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True Blood: Fresh Blood

Eric: "You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless."

So Eric did have a plan. Unfortunately, it involves sacrificing himself in order to take out Russell, revenge his family, and incidentally, save the world from a vampire Hitler. You know, I've never been one of those fans who says that if a certain character dies, I'm not watching any more. But if Eric dies the true death in the finale, my departure is a distinct possibility.

I'm going to proceed under the assumption that Eric will survive somehow, and that Russell will not. Hey, maybe Sookie will save Eric after Bill manages to save her. Or maybe Eric will burn less quickly than Russell. Didn't Godric say that he was so old he would go quickly? And yes, I adore Russell and I'd love it if he hung around being deadly and megalomaniacal and really funny forever, but the Big Bad usually dies in the season finale. It's in the job description.

I loved seeing Eric experience the sun for the first time in a thousand years. I also liked that Eric enlisted Bill in his plan, and that Eric and Bill both kept trying to impress upon Russell that Sookie was the world's one and only fairy blood dispenser. Eric's brave farewell to Pam, and her tears as she watched him walk into the sunlight – just lovely. Eric and Pam have become the reasons I watch True Blood, and I mean that.

Where is all this witch stuff going? Did the V release something evil in Jesus? (When Lafayette suddenly saw him wearing that mask, I jumped out of my chair.) Is Holly as pure in intent as she seems? I was getting flashes of Miss Jeanette during that scene in the woods. The thing with Arlene's baby is weirding me out, too. Are we dealing with a Rosemary's Baby situation in the making? I hate evil baby plots, by the way.

Sam is taking "no more Mister Nice Guy" to heart, and clearly doesn't realize how much people love him. I did feel bad for Tommy, who just lost his first real parent. And Tara's reaction to both Andy Bellefleur's confession and Sam's tirade was unexpected. I like Sam and Tara as a couple and I think they could be good for each other, but is that really where the story is going? It's hard to tell where Tara's head is at these days; she's just been through too much trauma.

I've had little interest in Crystal so far, but forced to breed with her half brother? Poor thing. But she just doesn't feel like good news for Jason. Jason doesn't choose his girlfriends wisely, anyway. And I'm starting to wonder if Hoyt is making a mistake as well. I've been all yay Hoyt and Jessica, but letting her bite him might be a serious mistake, considering her control issues. One little lesson with Pam isn't going to do that much.

I really should have enjoyed the Bill/Sookie fantasy in the car about a normal life in the 'burbs, but I think I'm just too tired of them as a couple. Enough already. Do I need to repeat my mantra about banging my head against the wall if Bill and Sookie are still a couple at the end of the season?

Bits and pieces:

-- Pam was using silver spray, a vampire form of pepper spray. Sookie should stock up.

-- Eric's ring tone for Pam is "Ain't We Got Fun."

-- Ginger was back again and screaming. I like Ginger. She's a hoot.

-- Arlene got a scene where she was covered with blood, just like everyone else in the cast.

-- Holly used salt in her ritual. Salt is used a lot for protection on my other favorite show, Supernatural.

-- Yvetta stole all of Eric's money. Tommy stole all of the Sam's money. Maybe Tommy and Yvetta should get together somewhere, way out of town, pool their money, and catch a plane for Rio or something.

-- What's with the Hitch stuff? It's probably going to be about the coach giving the kids V. Maybe busting a criminal like that will get Jason on the force? (This particular plot reminds me of the creature from the black lagoon take-off on Buffy called "Go Fish." Once, twice, three times a fish guy.)

-- So Maxine was behind Summer seducing Hoyt. Not a surprise. And that was just part one of their Evil Plan. I hope part two doesn't involve staking Jessica.

-- "Suckers suck. Die, fangers!" Graffiti spraypainted on Fangtasia.

-- Before the episode, HBO aired "In Memoriam," a montage showing all of the characters that have died up until this point. Very Academy Awards-like, except for the spraying fountains of blood and slomo flying body parts. Truly funny, even though it ended sadly with Gran and Godric.


Bill: "I am older and stronger. You are no match for me."
Pam: "This is not just about your relationship, you infatuated tween."
Point goes to Pam.

Eric: "Apparently, you wanted my father's crown for your vast collection of meaningless shit."

Eric: "You would be invulnerable. If I'm wrong? Kill me tomorrow." Very Scheherezade. It worked, too.

Arlene: "I've got the body of a tired teenager."

Russell: "Your country is dying to be conquered."
Sookie: "You don't know much about America."

Jason: "I saw a boy there once. He was making awful noises and chewing on something dead."
Crystal: "That's my double cousin Buford. He ain't right, but he never hurt nobody."

I hate getting a cliffhanger right before a two-week break, don't you? Three out of four infatuated tweens, and let's try to hang in there until the finale on September 12,


And everyone, I'm loving each and every comment and thanks to everyone and I know it's hard to resist, but please – no book spoilers in the comments, or I'll have to delete them. Thanks!
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Two weeks? That’s just too damn long. Not that I think there’s the slightest chance Eric is a goner. Unless the actor wants to leave you never kill off your most popular character.

    Eric and Pam are also my favourite characters and primary reason for watching. I’ve loved every scene they’ve had together this season but their goodbye scene in this episode has to be my favourite. Sorry to sound like a broken record but we need more Pam next season. Despite being promoted to regular status she’s been gravely underused this season (no pun intended).

    I can’t see Sookie and Bill still being together at the end of the season. Nor is she likely to hook up with Eric any time soon. More probable, especially since Joe Manganiello is a regualr next season, she’ll ditch the vampires and cut herself a slice of werewolf beefcake.

  2. HBO should plan their season better. That's the 2nd (3rd?) time on a row that we have to wait for the finale 2 weeks. If they only started the season one week earlier.

  3. Good point about Joe, Mark. I wonder if we'll see Alcide again in the finale? Also, I wonder if any time will elapse between the finale and the start of season 4? So far, it's been a split second change from season to season. I think the folks of Bon Temps need a break!

    I didn't know it was 2 weeks to the finale, that sucks.

    I think you're right about Eric, Billie, the show would be a shell of itself if he died and there's no way they'd do that. I haven't a clue how he'll survive handcuffed to the vampire King though. Looks like Russell is going to die pretty soon - shame we'll never get to see what he wanted in marrying Sophie-Anne. Will she become Queen of Missisippi as well as Louisiana?

    There seems to be a lot of shamany, wicca-y stuff going on with Lala and Holly's plots, I wonder if that is set up for season 4? I don't know where things are gonna go with Jesus, but really hope he stays a regular for the next season.

    Good point about Hitch, Billie, I hadn't a clue what the point to it all was!

    I did enjoy this ep, but it seems like True Blood always has a very slow ep just before the finale. I didn't mind that this time, I just hope we don't get half a finale of set up like last year!

  4. I'm mildly disappointed with what they've done with Russell. His marriage to Sophie-Anne, his declaration of war on humans on TV and the authority getting involved made me think he had some kind of Buffy style master plan.
    I also thought that it was a bit out of character that he made a deal with Eric so quickly. He carries Talbot's remains around in a jar with him for god's sake. He should have been more conflicted about making a deal with Eric.

  5. I join all that just love Eric and Pam moments. Those characters develop a bunch of the best of the show. Good lines and acting make the trick. Their emotional-emotionless relationship is great.

    Bill is... a fake. I keep on thinking he is lying through his fangs almost all the time. Or he is as weak as he seems?

    I'm not fond of Sam's twist, but I'll give it a chance. Tara and Sam? Might be... I have though Tara and Jason but let's see.

    I'm kind of bored of Crystal, I cannot find a catch in her situation and drags Jason into the parts I would skip if I could.

    I haven't thought as Jessica an Hoyt as a mistake, hope not. It might be developed into a very complicated and interesting relationship.

    I still think there is a possibility of having a bit more of Russel. I cross my fingers. I have enjoyed him so much!

  6. Good episode, especially loved the end sequence when Russell realised that he had been had by Eric.

  7. Really, I´m getting a bit fed up with some characters and plot points that it affects my enjoyment a lot. First, I wanted some other resolution to Russell than just die in sunlight because Russel is amazing.
    But I´m getting tired of Tara, Jesus. Lafayette, Jason, Crystal, Arlene and Tommy.
    I still like the bits with Jessica, Eric, Pam and Sookie/Bill but the other stuff is just lame.


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