (disgusted) Americans."

Ruby Jean: "My son is shining through."
That was sweet. Seeing Ruby Jean all made up also heightened the resemblance.

Ruby Jean: "I'll be damned. Maybe God loves fags". That reminded me of the photo in the credits that says "God hates fangs."

Andy: "I got ulcers so big, coffee's coming out of my belly button."
Jason: "Is that even possible?"

Jessica: "She seemed... short."

Nan: "Bring me his fangs. Or I will have yours."

Not as strong as the last episode, but I enjoyed it. Especially the last few minutes. Three out of four bowls-o-Talbot,


P.S. I'm a fan of the books and I know the book answers to some of the questions I've posed in my reviews. But Alan Ball is not faithfully following the books and I don't know which way he's going. And there are lots of series fans who haven't read the books.

So please: no book spoilers in the comments! Thanks.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I didn't read the books so this waiting to find out what Sookie is, is really annoying me. I have a theory that shes an angel. My father says she'll turn out to be a witch but she better not. I don't care about the Hotshots they seem so useless to the plot. I like Crystal more every episode actually. I don't usually do that with characters mostly the more i find out about them the more i dislike them. I think Tara and Anya from BtVS is the only other show that has been able to reveal more of themselves that i liked. So Crystal is good by me though i think the show could easily do without her.

  2. Great closing line from Russell. His character is superb. I'll be sad to see him eviscerated. Death is so messy in this show.

    Great review, as always.

  3. I liked Franklin, he was crazy enough to be fascinating to me. Russell is hard and his finale should be hard as well. Me thinks.
    You are right... Bill could take a lot of lessons with Eric, and vamparenting is one of them.
    Eric and Pam are great together.

  4. I think the main reason I like this season is Russel. He rocks. He reminds me of the Mayor from Sunnydale. God he was a great villain!

    "He showed some backbone" would be the best pun ever. I'll steal it.

    No silly cliffhanger again this week. I like it much better.

    I haven't read the books and I don't know what Sookie is, but I heard somebody speculating and I'll repeat it: she may be a fairy.
    If I'm right, it's by accident.

  5. I’d been feeling a little indifferent towards this season but these last few episodes have all been amazing.

    Russell, now that he’s seriously gone off the deep end into a pool full of crazy, is more brilliant than ever. Even Dennis O’Hare’s shameless scenery chewing couldn’t stop that final scene from being anymore awesome than it was. In fact, it just might’ve helped.

    And I can’t be the only one who interpreted Sookie’s “and stop thinking of me as a thing to be protected” comment as a sly dig at Twilight.

  6. Good review.
    I am beginning to believe that the bad guys are the excitment and real interest in this show. When Bill is NOT with Sookie I like him more because he is letting his "bad self" come out.

    I was so sad to see Franklin go. He was sooo sweet when he duct taped flowers to Tara's hands. (sigh)

    The Eric Pam scene was great. I wonder why we see so much Tara and so little Pam?

  7. I think the Bill-Sookie romance shows a lot of the problems that should come with dating a vampire. At the same time, I don't understand why people are so into Sookie hooking up with Eric (he is just as manipulative and selfish as Bill in many aspects, but Bill has really put his behind on the line for Sookie many times). The only catch in Bon Temps seems to be Sam (anger and all).

    The scene in which Jessica and Hoyt talked was really sweet. His telling Jessica that dating Summer was better than sitting around all day thinking about her, and her reaction to that, was just adorable. They need to get back together.

    I really dislike the "world" in which Claudine lives. It is really out of place with the rest of the show and I keep on waiting for the 40-year-old virgin to come out dancing and singing "Age of Aquarius." AB really just needs to tell us what Sookie is and never ever take us to that oh-so-happy place.

  8. There’s certainly seems to be something for everyone on the cover of Rolling Stone this month.

    Really does sum up the entire show, doesn’t it?

  9. Franklin was really funny, but I feel like this took away from Tara's emotional arc a bit. What he did to Tara was really awful and I didn't feel it until this episode when she went to the rape survivors meeting. But, I suppose it's what makes True Blood so good, the fact that they present familiar stories in unexpected ways. Although, I found it annoying that they brought Franklin back "from the dead" just to kill him off two minutes later.

  10. Dumb question from someone who never read the books... What is Hot Shot? I don't think the show's ever explained it.

    Is the city name Hot Shot? Is it their last name? Is it the name of the meth lab?

    Help. :(

  11. Mark, it's not a dumb question. Without spoiling you completely, Hotshot is a tiny, isolated inbred town at a crossroads outside of Bon Temps. I always thought Hotshot was an interesting part of the books.

  12. You missed my favourite quote! "Global warming, perpetual war, toxic waste, child labour, torture, genocide. That's a small price to pay for your SUVs and your flatscreen TVs" I thought that whole speech was very powerful.

  13. I've seen that Rolling Stone shoot, damn that does sum up the series.

    Getting annoyed with Crystal and the Hotshot community to be honest and I liked Sookie meeting up with Hadley and Hunter.

    Bill and Claudine's scenes were interesting but Russell stole the bloody show again. And we need to see Eric and Pam's backstory soon.

  14. I liked bits and pieces but as a whole it was a mess. I don´t like Tommy and Lafayette/Jesus plotline and Jason is getting on my last nerve, but I do love Russel, his last scene was amazing and I wanna find out what Sookie is.
    And yeah, more Jessica!


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